How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally (Complete Guide)

how to get glowing skin
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Practically every woman would love a glowing skin but it’s not as easy as it seems due to constant exposure of your skin to some environmental factors like harsh sunny weather, some chemical present in your skincare products and other unavoidable factors.

Can I get a glowing skin despite these? No need to go for those pricey products that might not even give you the solution you want, we have gathered some tips on how you can get glowing skin naturally at home.

Having beautiful glowing skin can really boost one’s confidence, but getting those glowing skin does not come easily without some efforts especially when it comes to your diet, nutrient-based food would help you get the glowing clear skin you want naturally.

Here’s a list of foods expert recommend to help you get beautiful glowing skin and to maintain it as well.

9 Foods To Eat To Get A Beautiful Glowing Skin Naturally

Beautiful smooth skin needs more than an expensive product to grow Naturally, you need something natural and simple to keep your skin healthy and the first step is your diet, here are 9 foods that keep the skin smooth and beautiful.

1. Leafy Green Vegetables

For your skin to glow outside, you need to get the right meal into your system and the best place to start is with those dark leafy green vegetables, they are loaded with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients to nourish your hair and body (1), they are lots of vegetables like spinach, lettuce, broccoli, parsley and radish leaves that can help get the kind of skin you desire without spending money on expensive products.

2. Avocados


For smooth healthy skin, you might want to include avocado in your diet plan, avocado is an excellent source of antioxidant and vitamin E, they protect the skin from damages like wrinkles, premature aging, breakouts and dullness (2). Avocados are a great food for protecting and reducing skin irritation.

3. Fruits

You should try consuming at least one fruit in a day, fruits are packed full of antioxidants that nourish the skin and promotes healthy cells, fruits like mangoes, papaya, banana, apple, oranges and kiwi which all consist of some vitamin source like vitamin C, A, B, and E, which boosts your collagen and prevent wrinkles (3).

4. Carrots

Homemade carrot soup

Carrots are one of those foods we don’t give much attention, it repairs damaged skin as it consists beta carotene, which converts into vitamin A which provides nutrient to the body and supports healthy cell growth (4). Eating carrots constantly is one of the best ways to naturally beautify your skin.

5. Eggs

Either used externally or eaten, eggs are good at taking care of the body, for weight loss goal, one egg a day can help tighten your reflexes and for skin, it gets rid of skin irritation and help maintain to maintain soft smooth skin. There are some homemade recipes on how to use eggs to get glowing skin.

6. Water

Water is vital if you want to keep not just the skin free from harmful bacteria but the body organs healthy as well. The body needs to be hydrated at all time, it aids the skin get rid of a skin infection, every part of your body needs constant hydration and nurturing to function properly and the fastest and natural way to get that is drinking enough water.

7. Fatty Fish

benefits of fatty oily fish
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Healthy fats are also necessary for glowing skin, which includes fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and herring, which are important for getting and maintaining a smooth glowing skin (5), they consist of omega-3 fatty acids which helps your skin glow naturally, it plays a huge roll in keeping your skin soft and protected from breakouts.

8. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is an excellent source of antioxidant that keeps your skin bright and smooth, protects against premature aging, wrinkles and other skin infection (6). Drinking plain greek yogurt as often as you can be the only beauty treatment you need for fresh clear skin. A yogurt face mask can help dissolve dead skin cells and tighten up pores.

9. Cucumber

If you want to prevent and avoid sagging skin, start with cucumber, it is packed full of antioxidants and one the highest recommended for removing dark circles under the eye. Cucumber contains an anti-inflammatory property that prevents the skin from free radicals, a cucumber face mask can really help soothe your skin (7).

4 Plants For Smooth, Glowing Skin

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural remedy to skin infections, it consists of vitamin and antioxidants to nourish the skin and provides maximum protection from premature wrinkles, its helps in skin moisturizing and hydration.

Aloe vera also protects the skin from free radicals which stops dirt from clogging pores and causing breakouts (8). If you have an oily skin, you’ll find our aloe vera skin care guide useful.

2. Mint

how to get glowing skin naturally

Mint is perfect for those with oily skin, it consists of salicylic acid, vitamin A which offers protection from skin clogging and cells turnover. Mint is an important plant in preventing excess oil from causing breakouts.

3. Sage

Sage is highly potent in preventing skin damages, a powerful source of antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin A, it causes no irritation on the skin and it is easy to take care of if planted around the house as it only needs water and sunlight. Sage can help

clean the skin of excess oil and for dry parched skin, it keeps it hydrated (10).

4. Chamomiles

Researchers believed you can clear skin inflammation with chamomiles, it is also very vital in treating premature aging, it is packed full of antioxidants and also an excellent source of nutrient for the skin. Chamomiles can be used with olive oil for a fast glowing skin, serves as anti-aging tea as well (11).

Foods are important in keeping a glowing skin as what you eat has an effect on your skin.

An environmental hazard is the primary cause of dry patched skin however, drinking and smoking should be limited as they only drain the nutrient from your skin leaving it looking dry and unhealthy. Plants are good at restoring nutrient to the skin and should not be ignored.

For More Foods For Skin And Ways To Maintain A Healthy  Read


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