3 Simple Steps To Maintaining Your Clear And Glowing Skin

Clear And Glowing-Skin

Are you worried that your beautiful glowing skin may become dry and scaly? Or perhaps you’re disturbed much by the presence of the very much familiar type of acne (pimples) on your face?

Having a really rough skin can be awkward and irritable however there are some basic steps that require just a little bit of effort and the result is rewarding.

According to beauty skin practitioners, a lot of factors are the contribution to making the skin unclear thereby making it easy to work on them and possibly eliminate the one that seems familiar.

Here are 3 things that could make your skin especially your face rough and some simple steps to handle them.

1. Steer Clear Of the Sun

The sun is a major factor as it could cause burns, irritations and encourage dry skins on a large scale but then we both know the sun is needed and is not 100% avoidable, however, there are ways around this to avoid being toasted alive by the sun.

So, How do I avoid the sun? Avoiding the sun may be a source of concern for a lot of African countries where the humidity level on the high. For example ours.

Here are a couple of pointers to get the sun off your skin and glow like you’re meant to.

  • Use of hats or face cap when going out to in the hot sun to shield the front part of your face.
  • Find shade if you have the time or are not in a hurry.
  • Use sunscreens, although not common in this side of the world but they’re healthy and good for your face.
  • Better still, just don’t go out in the sun at all.
  • Make it grand by cruising around in an A.C studded car.

These practices may not essentially clear up your skin a 100% but once you’re very cautious of the sun and the damages it could do to your skin, improvements would start rearing their faces up.

2. Use Clean Water

Clean water.

Your skin health is very delicate and since a huge part of taking care of your skin has to do with washing it with water, it’s good practice to use clean water. Unclean water could cause you to break out and we don’t want that.

To remedy this and have a clearer skin;

  • Try to rinse your face with cold, clean water as much possible.
  • Wipe off sweat from your face asap and keep it clean.
  • Take your bath with antibiotic soaps and constantly.
  • Have a clean handkerchief at hand to dap at your face when you sweat and do not use it to scrub, it might irritate the skin.
  • Always rub a moisturizer after each shower to avoid leaving your skin too dry.

There is nothing like a good supply of water that discourages unhealthy bacterias that irritates the skin away.

3. Maintain Healthy Diet

maintain a clear skin

Eating a balanced diet plays a crucial role in our body. We eat well not only for weight loss but for our skin health as well.

Most of what we consume breaks down into insulin which affects the bacteria in the guts and would lead to breakouts on the skin. You should switch to eating healthy if you want a much fresher skin.

  • Fill your plate with lots of vegetables.
  • Munch on as many fruits as you can.
  • Stay away from foods that give your skin allergies.
  • Eat water-based foods like watermelon, cucumber to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Eating veggies and Protein-loaded foods is a good place to start. Here are 15 highly protein loaded and delicious foods.

These steps will make ensure your skin is as fresh as they come.

Please note that skincare is much more than the points mentioned in this post especially facial skin care. If you’re interested in learning more, see these 6 facial skin care hacks for a brighter, healthier skin or go the Korean way with this 10 step Korean beauty routine experts swear by.

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