7 No-Brainer Causes Of Pimples On Face In Adults

Frequently asking yourself “What are the causes of pimples on face in adults?” This post is for you.

Having pimples as an adult can be really embarrassing and uncomfortable. They have an annoying tendency of breaking out on the face and this has been attributed to puberty and hormones.

Pimples occur when the skin’s oil glands are overactive and pore becomes inflamed.

Why do you deal with pimples as an adult? Thought you left breakouts behind? Those pesky pimples? Do not think so and however, your hormones are not the only cause of these breakouts there are some factors that might have contributed to these.

Depending on its severity, acne can cause emotional distress and scar the skin. The earlier you start treating your pimples, the lower your risk of such problems and it’s re-occurrence.

Pimples can appear anywhere on the skin but mostly on the face. To control these blemishes effectively it is important to understand the causes. Here are a few things that cause pimples on the face in adults.

1. Hormones

acne breaking out problems

The hormone has the major hand in causing pimples, they control the sebum production in your skin, this mixes with dead skin cells and blocks pores thereby causing pimples.

These hormones when in override produces a low amount of androgen which circulates blood in women and these causes pimples to spread more.

A few tips to handle your hormones

  • Keep the skin clean and diet well balanced, this will help greatly reduce the risk of breakout
  • See your doctor so as to prescribe an antibiotic that helps reduces inflammation and bacteria on the surface of the skin.
  • Avoid sugar and refined foods. This can easily cause pimples breakout on your face.

2. Menstrual Cycle


Often times the cause of these peoples can be attributed to your menstrual cycle.

The face is a very sensitive organ most especially during your menstrual cycles hence the reason why you are experiencing frequent breakouts on your face during your menstrual period. During this period your skin releases excess oil which clogs pores leading to pimples.

Here Are Tips To Note

  • Stay away from fried and oil-saturated foods during your menstrual period as this will only cause an increase in your pimples.
  • Gently wash your face with warm water and moisturize with products that are not too harsh on your skin.
  • Consume more fruits and protein

3. Stress

stress sick tired

Stress has a really strong impact on your body system most especially the face, it is one of the causes of pimples on face in adults.

The face usually translates all that you are going through for you so it is advised to do away with those stress-related issues and just relax and thereby in the process also get a pimple free face.

As an adult there are just so much you get stressed over and this only increases the chances of more pimples breakouts and face pimple can be embarrassing.

Here Are Tips To Note

  • Adopt a simple sleeping pattern that helps you combat stress
  • Try some exercises or yoga practice to help you relax
  • Get a message whenever you can to help you relax those tightened up muscles.

4. Know Your Skin Type

skin type

Any skin type can actually get pimples but the ones with the oily skin are more prone to pimples this is because oily skins produce sebaceous glands producing which secrets too much oily sebum.

Knowing your skin type will help determine what product best suits your skin so as to avoid products that contain ingredients that might lead to pimples on your face.

Here Are Tips To Note

  • Moisturize your skin to help it stay hydrated
  • Avoid too many oily products that might irritate it and use dry soaps on your face to help reduce oil production.
  • Make use of dry lotions and not only ones that might cause your skin to sweat out.

You should consider getting a Vitamin e serum, Here are the benefits of vitamin e for skin care and the best options to buy.

5. How You Remove Your Make-up

skin care

The pore can clog to your cosmetics and combine with your natural skin and cause breakouts which are known as acne cosmetics.

Most women think when they are using mineral make-up they do not need to wash their face thoroughly but the truth is after a long day they tend to sweat which builds dirt up and can trigger a breakout.

Here Are Tips To Note

  • Wash your face thoroughly and gently especially after a long day of wearing make-up.
  • Use oil-free makeups to avoid sweating and oily face if exposed too much sun
  • Ensure to have clean wipes at hand in case you need to wipe your face or preferably a clean handkerchief
  • Use moisturizers for oily skins.

6. Your Diet

Image: Serious Eats

What we consume has always been known to generally affect our well being. High level of carbohydrate in your system can cause your skin to break out, too much oil foods as well.

To ensure a pimples free face consume more proteins and stay away from greasy and oily foods. Researchers also discover that too much sugar in the system can also lead to pimples break-out.

Here Are Tips To Note

  • Cut back on your sugar intake. Drink more water instead
  • Be careful to check if a particular food is okay for you and when changing your diet routine, make it a gradual so process so your skin can adjust to it
  • Consume more vegetables, fruits, and high protein foods.

7. Your Hygiene

causes of pimples on face in adultsThis is one of the most common causes of pimples on face in adults. Taking care of the body should be your number one priority. The face skin get’s irritated easily and dirt can easily lead to pore clogging thereby causing your skin to break out.

Scrubbing your skin too hard to get rid of the dirt is also not advisable, that can irritate the skin. The face most especially is fragile and needs to be handled gently however it is important to note that when using facial scrubs you might be want to scrub a little firm and not too harshly.

Here Are Tips To Note

  • Do not scrub or use harsh soaps on your face, you can not scrub pimple away, it can only get worst.
  • Do not pick, or pop them, this will only irritate the skin more.
  • Keep your hands away from your face and if you must then ensure to wash your them with clean water before touching your face, the hands are prone to bacteria and you can get them on your face through your hands.
  • Wash your face after you exercise as the sweats during this activity can cause pimples break-outs

How To Get Rid Of Pimples In Adults

Dealing with pimples as an adult can not only be frustrating but can be embarrassing as well.

Knowing the causes thereby will help you minimize the chances of a breakout. There are some minor tips that might help you get rid of those pimples.

  • Wash your face regularly with warm water and always wash your make-up off at the end of a day.
  • Use oil-free moisturizers and sunscreens and less chemical induced products for washing your hair as to avoid those chemicals getting onto your face thereby causing pimples break-out
  • keep your hands away from your face especially when unwashed. Our hands are more prone to bacteria and we transferred them to our face.
  • Sleep on clean surfaces and make sure your bed sheets are well washed as the dirt from these can clog those pores.
  • As adults, a lot does go on in your mind but it is more healthy and beneficial to relax. Get plenty of rest.

Follow these basic simple tips listed above and you will be sporting a pimple free skin soon. Read why am I breaking out on my cheeks, 3 steps to maintaining clear and beautiful skin and the best moisturizers for oily skin.


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