DIY: How to Exfoliate Your Lips (Complete Guide)

exfoliate your lips

Are you tired of having a dry chaffed lips? Exfoliating your lips may be the answer.

The skin covering our lips is thin a more delicate than other areas of the body, this makes them delicate and can easily wear out. Dry lips can be frustrating and annoying most especially when it won’t let your lipsticks turn out nicely.

Are you applying balms and it doesn’t look like it’s working? The build-up of dead skin cells on your lips will prevent the medication in your balm to penetrate through the skin.

Why Your Lips Get Dry And Chapped

1. Cold weather

During cold seasons, moisture tends to quickly evaporate from your lips and that is the reason why a lot of people have chapped lips during cold weather.

2. Medications

There some certain medications can have their side effects as dry lips. Nothing harmful, it’s just the bodies reaction to that particular medication.

3. Licking Your Lips

Licking your lips frequently can give you dry lips. When you lick your lips you leave saliva on your lips which evaporates very fast and leaves your lips drier than it was before.

These process can cause you to have dry and chapped lips so it is why it is advisable to exfoliate your lips so as to maintain a soft and moisturizing lip.

Is It Good to Exfoliate Your Lips?

A lip exfoliation helps to remove bad and dry skin from your lips but everyday lips exfoliation can do a lot of damages to your lip, like drying it out, harming and irritating the delicate skin on your lip.

Exfoliating your lip is good for smoothing your lips and when your lip is dry and peeling from sun exposure or cold weather. Avoid exfoliation if your lip has an open cut or sunburned and exfoliation should be done twice a week.

Why Should I Exfoliate My Lips?

When the skin is left unattended cells build up your face and body, exfoliation is a method of removing dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, it also improves the appearance of the skin.

If you want your lip products to have a quick effect then you need to exfoliate, this is because the dead cells lying on top of your lips, when removed will help these products to work better.

Exfoliation will help repair damaged tissues, heal your lips and soften it.

Steps To Exfoliate Your Lips

You can always buy nice exfoliating products to do this or you can try some of these naturals tricks.

1. Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

Sugar and honey are great combinations for exfoliating, has an effective natural exfoliant.

  • Mix one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar
  • Massage the mixture onto your lips and leave for 10 minutes or more
  • Clean with a wet towel
  • Repeat process Twice in a week

2. Lip Balm And Toothbrush

Lip balm has a soothing relieve on your lips and help make your lips soft again

  • Apply some measure of your favorite lip balm to your lips
  • Get a clean toothbrush and gently brush your lips with it in a circular motion.
  • You can leave as long as you want

3. Chocolate Lip Scrub

Chocolate helps moisturize your lips deeply. This can be mixed with honey, sugar and coconut oil.

  • Mashed it all together
  • Apply a small amount to your lips
  • Rub in a circular motion
  • Wash with warm water or just clean with a wet towel

4. Orange Peel

Orange peels have some anti-aging oxidants that will help restore your lips to looking as soft as babies own.

  • Dry the peel from your orange
  • Grind the dried orange peel
  • Add some almond oil to the powder
  • Gentle scrub this mixture on your lips for 30 seconds
  • Wash with warm water or clean with a wet towel

how to exfoliate your lips

Tips To Know When Exfoliatin Your Lips

  • Be gentle, you do not need to scrub too hard. Gently,  will do the trick
  • You don’t have to exfoliate at all times to get the desired result.  Once a week is enough to avoid getting your lips too tight
  • Always moisturize your lips after exfoliating.

Alternatively, You can decide to skip all the stress and get products for exfoliating, keeping your lips healthy.

Need something more DIY? You’ll love these 9 homemade DIY lip scrub recipes we found for you.


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