11 Home Remedies For Hair Growth And Thickness

Home remedies for hair growth and thickness
Home remedies for hair growth and thickness

There are lots of home remedies out there for hair growth but knowing which one works for you is important, hair type varies hence it is important to be aware of which one works well for you, getting a thick long hair is practically desired by all and while some might find it easy to maintain a long thick hair while some actually struggle with it.

The kind of hair product you use plays a vital role in your hair health especially if you favor harsh chemical products.

The reality is everyone wants a long thick hair, this might not come by easily, fortunately, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process.

We have compiled a list of super-effective home remedies to give your hair the growth and thickness you desired, you can also prevent hair loss with these remedies.

Factors That Can Affect Hair Growth

natural hair types

The first stage before you start using any hair treatment is discovering the cause of your stunted hair growth, this would help you determine what remedy would work best for you, most hair products might grow your hair but won’t generally stop your hair from breaking.

  • Age
  • Health
  • Diet
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Stress And Anxiety
  • Hormones
  • Trauma

All these factors can lead to hair loss and if proper treatment is not adopted, it can eventually lead to balding, all these factors listed above can be controlled and managed, some measures can also be taken to limit its effect on your hair and scalp.

Home Remedies For Hair Growth And Thickness

Home remedies mean you can make it at the comfort of your home and this also means it is affordable and easy to get, find out which of the 11 home remedies listed below works well for you and stick to it to see it’s effectiveness before trying other products.

1. Castor oil may help your hair grow faster

organic castor oil

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Castor oil is an essential oil that has been around for ages, castor oil acts as a moisturizer and this makes it perfect for growing your hair, it is also a natural remedy which is rich in ricinoleic acid a type of fatty acid found to fight inflammation in hair scalp, castor oil would not only grow your hair follicles but would also strengthen it and prevent future damages (1).

Regular use of castor oil can grow your hair half n inch within a month depending on your hair texture and scalp, it can increase the length and thickness of your hair by three to five times the usual rate.

2. Amla powder could help your hair grow faster

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Amla powder is a really great home remedy for your hair, it can reduce the damages done to your hair greatly, it can also reverse the effect of harsh chemical products previously used on your hair, amla powder cures dandruff and other scalp irritations that might have hindered your hair growth. Your hair would retain all its nutrients and grow longer and thicker if you can treat it with amla paste every two weeks (2).

3. Jojoba oil for hair growth and thickness

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This is also an essential oil that is closely related to castor oil, it is highly effective too and contains most of the nutrient your hair needs to grow, jojoba oil does moisturize and nourishes the scalp, it is also rich in vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, and zinc that strengthens the hair, jojoba oil not only help your hair growth but it can also put a stop to further hair damages (3).

4. Lemon

Lemon’s are rich in most of the essentials your hair needs to thrive, it is a powerful source of vitamin C which is known for increasing the growth of your hair by producing enough collagen to aid blood circulation, it also contains acidic particles that tighten the hair scalp and strengthen the hair follicles (4). There are many remedies for long thick hair combined but lemon is believed to be most effective.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is worth giving a trial too, this is one home remedy every lady should have at home, it’s really efficient and works for various skin irritations, it consists of vitamin C and an excellent source antioxidant for getting rid of dandruff and head lice (5). Apple cider vinegar is also known for improving damaged hair, it also boosts hair thickness and growth.

6. Aloe Vera Gel

Khadi natural herbal aloe vera cream

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Aloe vera is a very vital home remedy for dry hair, it is a key element in providing lipid. nutrient, glucose, and protein to your hair and scalp, it is one of the best home remedies you can use to get a shining sleek hair, aloe vera also works well when mixed with onion juice, you should not use frequently though to prevent breakage (6).

There are other benefits attached to aloe vera like clearing of acne, brightening your skin, enhancing blood circulation within the scalp and prevents itchy scalp.

7. Yogurt for hair growth

Yogurt is really easy to come by but ensure you are using greek yogurt as it works best, it contains anti-fungal properties to protect your hair against dandruff, lice and other hair inflammations. Yogurt can help keep moisture locked in and it the process nourishes your hair scalp, it also controls the hair frizz by reducing the clogging of hair follicles and keeps your hair healthily strong and thick (7).

8. Fenugreek

One of the recommended home remedies by a dermatologist for neutralizing the bacteria and fungal on your scalp is fenugreek, as it’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, are potent, it strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair length and thickness (8).

Fenugreek requires just 2 minutes to make but the effectiveness starts to show in 30 days however consistency is needed to get a great result.

9. Onion Juice would certainly help

The smell of onion juice might discourage you but the benefits gotten from it might be worth it, you can as well mix with honey before use to minimize the smell, onion contains sulfur which provides to your hair scalp and shaft, for maximum benefits you can also apply onion juice and leave overnight, you can read more ways you can effectively use onion juice.

10. Japanese Hibiscus Oil


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This might sound a bit unusual and it’s time to take a break from your normal home essentials and try the Japanese hibiscus which is a popular herb used by hair brands in their hair products, it has gained popularity because of it’s renowned ability to strengthen scalp, promote healthy hair growth and put a stop to hair loss (10).

Japanesse hibiscus is an efficient remedy that is not so had to get and also very easy to make and apply, the flower also improves blood circulation under the scalp.

11. Green Tea

If you love drinking green tea so much then you shouldn’t have any issues with hair loss and it’s time to have it applied to your hair for growth and thickness, green tea contains vitamin B which is a  specific catechin EGCG that helps in promoting hair growth from the root, also do you know green tea extract can help grow your hair within a month? The extract contains more powerful and efficient anti-inflammatory properties for preventing hair loss (11).

Hair loss can be a big source of concern and one way to avoid that is to always have home remedies incorporated into your daily hair care routine, organic hair care products won’t always be available and some are known to be damaging to your hair scalp. You can increase your hair luster and volume with any of the home remedies listed above.

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