7 Incredible Vitamin E Oil Benefits for Skin Care

vitamin e oil benefits
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Vitamin E oil is sourced from Vitamin E which is not just a sole vitamin but a group of fat-soluble vitamins.

Vitamin E oil is an essential skincare oil in that it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Both features of the Vitamin E oil makes it an awesome skincare topical oil.

The vitamin E oil functions as a nutrient to enrich your skin and as an antioxidant to combat free radicals roaming about in beneath your skin looking for electrons to attach themselves with and create terrible skin challenges for you.

You can also source vitamin E oil for skin when you consume fruits rich in Vitamin E like avocado, sweet potato, and olive oil. You can get the supplemented forms in capsules from your favorite supplement brands.

There are other diverse forms the Vitamin E can take, but when it comes to Vitamin E oil for skin, then it has got to be the processed one from skincare brands which makes it easy for you to apply on your skin.

The result will differ when you consume Vitamin E rich foods or fruits and also vary when you take it in the supplemented form. It’s for the skin and demands that you apply it topically on your skin.

If you can’t get the vitamin E oil for skin naturally, you can still get it from creams and lotions that have the vitamin E oil as a basic ingredient and in substantial concentrations.

6 Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Skincare

There are a lot of benefits of Vitamin E oil for skincare that you would find appealing and probably embrace the idea. If you’ve run out of options on how best to take care of your skin and treat some of its allergies, then you should try this option.

1. Moisturizes the Skin

When applied topically on the skin, the Vitamin E oil moisturizes and keeps it fresh all day long. The lip skin is also included. If you are always having dried skin layers on your lips, the vitamin E oil is a perfect remedy for that dryness. Top skincare brands use Vitamin E oil for skincare product manufacturing, especially in moisturizers.

2. Prevents Skin Cancer

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Skin cancer is common in climes where the rainfall average is minimal and the sun dissipates intensive Ultraviolet rays more than usual.

These rays are dangerous to the skin. They can over the course of prolonged exposures, translate to skin cancer after they’ve incited free radicals in your skin to go roaming.

These free radicals would find electrons to bond with and start up a series of reaction that can lead to skin cancer and other skin anomalies. But with the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E oil for skin, skin cancer can be prevented and forestalled.

3. Vitamin E May Help  Cure Eczema

Eczema is one of the skin allergies many persons around the world are plagued with. It creates an ugly coloration on the skin and would often itch.

In this case, applying the Vitamin E oil on the skin hasn’t been fully researched as a remedy for eczema but taking some doses internally via supplement capsules has been researched to a viable conclusion the vitamin E oil can be a possible cure for eczema alongside its symptoms. Researches are still underway to lend more credence to the potency of Vitamin E oil as a viable therapy for skin allergies like eczema.

4. It Prevents Wrinkles and Skin Aging

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With the antioxidant properties of the vitamin E oil, all the internal reactions going on beneath the outer layer of your skin which are reflecting in the form of wrinkles can be prevented.

The free radicals are leading these reactions and the antioxidants would be on guard to counter them when you start making use of Vitamin E oil. More so, the Vitamin E oil moisturizes the skin leaving you with a glowing skin free of wrinkles even as you age well into your 70’s.

5. Eliminates Scars from Acne and Other Skin Diseases

Although researches on the field have been inconclusive and partly controversial as the Vitamin E oil is not really friendly with every kind of skin out there on the planet. Some cases have been reported where the application of Vitamin E oil on the skins of some persons had led to some allergies.

However, if you try to apply it and your skin reacts positively, that’s a good thing because Vitamin E hydrates the skin and this helps even out scars rapidly. If it doesn’t like your skin, then you should consider doing the supplements.

6. A Remedy for Skin Inflammation

Vitamin E Oil Benefits for Skin Care

The Vitamin E oil for skincare is gaining widespread prominence for its antioxidant property which can serve as a therapy for several skin-related diseases.

This antioxidant property also accounts for the ability of vitamin E to reduce inflammation. With this property, vitamin E can help reduce swollen areas of the skin resulting from bites and blisters.

The Best Vitamin E Oil for The Skin?

Vitamin E is full of fat-soluble nutrients, which explains why it is one of the most preferred essential oil for skin repair and nourishment.

With regular use, this oil can do a lot for your skin and prevent other related conditions. If you’re looking to get a bottle of vitamin e oil for your skin then the following section of the article might interest you.

What is the best vitamin E oil for the skin to buy?

Vitamin E oil works magic to restore your skin’s beauty fast.

However, picking the best can be a confusing experience. We selected 5 best vitamin E oil brands in the market to make it easier for you to jump right into nourishing your skin!

1. JASON Vitamin–E Oil

JASON Vitamin–E Oil

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Jason Vitamin E oil comes in a tiny bottle, but do not be deceived!

The oil is in a concentration of 32000 International Units (IU) per bottle. This factor makes it ideal for use on stretch marks, dry skin and old scars from all sorts of traumas.

The product does not contain any additives and is therefore safe to use even on sensitive skin. When applied to the scalp, it quickly nourishes the hair follicles for better silky smooth hair. We love the fact that JASON vitamin E oil brings so much goodness in an affordable travel-friendly bottle. (Buy now on Amazon)*

2. Healthy Priority Vitamin-E oil

Healthy Priority Vitamin-E oil

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This vitamin E oil is an extract of vegetables. The product includes avocado and jojoba oils which nourish the skin and hair to the maximum.

Its concentration of 15,000 IU per bottle rating ensures that a little goes a long way in your daily use. This product fades dark marks especially those under the eyes and moisturizes the skin deeply.

This is the product for any naturalists as it contains no additives. Its infusion of topmost essential oils will give you a calming effect each time you use on your skin or scalp.

3. Now foods vitamin E oil

Now foods vitamin E oil

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The now foods vitamin E oil is 100% natural and highly concentrated.

The one-ounce fluid bottle contains a concentration rating of 23,000 IU. This concentration is much better than what other brands offer for the same price range.

We not only love the fact that this oil can be used on the skin for minor ailments but also on the scalp to help regenerate hair fast.

4. GreatFull skin Vitamin E oil

GreatFull skin Vitamin E oil

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GreatFull skin vitamin E oil is totally natural making it suitable for your skin and hair. The product comes in a brown glass bottle of one fluid ounce of 10,000 IU rating. The oil is very mild on your skin and helps eliminate signs of premature aging when used religiously.

This particular oil is infused with lavender which is an excellent scar healer. It leaves your skin rejuvenated and young looking in no time.

We love the fact that the brown glass bottle protects its ingredients from Ultra violet rays of the sun that can render it less useful.

5. Vitamin–E oil By Kate Blanc

Vitamin–E oil By Kate Blanc

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Kate’s vitamin E oil is made especially for your skin. Its moisturizing effect is food for the skin. if you are looking for a pure and affordable product that has incredible ratings on Amazon, this is it.

The bottle holds a 28,000 IU concentration which is quite dilute compared to other brands. Even though, the oil is excellent in healing scars and combating premature aging.

It also oxides free radicals on the skin that may cause ailments. The oil is fast absorbed into the skin leaving it vibrant and greasy- free. We also recommend using this oil in eliminating blemishes and stretch marks so that you are able to restore your skin’s radiance quickly.

Vitamin E Oil Usage Directions

One of the biggest challenges in the usage of Vitamin E oil for skin is the reactions it stirs on users after application.

Most of these reactions recorded have not been friendly which is why you should try it out first with a patch test and determine if it’s good for your skin. When you’ve discovered it is okay for your skin you can start using with the following directions.

  • It’s best to apply in the night owing to its greasy nature.
  • You can extract the oil from the vitamin E capsule and rub gently on the affected area.
  • If you are using the lotion or cream, you can just apply it on your skin same way you do with your regular creams and lotions.
  • If it’s allergic to your skin, you can consider using vitamin E oil alongside other natural oils like coconut oil or even vitamin C.
  • Always ensure to read directions on the skincare products containing vitamin E oil as an ingredient to be sure of how to apply.
  • In cases where you are unsure of what to do, always consult a dermatologist.

We hope you’ve being able to learn a thing or more about vitamin e oil benefits for skin care in this article, Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.


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