Should I Use Face Oil If My Skin Is Oily? (Best Facial Oils)

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It is primarily believed that your skin makes enough oil, therefore, it doesn’t need any more oil, and also if your skin already feels slick with oil, then the last thing you want is to slather more oil right?

This might all sound logical but doesn’t seem like the right solution. Taking care of oily skin tend to require more care and consideration unlike other skin types, normal skin type feels this way too especially if most of their T-zone is oily.

On the contrary, oils might be needed to make your skin more nourished and balanced but it’s also important to be sure you are applying it the right way and not worsen the situation.

It’s important for oily skin to stay hydrated however some products might not be enough to accomplish that and some oils might not work with every skin type, here are some questions everyone with oily skin needs an answer to.

Is Oily Skin Good?

Oily skin tends to react as a result of excess sebum production, sebum, however, is vital for keeping the skin healthy and glowing, the excess does clog pores which leads to acne and other skin irritations but a well maintained and controlled oily skin might not be such a bad idea, it is especially unhealthy when it’s not too oily and not too dry and the use of proper skin care products like gentle cleanser and effective UV protection will keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Another benefit associated with oily skin is the skin stays younger and that means fewer wrinkles, the key to keeping oily skin healthy also involves eating healthy, wearing sunscreen and cleansing properly.

Can You Use Face Oil If You Have oily Skin?

the best face oils to use

You can definitely use oil for oily skin, there are many benefits attached to suing oil for oily skin, oil can help mimic the oil sebum production and keep it balanced on your skin.

Many refuse the idea of using oil on their oily skin due to the belief it will worsen it but the truth is using oil on oily skin can help reduce the excess production of sebum but it’s important to know how to properly apply it before using also know what oil works best for you.

Why Are Oils Good For Oily Skin?

Oils can help in balancing oily skin and some are specially formulated to make oily skin feel good and healthy, it is believed that oil tends to attract oil and can help dissolve sebum, grease without stripping your skin of its vital nutrients.

Using face oil on oily skin does a lot of good by also locking in moisture and at the same time keeping your skin glowing.

It is however very essential to understand your skin and what oil works best for it, oil works as a moisturizer for your skin thereby keeping it hydrated. Some facial oil is specially formulated to balance skin breakouts so you might want to look out for those.

Is Cleansing Oil Suitable For Oily Skin?

Oil cleansing does sound like a bad skincare for oily skin, more like cleaning oil with oil, this has been referred to as myth, you would be doing your skin lots of good with the right cleansing oil, some oil might irritate your skin more so it’s important to know what works best for your skin.

An oil natural cleansing oil should be the best place to start if you plan to use a cleansing oil on oily skin.

Oils tend to dissolve easily, which makes them suitable as a cleanser, they help bind dirt and keep it from the skin without disrupting the skin nutrient.

Are Essential Oils Bad For Oily Skin?

Essential oils are rich in vitamins and can be a safe and natural way to control acne and breakouts but you should be careful in the selection of essential oil to use, some can clog more pores and make your skin more prone to acne.

Many make the mistake of using harsh strip oils from products that would only deprive your skin of moisture and nourishment. The right essential oil to use include jojoba oil, aloe vera essential oil, myrrh oil, tree oil, and other natural essential oil.

6 Suitable Face Oil For Oily Skin

Since face oil can be used for oily skin, it is, however, important to use the right face oil, the wrong face oil can cause more breakouts and irritation, here are 6 oils that contain vitamin, amino acids and antioxidants to heal, protect and hydrate oily skin.

1. Oily Face Control Primer And Moisturizer

Oily Face Control Mattifying Primer and Moisturizer

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An all-natural facial oil is exactly what your oily skin needs, it prevents acne and breakouts without drying out the skin, keeps it hydrated also for keeping make together, due to excess oil production on oily skin, makeup tends to get stripped off but that can be reduced with oily face control primer.

2. Elemis Facial Oil

ELEMIS Superfood Facial OilCheck Price On Amazon

Elemis facial oil; ensures the proper balance of oil on the skin, keeps moisture locked in, a nourishing face oil that can be used by all skin type for moisturizing. It also serves as an all-natural skin oil to get a glowing complexion and packed with nutrients to keep the skin hydrated. this is formulated with ingredients that are rich in antioxidant and omega.

3.  Balancing Blue Face Oil

Balancing Blue Tansy Face Oil – Skin Brightening Serum

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Blue face oil is formulated specially to keep oily skin radiant and glowing, fights dark spots off the face and definitely worth its price, works on other skin types too. Balancing facial oil concentrates on moisturizing the skin, contains antioxidants which reduce skin blemishes, prevents future breaks outs and other skin irritations.

4. Vitamin C Facial Oil

Vitamin C Oil For Glowing Skin by Admire my skinCheck Price On Amazon

Another facial oil that is well known for the reduction of acne on oily skin is vitamin c facial oil, highly formulated to prevent skin inflammations, a vitamin C is essentially needed by the skin to keep it nourished and glowing, it gives the skin a youthful radiant glow. This can also be used on dry skin in restoring nutrient to the skin and keeping it from becoming extremely dry.

5. Argan Moisturizing Face Oil

PURA D'OR Moroccan Argan Oil

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Argan moisturizing face oil can work magic on all kinds of skin especially on oily skin, for daily protection against toxins without stripping the skin of its nutrient, it keeps it hydrated and milk, it’s gentle on the skin and can be used in growing your hair as well.

6. Eve Hansen Skin Moisturizer Face Oil

Eve Hansen Rose Camellia Facial OilCheck Price On Amazon

Eve Hansen skin moisturizer face oil has been specially formulated with rose oil, grapeseed oil, camellia oil, and vitamin E as a pore minimizer, scar removal, soothing of skin and firm texture. This is a noncomedogenic oil to help restore moist so it can help get oily skin to become moist without stripping it of nutrients and can be used by other skin types too.

How to Use Face Oils For Oily Skin

There are ways you can incorporate face oil into your routine without upsetting your skin, rather you can keep your skin happy with some simple well laid out skincare tips.

1. Cleansing With The Right Type Of Oil

This is primary and very essential in protecting your skin, ensure to choose oil-based cleanser specially formulated for your skin type, this will help prevent future skin damage, pure oil can also be substituted for oil cleanser and they work best on oily skin, the antioxidants contained in them helps regulate oily skin and keep it moist.

2. Moisturize

How to Use Face Oils For Oily Skin

Moisturizing is not a bad idea on oily skin but you might want to ensure you are using the right moisturizer for oily skin, make sure your hands are clean before applying moisturizer to avoid transferring more bacteria onto your skin.

3. Dab With Blotting Papers

When your face gets oily during the day, dab on your face with blotting paper to absorb the excess oil but do not rub on it harshly and make sure the blotting paper is clean to avoid any inflammation.

4. Use Clean Face Towels

Oil and bacteria might mix with your face towel often so it’s better to always have a new one at hand to prevent transferring the bacteria back to your face.

5. Choose The Right Sunscreen

oily skin to tend to be picky with products especially with sunscreens, watch out for comedogenic and rather go for oil-free non-comedogenic, sunscreen can be worn every day to offer you protection against sunburns and acne.

We hope you found this post did show you all you need to know on oily skin and face oil, how well they go hand in hand. Using face oil on oily skin can get rid of bacteria’s rooted in the pores on your face too, a healthy skin care routine should also be adopted in the care of oily skin to avoid further skin irritations.

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