21 Christmas Nails Ideas For 2024

Christmas Nails Ideas

Outfits are not the only way to express festive excitement, your nails can do that as well. Also, a merry mani is one of the perfect self-care splurges to get you into the Christmas holiday spirit. When it comes to Christmas nail ideas, you can keep it chic with a simple tree design or something fancy like red or berry polish.

Whether you are looking for full-on Christmas nail art, winter creatures, a plaid print, or giving your nails a cozy makeover, there are so many ways to incorporate your favorite Christmas colors into your nail designs.

When it comes to festive nail ideas, there are so many of them on social media, and searching can be pretty overwhelming. Hence, we have done all the searches and brought it straight to you.

21 Christmas Nails Ideas

There are so many ways you can accessorize your nails for this Christmas. But without the right inspiration, you can end up with something you are not that into. So, with Christmas just a couple of days away, it is time to start testing out your manicuring skills, and we have compiled just the right Christmas nails for you to try.

1. Gold and Blonde Chrome Stars

Gold and Blonde Chrome Stars
Image: @learnahstarbuck_nailartist // Instagram

We all know how important the stars are in Christmas celebrations. Hence, this nail art must have been inspired by the Christmas theme story. It is an adorable one, you can make it longer than this for a fancier look. Star is a forever classic nail design, you can add some glitter for a more sophisticated touch.

2. Amber Tortie Nails

Amber Tortie Nails
Image: @_by_shelley // Instagram

Amber Tortie Nails is another classic nail design we are currently in love with. This nail design has been trending on social media, and it will be around for the coming festive season. If you are not up for the flashy red color, this is perfect for toning it down.

3. Simple Classy Nails

Simple Classy Nails
Image: @embrace.nails // Instagram

Get a twist on the usual French manicure but make it simple, and you get this nail art. This is simple, and you can make it in the comfort of your home.

4. Cute Tree Nail Art

Cute Tree Nail Art
Image: @queenbcreative // Instagram

To match the decor and all your outfits flawlessly during Christmas, this is the most recommended nail for you.

5. Arte Brillante White Winter Nails

Arte Brillante White Winter Nails
Image: @ napaznokciach // Instagram

This is one of my favorite Christmas nail ideas, this has a simple attribute to it, while the glitter appears cute even without a neutral coat.

6. Snowflake Red Nails

Snowflake Red Nails
Image: @amanda.sudolll // Instagram

Snowflake’s red nail design is another one that is winning our hearts. This is surely the season to shimmer and shine, so one way to do that is to go for this snowflake nail.

7. Starry Eyed Stripes Nails

Starry Eyed Stripes Nails
Image: @holo.enthusiast // Instagram

Here is an outstanding nail with metallic glam that simply blooms beside your Christmas tree. This is the go-to option for many of us who love the glam of Christmas parties and would be attending many of them too.

8. Mushroom Mix Match

Mushroom Mix Match
Image: @nailsby_avril // Instagram

These nails are going to look even more fascinating while baking a batch of gingerbread cookies or holding a mug of hot chocolate tea.

9. Lime Torties

Lime Torties
Image: @illustrated_nails // Instagram

Lime Torties have a sleek, classic look about them. This works for all occasions, and they can be recreated for any occasion. This is not just a December nail design, but also perfectly suited as fall nail art.

10. Rainbow Nails

Rainbow Nails
Image: @_by_shelley // Instagram

To make your nails feel just as magical as the season, this is an excellent nail choice. This is cute nail art and the rainbow might look difficult, but it isn’t, you can also get a rainbow nail sticker if it seems too much.

11. Christmas Nail Tips

Christmas Nail Tips
Image: @twilldidmynails’s // Instagram

One of the best places to find inspiration for Christmas nails will surely be the Xmas tree. So, why not paint those on your nail tips, and you are good to go? This Christmas nail tips design is adorable.

12. Black Reflective Star Nails

Black Reflective Star Nails
Image: @_by_shelley // Instagram

If you love glitter and black paints have a place in your heart, then this adorable nail design is a perfect choice. This is also an excellent choice for Christmas dinner nights paired with a stylish black or red dress.

13. Starburst Nails

Starburst Nails
Image: @thehotblend // Instagram

Use this pattern to keep things simple and still get your nails popping for the Christmas holiday. You can go with as many stars as you want, or keep it easy like this. Also, this can have any shade as a base.

14. Pink Candy Cane

Pink Candy Cane
Image: @nailsbycarriex // Instagram

Give your holiday mani something girly and interesting, such as some pink candy designs. This pattern can further be used as a guide to create something with more Christmas theme designs.

15. Christmas Pudding Nail Art

Christmas Pudding Nail Art
Image: @nbnailart // Instagram

It is the season of getting creative and reinventing, so this is another cool nail art that works for the Christmas season.

16. Indigo Chrome Nails

Indigo Chrome Nails
Image: @pegi_nails // Instagram

Indigo Chrome Nails gives a stylish, sophisticated look. This is just the nail art you want if you want something straightforward but bold.

17. Choco Swirls

Choco Swirls
Image: @the_eklat // Instagram

Choco swirls are going to make your hands look gorgeous as you hold a mug of hot chocolate on those cold Christmas nights.

18. Green Christmas Nails

Green Christmas Nails
Image: @_by_shelley // Instagram

Emerald green or any type of green you find more fascinating is a classic Christmas nail color that can’t be left out. This creates an amazing base color for your festive nail design.

19. Holiday Half Moon

Holiday Half Moon
Image: @nail.envy.lorna // Instagram

This is one of the simplest and most fitting Christmas-themed nail ideas. It is quite straightforward and delicate enough to wear into the New Year.

20. Kitty Xmas Nail Art

Kitty Xmas Nail Art
Image: @brooklynxnailss // Instagram

If you are preparing for some fancy Christmas party or simply love long acrylic nails, then this is for you. Also, the ideal choice when you are keen on making the most of the festive season.

21. Golden Hearts

Golden Hearts
Image: @goldenchromenails // Instagram

It is the season of love, so a golden heart nail design seems to be quite fitting. This might not be Santa or Xmas tree-inspired, but the hearts make it all worth it. The glittering base added to it makes it fun, and it works on any nail length.


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