8 Health And Beauty Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera leaves

Aloe vera is a very powerful antioxidant that can be very beneficial to every part of the human body, the aloe vera gel has anti-bacterial properties that the need body needs to get rid of harmful toxins in the system, aloe vera can be used for both internal and external treatment but many have ignored the external part of it due to how bitter it is.

Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that many beauty companies have used in the formulation of their beauty products, a succulent plant with many amazing benefits that would amaze you, it is easy to get and also very easy to use without adding any other beauty products to it.

Aloe vera is one of the natural beauty essentials we think every woman should have tucked in her beauty products. Here are some of the reason it is considered highly beneficial.

What Are The Beauty Benefits Of Aloe Vera?

Being a natural plant, some of the benefits listed below should not be surprising as natural plants can easily neutralize the growths of certain bacteria’s both internal and external.

1. Helps Treat Inflammatory Acne

Aloe vera contains antioxidants that reduce the release of melanin into the skin, morning and night use of aloe vera gel on the face will help cure pimples and also reduce the reaction of the skin of your skin to breakouts (1).

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You can treat the areas where the acne spotted from by applying aloe vera overnight and washing it off the next morning to prevent redness and blackhead in that spot.

Aloe vera can be added to your lotion or moisturizer, that will not just cure acne but lock in moisture and it has no reaction whatsoever on your skin. You can add some honey and sugar to the aloe vera gel, to be used for exfoliation of dry skin.

2. Lowers Blood Sugar Level

lower blood sugar levels naturally

You might need to consider drinking aloe vera water probably every night and you will be impressed with the level of changes in your sugar level, it possesses some ingredients that burn out insulin in the system and keep your sugar level at a minimal level. Aloe vera stimulates the secretion of insulin (2), and significantly reduce the level of glucose in the blood.

3. Heals Burns Really Fast

Any burn of any kind can be easily treated with Aloe vera gel, the anti-healing properties in Aloe vera gel are powerful and coupled with the antioxidant in it, you will be healed of a burn really fast and leaves the skin arear free from scars as well. A layer of the pure aloe vera gel should be applied to the affected area to promote blood circulation and fast cure.

4. Prevents Digestive Disorder

Drinking Aloe vera water can be really bitter, but you might want to try as it can prevent digestive disorder and also cures constipation. You can chew directly if you can cope with the bitter taste or soak in water to be taken at nights (3). Aloe vera is still considered as the safest plant to treat a digestive disorder but avoid excessive use of it.

5. Improves Skin And Prevents Wrinkles

spa of aloe vera

Improves skin conditions considerably and prevents premature wrinkles on the face, applying aloe vera morning and night will eventually control the production of oil and providing enough nutrients that the skin needs to thrive. Adding aloe vera with honey lightens the skin and smoothen it as well. Aloe vera is a great antioxidant plant that keeps your skin fresh and wrinkles free (4).

6. Excellent For Hair

children with long hair

Aloe vera gel treats scalp inflammations like lice, dandruff and can be used to grow your hair, also present in some hair growth products, can be added with your essential oil and use on the hair, but try to wash thoroughly after application and use ones or twice a week.

Rubbing aloe vera gel into your hair scalp would penetrate the hair follicles and give you a strong, healthier hair and scalp (5).

7. Reduces Fat In The Tummy

You do not need exercises alone to burn fat, add aloe vera drinking to your every night before bedtime plan and be prepared to be amazed at how it will reduce the stomach fat, a cup at night will do the trick just fine, there might be a slight increase in your bowel movement (6), you should stop if you get other reaction from it. Aloe vera is believed to reduce stomach bloating if taken overnight.

8. Dry Skin And Cold Sores

A woman suffering from cold

Aloe vera gel absorbs into the skin fast and, moisturizes the skin, thereby easily getting rid of dry skin and it also helps in the treatment of cold sores outside the mouth, aloe vera may help treat the herpes virus which causes cold sores (7). Apply morning and night to cold sore to help treat it fast.

What Are Precautions And Side Effects Of Aloe Vera?

Excess of everything is bad and aloe vera is no exception, taking aloe vera constantly can cause abdominal cramps and diarrhea especially if you are allergic to aloe vera which could lead to further complications like muscle weakness, swelling in the throat, and in severe cases, even loss of vision (8), consuming a large amount of aloe vera should be avoided completely.

Prolonged use of aloe vera on the skin can also lead to skin splitting and dryness.

High dosage of aloe vera has been said to cause kidney damage although this might have no backing yet it’s advisable to use aloe vera both the two latex which is the gel and shield in very minimal quality and discontinue the use immediately if any unusual effects are noticed.

We are very sure you are beyond wow at what that plant you have ignored for so long can do, getting Aloe vera is not such a difficult task. Natural beauty products do not just have amazing benefits but also have very low side effects.

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