Why Creating a “Skincare” Routine is a Perfect Way to Save your Skin

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Some things should never be neglected, like not even when you’re dying because they are that important.

You might assume they are basics like job, wealth, relationships, etc but the answer is quite simple, and it is our ‘appearance.’ And the most prominent feature that counts for our physical appearance is our skin. So, that is what our main point is, ladies and gentlemen.

Never compromise on that God-gifted skin of yours for anything. Do not miss your facial appointment, do not feel lazy and ditch your night skincare routine, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen while going out.

All of these small mistakes do count, they make a lot of difference that might not be visible at the moment but surely will make you regret in the later years.

So, solely for this purpose, we are bringing you the importance of creating a skin care routine for yourselves and for the bonus; we will tell you some simple points to definitely add to your routine as they are a must.

Why ‘skin-care’ is important

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For instance, to be able to understand why creating a skincare routine is important, we should first know why skincare is important.

Skincare is taking care and fending for the needs of the skin by applying different natural and synthetic products to provide moisture, hydration, and vital nutrients to the organ. Skin is the largest organ of the body and that is why demands for extra care and attention. Why caring for the skin is crucial is explained in the following points:

  • Skin is an external organ due to which it is exposed to the harsh environment. Pollution, dust, heat, cold, abrasion, friction and many other things damage the skin on daily basis. Thus, it needs to be taken care of with extra attention.
  • It provides a barrier against the pathogens and germs which are why it should be cleaned daily to take its hygiene seriously.
  • It is quite susceptible and sensitive to the pollutants, germs and many other things exposed to it which is why skin may break out in rashes, pimples or acne if not taken care of.

Why making a skin care routine is important

Clear And Glowing-Skin

Now coming back to our main agenda, why maintaining a ‘skin care’ routine is important is our issue of the day. To say, skincare and routine make a bomb relationship would be an understatement. They are two solid positive things that join to make our lives better and easier.

When you know what your skin needs according to your location, job, and environment, you do yourself an enormous favour.

Tending to your skin is not an option; it is a necessity, so making a little bit effort for it does no harm to anybody. Making a routine for what you will apply every day in the morning and at night saves you so much hassle, money and time.

It creates an easy path for you to walk on and save your skin for the rest of your life because a properly cared for skin goes a long way.

When you’re young, you might not see visibly the importance of maintaining healthy skin because your skin always seems hydrated and glowing, but the real disaster shows up when you start to lose your youth.

Your mistakes start appearing as horrible wrinkles, extreme pigmentation and crease lines on your face.

Then you realise, you’ve been making ground for this since so long. So to save yourself a better looking, healthy and glowing skin, following a skin care routine is the only savior which we are too happy to bring your way.

Skincare Routine for Men

No, don’t get surprised. Men need to take care of their skins just as much women need to.

Men might be more negligible in this department but all thanks to the growing media and showbiz, they are tempted to minister to their skin for attractive looks and entrancing appearance, and not to forget, the increasing competition between the men species has an equal part in getting the men to think about their skin and its condition.

So, to start with their routine, the following correspond to the name-of-the-game:

1. Washing

The first, primary, basic and number one thing is washing/cleansing your face twice a day. Washing the skin with a good face wash or a cleaner designed exclusively for men skin is so important for maintaining healthier skin. For the process, splash warm water on your face to open up your pores to get rid of dust particles, germs, products and whatnot.

Next, apply the face wash and massage gently. Rinse the product with cold water to finally close the pores and prevent them from getting contaminated again.

2. Moisturizing

The next step is giving hydration to the skin. Even if your skin doesn’t feel dry or tight, you should still use a moisturizer to give the much-needed hydration to your skin. Hydrating the skin makes it look alive, healthy and prevents early aging. It also is essential to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

3. Protecting

Because men need to go out daily to their offices, don’t forget to apply SPF, or a moisturizer with added SPF, which is basically sun-block. It literally blocks the radiation from the sun to save your skin from getting damaged and sunburnt. You wouldn’t want to be walking with a tan all year around!

4. Shaving

Shaving your face is an optimal way to look fresher. If you are a professional, shaving is a must. it also helps you from getting beard itchiness. however, keep in mind that you need to follow certain rules even if you are an experienced shaver. Otherwise, you may face razor burns and thus it will make your skin more irritative. You can follow this guide to get rid of razor bumps easily.

Extra Skincare Tips For Men

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1. Scrubbing

you may want to scrub your body and your face once or twice a week, to exfoliate and get rid of the dead cells making your skin dull.

2. Eye cream

if you’re not tight on a budget and want to spend more on your skin, an anti aging eye cream would do no harm. It tightens the skin around the eyes to diminish the appearance of crows-feet and wrinkles, along with puffiness and dark-circles.

Skincare Routine for women

Skin care and women are like sky and blue. Yes, you got it right. It is an obligatory combination found everywhere in the world no matter what the situation or environment. Women are more concerned about their skin that is why they have healthier and beautiful skins.

But most of them either go a little overboard with the routine or just underestimate it a bit too much. That is why; we want to present a generalized routine having all the essential tasks in accurate proportions. Here it is:

1. Cleansing

This one is the same as men’s. Cleansing the skin is important for everyone. But women have their fair share of cleansers in the market ranging from as low as $3 to equal to your whole month’s salary. Washing the face twice a day with a high-quality cleanser cleans up the skin of any dirt or germs.

2. Moisturizing

The broad-spectrum moisturizer with SPF (UVA\UVB) is good enough to hit two targets with one aim. It provides hydration to the skin for maintaining its texture along with protection from the damaging sun rays.

3. Anti-aging cream/serum

Women age faster than the men because their skin is more fragile and sensitive. This calls for early prevention by using anti aging creams or serums to restrict the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation. And an extra tip is to always use such creams at night for better treatment.

3. Makeup removal

Removing the makeup before going to bed is too important to not discuss. It is the skin saver for all I can say. Makeup during sleep ruins the face; it accelerates the process of aging and dries out the skin. So, it is always a better idea to invest in a makeup remover or wet wipes for wiping off the face.

Skincare Extras For Women

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1. Toner

Buying a toner is a favorable choice to make as it does a job of extra cleaner. It unclogs all your pores and removes the deeply buried dirt and germs.


As said, exfoliation once or twice a week removes the dead skin and allows the new cells to come up and glow. It helps to maintain the normal cycle of skin renewal.

Final Thoughts

The task is not as difficult as we thought it was. After all, maintaining a skin care routine is easier and light in the pockets.

Spending a $20-30 on your skin is not expensive or extravagant. It is as important and necessary as eating healthy because the skin is what represents you.

It gives a lot and is worthy of receiving at least cleanliness and hydration in return. So, to start off new with determination, make a routine for skin care to stay organized, clean and moisturized and follow it through life.

Save your skin before it decides to crumble and get spots all over. A strict regime followed from an early age always proves to be beneficial and healthy for the skin in later ages as you’ll be the only wrinkle-free member in your friend’s circle and everyone will be dying to ask about your skincare routine.

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