12 Fast Hair Growth Secrets To Triple Your Hair Growth Rate

fast hair growth secrets
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Often times it looks like your hair is taking forever to grow, this might be associated with many factors like genetics, age, heat styling, environmental conditions and use of harsh chemical products. Already noticed this? Then its time for some fast hair growth secrets even the experts want to be kept hidden.

While your hair can not just spring forth or just grow in a day but with constant dedication and utmost care of it alongside the use of the right hair growth products, it would eventually grow.

There really is no magic attached to having your hair grow fast.

As mentioned earlier, there are a few secrets that would speed up the process of your hair growth and most experts won’t tell you about it, or at least you’d have to pay, it would take months to grow receding hairline and what you do during this period is very essential, you need to ensure it stays healthy.

Your hair doesn’t have to take forever to grow anymore if you are aware of the secrets to growing a long thick lustrous hair and scalp, below are some of the things you need to know to aid your hair health.

Do Hair Growth Vitamins Really Work?

Obstetrician Giving Vitamins

Most believe those vitamins are all you need to grow your hair and using doses of it but frankly, the answer is no, it does not essentially grow your hair, hair supplements are no miracle worker and would not give you the desired result in one day but you can accomplish a fast hair growth if you backed it up with the right diet, food is one important way to grow healthy hair (1).

Hair supplements also work according to your body response hence it is important to know which vitamin works for you before commencing usage or if you have some vitamin deficiency then you should speak to your doctor to prescribe the best vitamin that works for you.

What Causes Stunted Hair Growth?

Stress is the first that comes to mind, coupled with some factors that can’t be helped like a hormone deficiency, eczema, allergies to hair products and overproduction can lead to hair loss and stunted hair growth no matter what you use (2).

Excessive heat can also stop your hair from growing, you can also hinder the growth of your hair if you do not exercise properly or you have a dry out scalp and hair, how you treat your skin could also contribute massively to your hair growth.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair To Make It Grow?

Hair care

It is important to wash your hair but the important thing is making sure you are not using shampoo or conditioner that are too harsh, dirt building up in your hair can also cause stunted hair growth hence you can wash your hair  as often as you can but with a hydrating shampoo and natural conditioner to keep your hair follicles nourished (3).

Can Bleached Hair Grow Long?

Bleached hair is fun and beautiful but frankly, your hair growth might take longer than it should with a bleached hair, bleaching your hair already has your hair weakened and using other hair condition with it only makes it worse (4), however, they are some methods you could use in bleaching your hair which would reduce the possibility of hair loss and stunted growth.

12 Fast Hair Growth Secrets Experts Don’t Want To Share With You

There are reasons why your hair isn’t growing faster or stronger, hair experts did have a couple of secrets you could use to increase those strands of hair and below we share 12 of those hair growth secrets with you.

1. Resist The Urge To Bleach Your Hair

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We do understand it is tempting to go blonde but you might want to take a step back if you want a long healthy hair, the cuticle of your hair can get damaged by bleach and hinder the growth of your hair and also the scalp might become weaker and lead to further hair damages. There is also the possibility you have fragile hair and scalp which would get easily irritated by the chemicals in bleach and stop your hair nutrient.

2. Wash Your Hair With Cold Water

Warm water is the first thing you probably think of when it comes to washing your hair but it is also rough on your hair and might strip it of its nutrient, cold water is a more viable option and would get you hair strengthened it and  seal the cuticle and prepare it if you plan to use some heat tools on it.

3. Use Boar Bristle Brush

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It is also important to use boar bristle brush while combing your hair especially if it’s wet, combing it while wet with a closed mouth brush might lead to more hair loss and loose split ends which would cause further damages to your hair. Wide mouth comb will detangle your hair and also aid blood circulation within your hair scalp.

4. Use Loose Hair Ties

To avoid rough look and hair-splitting out, you might want to use a tight hairband but expert did advise to refrain from doing that and rather use a loose tie to ensure proper blood circulation within your hair scalp. You should learn to give your hair some breathing space for nourishment to circulate.

5. Avoid Heat Styling Tools

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Leave your hair to dry on it’s own and avoid heat styling as much as you can, it is not necessary to use any heat styling tools on your hair if you have all natural hair products, it is more effective and will nourish your hair rather than strip it of nutrient like heat styling would have done (6).

6. Try Not To Shampoo Daily But Keep Conditioning

There are lots of hair shampoo that are not natural rather contains harsh chemicals that could do more damages to your hair growth hence experts did advice to use less shampoo but you using conditioner is healthier, natural conditioner is more preferred (7).

7. Maintain Proper Hair Maintainance

It’s tempting to relax if your hair refuses to grow and this might lead to not taking proper care of your hair which might lead to stunted growth in your hair follicles, some necessary care includes trimming the split end of your hair, using a clean silk pillow, twisting your hair in a towel after your bath should be avoided as well.

8. Eat More Balanced Diet

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Dermatologists did point towards one essential factor that plays a huge roll in your hair growth and this is your diet, what you consume can determine how your hair and skin turns out, balanced diet foods like salmon, vegetable, almond, avocado, eggs, spinach, sweet potato are some of the foods that aid hair growth (8).

9. Give Your Hair Some Space

Give your hair some space from using hair products, gentle brushing each day might be just enough to aid blood circulation and indirectly massage your scalp (9).  You might also want to stop everyday washing, you might feel it’s important to wash off pile up dirt every day but experts believed it would strip your hair if it’s natural nutrient

10. Pay Attention To Your Skin As Well

One secret you might not be aware of is the fact that your hair and skin are closely related, what you do to skin indirectly have some effects on your hair, proper care of your skin will ensure your hair growth is not stunted and the health of your scalp is maintained.

It has also been noted that the skin products you use also have an effect on your hair, if you are using a skincare product that causes your skin to dry out then it’s doing the same thing to your hair, treat your hair the way you would treat your skin.

11. Avoid High Tension Styles

fast hair growth secrets

This is one secret your stylist might not tell you, high tension styles like tight braids and a high ponytail is actually doing more damages to your hair growth, swap it for a more loose hairstyle, this would reduce the tension in your scalp.

You should plait more of the low ponytail, ask your stylist for hairstyles that are not too tight, that relax your hair scalp and allows easy blood circulation.

12. Get On a Vitamin Regimen

Vitamin might not necessarily help your hair grow fast but it does contribute a lot in speeding up other hair products you might be used for hair growth, vitamins would also play a vital role in reducing bacterial from spreading and having hair irritation like dandruff and lice (10).

Deep conditioning your hair will help your hair grow but if you do want a stronger and healthier strand then vitamin is advised, it keeps your hair follicles and scalp healthy.

Your hair does deserve the utmost care for natural growth, some are actually lucky and tend not to struggle in maintaining a long healthy hair but for some, it’s actually tricky and strenuous, this can be easily rectified with some of the 12 secrets we have shared with you.

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