Amazon’s WorksBeauty Skin Care Line Launches With 4 Products

work beauty launches

Hint: They’re also guaranteeing that you’ll see results from any one of these products within 4 weeks or your money back. That’s some claims right there.

Just a few weeks after dropping Belei, Amazon’s first beauty skin care line, WorksBeauty is Amazon’s latest skincare line and this one’s got even bigger odds riding on it than the first.

The beauty industry is one of the biggest on the planet and if a reputable company like Amazon wants to dabble with it, they have our blessings to have at it, we’re happy about Works Beauty anyway since the conception is since it’s from Amazon, the quality is going to be 99.9% and the money back guarantee is just ballers, Amazon style.

WorksBeauty launched with four amazing products;

  • WorksBeauty Shea Cream
  • WorksBeauty Clay Mask
  • WorksBeauty Vit. C Capsules
  • WorksBeauty Retinol Complex

Here are the products features Amazon’s WorksBeauty Skincare Line.

1. WorksBeauty Detoxifying and Cooling Clay Face Mask

Works Beauty Detoxifying and Cooling Clay Face Mask

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It has Bentonite and Kaolin Clay, Vitamins A, C, and E, and PHA to Restore Moisture and Refine Pores, Brightening and Purifying Facial Mask. If you want the perfect treatment to moisturize, you should go for this mask. It helps restore moisture while soaking up excess oil and gently steeps away toxin leaving your skin radiant and healthier.

2. WorksBeauty Retinol, Anti Wrinkle Face Serum Lifts & Firms

Works Beauty Retinol, Anti Wrinkle Face Serum Lifts & Firms

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Experiencing premature aging? This Works Beauty anti-wrinkle serum promises to Lessens Signs of Aging While it Moisturizes and would be a perfect choice, it claims will restore the firmness and beauty of the face. This product is rich in antioxidant and will protect the face from an extremely harsh environment.

3. WorksBeauty Shea Butter Moisturizing Face Cream

work beauty shea cream

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This works beauty shea butter moisturizing cream has some hydrating qualities for enhancing skin beauty, highly recommended for normal and dry skin types. Clinically developed to accommodate and replenish skins lost nutrient.

4. WorksBeauty Vitamin C Capsules for Face

work beauty vit c

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With Highly Concentrated Topical Single Use Vitamin C Capsules to Brighten Dark Spots and Reveal Visibly Radiant, Brightened Skin. This serum could be one of the fastest products to help get rid of dark spots, brighten the skin and keep it radiant.

Vitamin c serum supports all skin types and corrects uneven skin tone.

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