Ladies, Harmattan Is Here, Use These Self Care Hacks To Stay Glowing

self care hacks for dry season

The dry season is here, you would agree with us that this is bad news for some people as the weather tends to irritate at some point with some of its characteristics.

Your lips get chapped, start breaking at some point, and leaves a small fleshy wound that’s painful for the bearer and not pleasing to the eye at all, Imagine trying to kiss your partner with broken lips and that annoying sore.

Clothes, when washed, dry faster though but not as fast as your skin does in this season.

Your hair is also not an exception as the dry season comes to dry everything in its path, but not our lives or bank accounts.

Ladies, the dry season (harmattan) met you all glowing with good and radiant skin and all shades of happiness. Don’t let it leave you for worse, In this post, Thrive Nigeria is sharing all the things our staff will be doing to stay beautiful this season with you.

Let’s get started.

1. Cream Frequently with lotion if you have a dry skin

Dry skin is an uncomfortable condition that causes cracking, itching, and other skin diseases. Dry skin also causes you to get cranky without noticing it, hence that irritating feeling.

With Harmattan in town, it’s advisable to carry your lotion around and massage your skin with it every chance you get without looking like a crazy person. We recommend Nivea’s natural fairness lotion for little budget, a small jar of coconut oil can also do the job.

2. Protect your hair from getting too dry

Image: Giphy

Do this at all costs if you don’t want your hair to start breaking, we don’t need to start reminding you of the repercussions.

Wear a cap everywhere if you have to, double your hair cream power if you must, and go for wigs rather than rock your bare hair. Avoid combing your hair too much.

If you have dry itchy scalp, we have home remedies to help combat this. Click here to see them.

3. Carry your lip balm and lip gloss in your bag or purse

smile cute lips
Image: Gifer

To prevent stories that touch when it comes to the physical and emotional aspects of your lips.

For the sake of all the kisses, you’re gonna give and be given, carry your lip gloss or lip balm everywhere you go, in your pocket, bag, purse, or even in your hands for when you’re not carrying any of that extra luggage.

4. Oil your nails to prevent them from breaking

rihanna nails
Image: Tenor

If you’re not the type that fixes nails all the time and prefers rocking your natural nails, you should know that dry seasons could dry up your beautiful nails.

To avoid this, try rubbing or painting some coconut oil on your nails when you can. You don’t have to go crazy with this one.

5. Carry a handkerchief anywhere you go


Of course, you know the handkerchief is not for cleaning sweat as this dry season is cold dry, not hot dry.

In this harmattan season, it’s very advisable to carry a handkerchief everywhere you go because of the dust and all sorts of flying debris, particle and we don’t want those in your nose or body system. Cover your nose whenever you see the atmosphere is getting compromised.

6. Bath with warm water

bath gif
Image: Buzzfeed

With or without harmattan some of us always take our baths with warm water anyways, it’s advisable to keep it up because of the weather condition.

Also go for warm water, drinks than cold. This is because drinking cold water or drinks in this dry season could lead to other health issues like catarrh and other feverish conditions.

Ladies take note of these things as they’re vital for your utmost well-being. Follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija as we have more skincare hacks you can use there. On another note? Here’s how to handle menstrual cramps when they come.


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