5 Skin Conditions And What To Do About Them

5 Skin Conditions And What To Do About Them
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Is your skin itching or breaking out? Having some skin reactions you do not understand? There are many bacteria infused skin conditions and you may not understand why or what. There is a possibility it is a normal skin condition and there is another possibility it is serious but there are 5 major skin conditions that are a common occurrence to the skin.

Knowing what your skin condition is will enable you to know if it needs more medical treatment or can be easily treated with home remedies, the skin has the tendency to respond to well to treatment if the condition is detected earlier.

Take note of every single detail that happens to your skin and find out if it is related to any of these common skin conditions and what you can do.

5 Skin Conditions You Should Know

1. Acne

This is a very common skin condition that affects the oil gland of the skin. this condition does occur as a result of stress, puberty, change in beauty treatment, hormones, and anything that leaves bacteria on the skin. Acne happens as a result of these bacteria’s locking out moisture and leaving the skin dry and irritated, the symptoms include;

  • Small red tender bumps
  • large or small bumps with pus at the tip(pimples)
  • Whitehead and blackhead depend on how severe it is.

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2. Eczema

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This is another common skin condition, pollen kind of bacteria is the primary causes of eczema, the exposure to a dirty or harsh environment also triggers eczema and these are the symptoms to look out for

  • Dry and sensitive skin
  • Very bad itching
  • The infected areas swell
  • patches of the skin turn dark
  • Red inflamed skin.

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3. Hives

Hives can be as a result of an allergy to food, insect bite sunlight exposure, and some certain medication. it is actually hard to understand how hives are caused but here are symptoms that show it’s hives.

  • Batches of red color on the skin
  • Severe itching and scaly looking skin.

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4. Rosacea

It is hard to narrow down the basic cause of rosacea but it is believed to be caused by abnormalities in blood vessels. Rosacea usually occur on the face and symptoms are;

  • Persistent redness at all times
  • the visible flow of blood
  • pimples with pus-filled
  • thickened skin.

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5. Wrinkles

5 Skin Conditions And What To Do About Them

This might not sound like a skin condition but it is if it is at an unexpected stage which is called premature aging, this can be annoying and might occur as a result of hormones, stress, or the use of wrong skin care product. It has just one visible symptom and that is the skin folding in.

These skin conditions are common skin conditions that occur especially in women and there are some home remedies you can try to reduce them.

  • Drink lots of water, water is one the best natural way to rid the body of germs and bacteria, if the body is well hydrated, keeps the skin from germs as well
  • Eat a well-balanced diet, what you eat has the most effect on your organs and skin, the wrong food in the system can cause this skin bacterias to spread out more and lockout nutrient that helps the skin glow.
  • Moisturize and exfoliate often, You should try some natural remedies to exfoliate as regular moisturizing and exfoliation help retain moisture and lock in the nutrient.
  • Reduce alcohol intake and smoking, these are harmful to the organs and skin as too much of smoking can damage the skin tissues and leave it dry and parched.
  • Eat lots of fruits and reduce stress.

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The skin is just as important as the organs of the body, These five mentioned conditions go away with time and proper care but if after all is done and it becomes more severe, you should see a dermatologist for help. Read 4 Things That Cause Your Skin to Breakout (How to Fix Them)


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