Conch Piercing 101: Pain, Types And Healing Process

conch piercing 101

What is Conch Piercing? Ever heard of it? This is the perforation of the cartilage of the ear for the purpose of inserting and wearing an earring.

Conch piercing can in a way be called beautification of the ear, the piercing process can be a little inconvenient for a while but you can start to enjoy it when it heals.

Just a bit over 1000 words, In this article we will trash out everything you’ve always wanted to know about conch piercing starting from is it safe? What types of conch piercing people are into these days, conch piercing near me and how to take care of yourself should in case you decide to get one.

Let’s start by trashing the most obvious question that may be on your mind if you’re about to get one.

Is Conch Piercing Safe?

Conch piercing is not a tattoo so you can rest assured it is safe, depends on how you relate to pain though as conch piercing can take up to six months to heal, the most painful part to pierce is usually the earlobe.

You should note that conch piercing mostly means when you have the middle of your ear pierced as that part is exactly what is called conch as it has the shape of a conch, but these days you can have any part of the ear pierced and it is still piercing nonetheless.

There are basically two types of conch piercing but under each type, the styles vary. The two types of conch piercing can also be combined to give you a more unique style

Types Of Conch Piercing

Depending on the anatomy of the ear you want to be pierced, there are two categories which would give you an inkling of your preference.

Inner Conch Piercing

The is the kind of piercing that is located in the inner part of the ear, the inner piercing can be a little more painful as it is situated in the inner part of the ear, you should also be very careful when doing this yourself or get the expertise to handle it.

There are different types of inner piercing you can do and the way to associate your preferable jewelry to it.

1. Hoops And Stud Single Conch Piercing

Hoops And Stud Single Conch Piercing
Image: @ memoriestatoo //Instagram

This is a single conch piercing that is actually perfect if you do not want anything too much and for starters, this is where to start and a stud earring or hoops would do just fine.

2. Hoops And Stud Double/Multiple Conch Piercing

Hoops And Stud Double/Multiple Conch Piercing
Image: @ venz_piercer//Instagram

As it’s still the inner part of the ear and you had the second piercing close to the first then you should still stick to the stud and hoops.

3. Inner Piercing With Dangling Earring

inner piercing conch piercing

This is absolutely for those who are complete fashion icons and love heavy jewelry as the dangling jewelry can take some time to get used to and you should use it only when your piercing has healed completely. Dangling earrings can be drop, dangle or chandelier earrings.

Outer Piercing

The outer piercing has more procedures and pretty more famous than the inner piercing, stretching is a little difficult with outer piercing so, for those wishing to attain a more larger gauge piercing, you can ask your piercer to use a dermal punch to make the process easier and less painful.

Here are pictures of outer conch piercing and their preferred pieces of jewelry.

1. Outer Piercing With Studs And Hoops

Outer Piercing With Studs And Hoops
Image: @ Instagram

Outer Piercing With Studs And Hoops

Outer piercing with this single hoops is actually the most preferred option if you want simple yet classy, easy and the healing might not take up to six months.

2. Double/Multiple Outer Conch Piercing Hoops and stud

Image: @ toris_place// Instagram

This type of conch piercing might be advised being done ones at a time, you first get used to having you ear dangle with the single piercing before moving on to having your conch ear beautified with more pieces of jewelry. If you are sure you can handle it.

3. Double/Multiple Outer Conch Piercing With Dangle, Chandelier Or Drop

conch piercing

This is even more beautiful and fashionable. The dangling earing varies, your piercer can recommend the best one for you.

Inner And Outer Piercing

Piercing does not exactly have limits especially when you are used to it, inner and outer conch piercing can also be really fashionable and most women now find it even more interesting.

Inner And Outer Conch Piercing
Image: @neilmedpiercingaftercare // Instagram

There is also the idea of getting your conch piercing looking more interesting which involves the inner and outer piercing. Here are a few pictures of how the piercing would look in case you can’t make up your mind on which you would love more.

Conch Piercing Near Me

This brings up the question “Who should I meet for Conch piercing?“.

Conch piercing is just one step in fashion that involves beautification of the ear with pieces of jewelry but you might want to make sure you are getting your conch pierced by an expert and so we advised you go to experts, a stylist who is versed in that area or a tattoo shop near you, make sure to know how healthy and well sterilized their piercing needles are before letting them pierce your ear.

If you aren’t familiar with such shops, a simple search on Google maps could help you locate one.

Conch Piercing Pain

Conch piercing pain is real. The aftermath of conch piercing is usually very painful and inconvenient but you can make sure the pain is minimal by making sure your ear is prepped properly or ensure the area is soft and tender enough to allow penetration of the gauge.

After the piercing, you should steer clear of things that might intensify the pain, keep your hands away from it as well, and also stay away from heated and stuffy area, as that will only worsen the pain and irritate the ear.

Make sure you are getting your ear pierced by an expert, who will know what to do to make it easier for you.

The pain from conch piercing is the reason most people stay away from it but you do not need to give up on conch piercing, you just have to make sure your ear is prepped well and after the piercing, you can follow the procedures below for the aftercare, and with time the pain will gradually fade away.

The Aftercare Of Conch Piercing

Conch piercing can be care for just like every other ear and body piercing.  Take the few steps to ensure it heals faster and free from germs.

  • Sterilize the area to avoid swollenness and itching
  • Use sea salt water to clean the area twice daily to help alleviate the pain and aid it in healing faster.
  • Use warm water to enable easy blood flow and avoid the use of antibiotic ointment or alcohol as they can cause it to dry out without healing properly.
  • The jewelry should not be changed or removed for at least six months but if the piercing is a large one then you do not need to wear a piece of jewelry.
  • After the healing process is complete, try to remove the conch earing before going to bed at night as you can still irritate the piercing.
  • Use smaller jewelry which the healing process is going on.

Are Complications associated with a conch piercing? Get the right person to help with the piercing and make sure it’s well rubbed and soft before the piercing is done and sterilize properly to avoid infection and that is all.

Conch piercing is also as normal as piercing your earlobe.

Conch Piercing Healing Tips

As conch piercing involves the cartilage been pierced, it might take longer to heal than the piercing of the skin, the healing process of conch piercing should be taken with lots of caution as you do not want to end up with a wound from conch piercing.

Conch piercing takes anywhere from six months to one year to fully heal thereby your aftercare during this process is very important.

A more nourishing diet should be adopted for a fast recovery, your diet plan should include more vitamin and protein, also advisable to stay away from smoke and alcohol to help your immune system enhance the healing properly. These conch piercing healing tips should come in handy in your healing process.

Hope you got all the answers to all your questions on conch piercing? If yes then we hope no fear is holding you back now as the section of that year really is solid but the truth is you only need an expert piercer on it and you are good to go.

Leave a comment and let us know how your piercing went if you got one and if you have not, then what’s holding you back?


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