43 Skin Care Tips For Hot Weather Conditions (Summer)

summer skin care tips

Everyone who is presently experiencing hot weather conditions wherever they may be in the world and care about their skin could use these summer skin care tips.

Everyone appreciates the cool calm season, but as soon as the hot season approaches you can’t help but feel some apprehension towards it and even get more irritated, due to how sweaty and uncomfortable your skin can get.

In addition, Some outdoor activities might have to become limited while some are postponed till this type of the year, summer does not have to become that season we all enjoy and dread at the same time for skincare addicts like me and frankly you can enjoy summer if you do some of the basic essentials we have listed in this post.

The hot season has a very big impact on the skin and even the general well being of everyone, the skin gets patched during this season and you can easily get rashes, not fun right?

To help you avoid all these hassles and keep your skin radiating during and after summer, we have curated 43 skin care tips just for you.

There are so much you can do to have an enjoyable summer and we did not hesitate to bring you practically all of those things to kick start your summer.

43 Skin Care Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy During Summer

Your outdoor activities do not have to stop because summer is around and you have to avoid getting sunburned or heat rashes, you just need to be well equipped before going into that UVB ray.

1. Wear Sunscreen

To enjoy more quality time outdoors or near the beach, you should use more sunscreen, it will ensure your skin stays glowing and at the end of the summer, you might have a tan to show for it. It protects the skin from UVB/UVS ray. Check out this list of summer skincare essentials featuring the best sunscreens for all skin types.

2. Use Moisturizers And Lotions

applying sunscreen

During summer you need the best moisturizer and lotion you can get, this will help keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Check out this list of summer beauty essentials featuring the best lotions and moisturizers for all skin types.

3. Drink More Water

The UVB/UVS ray drains nutrient and leaves the body dehydrated, you need to keep a constant flow of water in your system to help you stay active and keep your skin from getting patched as well. Water revigorates your skin and prevents it from breakouts.

4. Wear A Wide Hat

If you need to spend more time outdoors, you should get a wide brim hat to protect your face from getting sunburned.

5. Cut Down On Makeup

Wearing too much makeup during summer can be too much stress, the heat will eventually get to you, and you sweat out, which will automatically ruin your makeup and that can be frustrating and irritating to the skin. Wear liquid eyeliners, when really needed.

6. Antioxidants

Watermelon is the fruit with the highest water capacity, which means you can use it as a substitute for water and you will be getting nutrients from it as well. Here’s 9 more antioxidant-rich fruits for you.

7. Wear Fewer Clothes

summer skin care

You should go out with fewer layers of clothes, for convenience and also gives room for more air. Also saves from heat rashes as the temperature is too hot and your body needs all the air it can get. If you need to get yourself some low waist jeans, here are your best options.

8. Eat Less Oily Foods

Oily foods contain cholesterol that easily makes you more sweaty and your skin becomes more oily, which will eventually cause a breakout. Generally, they are not to good for you, especially your eye health.

9. Take Long Evening Walks

You can go early morning walks or limit it to the evening when the sun is not so scorching, your skin needs to stay away from the sun as much as possible. Long evening walks will help restore some lost color’s back to your skin, the evening weather is usually cool and more relaxing on the skin.

10. Always Go Out With A Face Wipe

You will need one or two clean face wipes, you can become sweaty and if you can’t get to showers on time, moisturized wipes might come in handy.

11. Protect Your Eye Area

Eye Beauty Skin Care

You need to have your eyes protected from the harsh sun rays, wear dark shades if you are going to be out in the sun all day. The skin around your eye area can get sunburned easily, do not forget to apply sunscreens to that area as well. As far as diet goes, here are the best foods for your eyes.

2. Take Lots Of Showers

The skin needs to shred those sweats at any chance you get, take cool showers during the day to relax your body and get rid of bacteria as well.

13. Exercise In The Sun

Try to get the body to be more active and agile, do some exercises in the sun but be sure you are using some sunscreen and the sun is not so harsh. Take a cool bath after that and you might find yourself feeling more relaxed.

14. Take Vitamins & Supplements

cup of vitamin tea

You should not take care of the external part alone, you need quality vitamins and supplements for easy blood flow and helps regain strength as well. Cleanse your body of harmful bacteria and help your skin glow. Here’s your list of essential summer vitamins and supplements.

15. Exfoliation

During the hot weather, the skin dries up fast and gets patched, try some homemade exfoliation to get rid of those dry patches on your skin. Read our facial exfoliation guide FAQ.

16. Protect Your Lip

Your lips need some exfoliation too, you should also apply lip balms constantly to avoid them drying up. Here are 15 homemade DIY lip scrub recipes.

17. Spritz Your Scalp

Summer is the season where things kept drying up, your scalp is also an important part of the body as it is irritated too, use some oil spray to smoothen it and keep it hydrated.

18. Substitute Heavy Lotion For Light Lotion

Those sticky lotions make you sweat more, you need moisturized lotions, that will be light and gentle on the skin and won’t cause you to sweat. These lotions are your best bet for this summer.

19. Pamper Your Hair

Hair care

Your hair needs care too so as to avoid dryness which will later lead to itching. Massage it more with some hair oil, avoid washing too often though and you can have it plaited in a simple style that won’t inconvenience you. If you have oily scalp, you might want to consider grabbing one of these shampoos.

20. Be Gentle

Be more gentle and attentive to every part of your skin, your skin is very delicate especially during summer, you should be very gentle when applying a salve on it or exfoliating.

21. Try To Avoid Bug Bite

Bug bite during summer is no fun, it’s more sore and blotched. The redness is more pronounced, you should use insect repellent around the house and use sunscreens when going out.

22. Battle Breakouts


Breakouts occur more because the skin is producing more oil due to heat, use a homemade remedy to battle acne. Breakouts during summer will only irritate the skin more and even lead to itchy rashes, use homemade remedies of breakouts even before it occurs.

23. Pamper Your Hands And Feets

Your hands and feet need care too, they might be peeling, you should get more pedicure and manicure and wear fewer shoes to avoid them smelling.

24. Spend Less Time Outdoor If You Can

Stay away from the sun as much as you can. The sun during summer on the skin is not very friendly, if you need to be outdoors, make sure you have essentials like sunscreen, moisturizer, and vitamins but you still need to be under the shade and be more conscious of how long you plan to be out in the sun.

25. Sip On More Antioxidants

summer drinks

Your skin needs all the antioxidants it can get to keep it glowing as antioxidants help keep the skin free from bacteria’s and you can have some antioxidants rub into your skin as well.

26. Know The Signs

Try to know when your skin can’t take the heat anymore, you start to feel irritated, dizzy and your body becomes sweaty, and more importantly, your skin becomes blotched and irritated. You should take a shower immediately, rub some sunscreen or moisturizing lotion all over your body, get a fruit rich in antioxidants and find a cool place to chill.

27. Cool Off With A Face Mist

A cool face mist will help get rid of sunburn and inflammation that makes the skin look dry and patched, there are so many cool face mist you can buy or make one at home yourself.

28. Ensure You Rest Properly

Couple resting on beach

Don’t cut down on your rest time, the body might be more agile during summer as we have longer days, you need enough rest to revitalize your skin tissues, to keep your mind and body ready for the next heat strain on it.

29. Consider Changing Your Face Wash

You have moved from winter to summer so you should consider changing the winter face wash to a summer face wash that is nourishing but also takes out the excess oil from your skin, you need a face wash that is light and gentle on your skin. Consider these facial washes, if you have a oily skin.

30. Use More Natural Remedy For Your Skin

The rays emitting during summer has a very profound effect on the skin and it might worsen if too much chemical products are been used on the skin so it is advisable to go for natural remedy in treating the skin and you can also use some trusted herbs in place of chemical products.

31. Change Your Sheets And Pillow Case Frequently

There are bacteria’s allows lying around and most especially when you sweat the night before, then you might need to change your bed sheets and pillowcase to a clean one.

32. Moisturize Daily With Aloe Vera Juice

spa of aloe vera

Aloe vera is a natural remedy you should not hesitate to moisturize your face with daily, it clears the black spots on your face and also gives you a toned skin. You can also exfoliate gently with it adding sugar to it, do this twice a week. See how it helped eradicate my breakouts in 3 days.

33. Use A Facial Cleanser

You need a moisturized face cleanser for your face, you need a light one that does not cause inflammation or give your skin a reaction when used. Use a simple facial cleanser that is not compounded in chemicals.

34. Don’t Stress

The Body needs all the rest it can get during summer, stress will work you up and that can lead to your skin breaking out, you can do some morning exercise to stretch your muscles and meditate to releases some tensions as well. Your skin does not need stress.

35. Eat A Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet

The skin needs the right food to glow and you can achieve this with a balanced diet, you can look for the right food for your skin and include them into your diet plan.

36. Use A Skin-Friendly Lotion

Use a lotion that is friendly and easy on your skin, you can have your cosmetologist recommend the best lotion your skin during summer, you need a lotion that does not compound your skin, might ton it a bit but not lighten it up.

37. Keep Your Hands Away From Your Face

Grems can easily be spread from your hands to your skin, you need to keep your hands away from your face, the hands tend to get sweaty easily and you might not notice and wipe it across your face, always have hand sanitizers nearby.

38. Use Face Masks

summer skin care tips

You need constant use of face masks to mattify your skin and keep it nourished, face masks will help keep the skin texture and color. It will squeeze out the oil and lock in moisture at the same time leaving your skin soft and tanned. Try the turmeric face mask as explained here in these skincare hacks and here’s more DIY masks from Prevention.com

39. Wear Less Dark Materials

Darker materials absorb more UVS rays than other colors if you are planning to wear a dark cloth, make it light and soft, go with lighter materials often.

40. Steam Massage

Steam massage will go a long way to enable easy blood flow and keep your face free from germs, also important to use steam massage to help the skin relax and reduce the production of melanin.

41. Massage Your Face With Ice Cubes

You can do this after a steam massage or every night before bed, it calms the heat radiating through the body, the coolness from the ice will help reduce dark circles under your eyes as well. Rub in a circular motion around the face.

42. Simplify Your Beauty Routine

All skin types cleansing concept

It is tempting to use all the skin tips you can to help maintain summer tan but it is advisable to keep it at a minimal, simple but effective will do the trick, using too much skin treatment can rather become too much for the skin and you can end up irritating the skin instead. If you truly care, try this 10 step Korean beauty routine.

43. Avoid Alcohol And Smoking

Alcohol and smoking are considered very dangerous to your health but do you know it can make your skin lose its pallor. Ethanol can make a skin patched and dry, especially during summer as the weather is hot and skin is dry with it. Substitute alcohol for lemon tea and you will see better results.

The skin needs extra care during summer to keep it glowing and smooth and if adhere to all the tips listed above, you will be sporting a nice tanned skin at the end of summer.

Excess use of organic products on the skin during summer is not advisable, keep it light and gently, the skin is more fragile during summer, you can try to test a product and watch out for reaction before using, that will enable you to know if your skin agrees with the product.

Summer does not have to become the dreaded season, make the most of it and visit the beach as often as you can but make sure you use a sunscreen that has no harsh chemical.

Thoughts? Use the comment form below, We’re listening!


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