14 Healthy Nail Tips Every Lady Must Know

healthy nail tips

Every lady’s nails are just as important as her hair and skin, every lady loves nice clean clipped nails, which makes nail polish look even more attractive.

Acrylic nails might be ruining those nails if the right measures are not being taken, and if you are the type who loves your nails naturally without polish, you still need to keep those nails healthy and flawless.

The truth is that maintaining nails does not require expensive manicures at all times, just the right tips to keep it neat, time to pay some attention to those nails just like you do with your skincare.

Every lady deserves to know the simple to the secret to keeping her nails natural and beautiful at all times. In this post, you’ll discover the cutest healthy nail tips that will rev up your fingernails game.

Healthy Nails Tips You Should Live By

Just like you wash your face every day and keep your hair neat as well, your nails deserve some of that too, and here are 14 simple everyday tips to do.

1. Keep Your Nails Clean

healthy nail tips

Since your nails are visible, it is easy to spot dirt under them, make sure your nails and the surrounding skin are dirt then remove the traces of your last nail polish with acetone-free nail remover (1), use soap and water to gently wash it, you need it to be free from germs as to aid it to grow properly, cleaning it should be an everyday task for healthier nails.

2. Be Gentle With Your Nails

Avoid scrubbing too hard or biting into your nails, they are delicate and can easily optimize their growth when handled roughly. The use of metals to remove dirt from underneath your nails should be avoided too as you can expose it to infection through this process.

3. Regular Clipping Of Your Nails

Endeavor to clip your nails at least every two weeks, long nails are beautiful but easy to pick up germs with them, so keeping it short and neat will be a good idea. Keeping it trimmed usually looks more classy than keeping it long and unkempt. You can trim it for a while till you are sure you can maintain clean long nails.

4. Apply Cuticle Oil

Oil absorbs into your hands and enhances healthy growth and also makes it look shiny and neat, creams dry off in no time, leaving your nails chipped and dry. Dry cuticles might ruin the appearance of your hands so ensure to apply cuticle oil at all time. Jojoba oil and char seed oil is highly recommended (2).

5. Choose Your Nail Health Over Length

healthy nails

The health of your nails should be your priority, not the length, long nails are fascinating but if you want to avoid dealing with breakage then you should keep them short till you are sure they are strong enough (3) and you can keep them clean. Short nails are easy to manage and with time it will gain some strength, you just need to keep all the nails trimmed equally and neatly.

6. Take Care Of Your Nail Tools As Well

Your nail instrument should be cleaned just like you would clean your makeup brushes, keeping them clean will prevent transferring germs from it to your Nails. To keep your nails healthy and germ-free, make sure your nail tools are properly cleaned. Use disinfectant to get rid of germs and do not hesitate to change a tool that has become rusted.

7. Wear Gloves When Doing Chores

When washing dishes or other chores that might involve your hands coming in contact with chemicals, you should wear a glove, as these chemicals can hinder the healthy growth of your nails.  You should use gloves during activities like gardening to avoid getting dirt under your nails which could really be hard to get it all out (4).

8. Give Your Nails A Break

A break from acrylic nails might be a good idea, just nice cool nail polish on your nails alone would do just fine but not always either as some nail polish might weaken your nails. Giving it a break from acrylic nails and nail polish will help strengthen your nails. Try to always remove your acrylic nails gently to avoid getting your nails chipped badly.

9. Moisturizing Your Hands And Nails

Just as the skin needs moisturizing so do your nails, a gentle moisturizing would do just fine. Avocado oil is a good moisturizer for nails (5), some balms can also be rubbed into your nails to keep moisture in it.

10. Avoid Tearing Cuticles

healthy nail tips for ladies

Cuticles play a very important role in keeping your nails tidy and safe from bacteria’s, taking care of your cuticles will also help prevent those dreaded hangnails. Tearing at your cuticles can be also lead to infection, if you must get rid of it, do it gently and push them back nicely after, use some cuticle oil to massage it afterward.

11. Always Read The Label On Your Nail Polish

Most nail polish is formulated with chemicals that might end up leaving your nails brittle and weak and breaks off at the tip. Stay clear of polishes that contain toxic chemicals like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene, as these toxins can contribute to brittleness and unhealthy nails (6).

12. Use A Top Coat On Your Nails

A top coat is very important, it will help keep your nails from getting chipped and also nail polish can last longer with a top coat. Trying to avoid a top coat especially if you want your nail polish to last for some time would not be a good idea as it will make it last longer and help the nail look brighter and clearer.

13. Keep A Nail Filer At Hand

A nail filer will come in handy at all times but ensure to file in one direction, filing in different directions will only get the nails chipped and ruin the tip. If your nail breaks often, you can always file it to smoothen the tip.

14. Eat More Protein Foods

Diet contributes a lot to your nails, in fact, it aids it to grow stronger, fingernails are made of keratin which needs supplements like biotin and vitamin to keep it healthy and germ-free (7). Protein should be a vital part of your diet if you want stronger and healthier nails.

Your nails deserve just as much attention as your face, nails need to be hydrated to keep it healthy and proper care of it will ensure this is done.

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