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As a teenager, your hormone levels are still balancing themselves out. Your skin is still developing and growing into maturity. This phenomenon is why you may find that your face is extra sensitive to harsh chemicals and ingredients in the products you use on your face, which causes severe breakouts. You should take care of your skin by using the right products for your age, because using items for the 20s or 30s skin may end up drying teenage skin.

Fortunately, there’s a brand that develops gentle skincare and makeup products, while ensuring that they deliver exceptional results. Tony Moly is a South Korean brand that uses fruit and vegetable extracts to give your skin the nutrients that it needs at the right amounts. You no longer need to inhibit your love for makeup with these products that are suitable for teen skin.

Here are some of their top-selling teen-friendly products:

1. The Oriental Gyeol Goun BB Cream SPF46 PA++

A teenager needs to have sun protection for day time use. Younger skin is still supple enough to get away with using BB creams rather than liquid foundation. With an actual foundation, you may end up looking too made up, and you’ll stand out from your peers. You’ll need a product that can give the illusion of clear skin and protect you from sun damage.

The Oriental Gyeol Goun BB Cream has a natural-looking finish that gives the illusion of porcelain skin. You can even use the product as a spot concealer if you want to go for the no-makeup makeup or off-duty model look. It comes in two shades: bright and natural, perfect for Asian and Caucasian skin. Check out this beauty website to learn more about it.

2. Back Gel Eyeliner Long Brush

Teenagers want to look stylish whenever they go to school, the mall, or a party. The good thing about teenage skin is that you don’t need to add too many products to your makeup kit. You need a solid lip tint, eyeliner, and blush; you can already look your best and Instagram-ready.

Whether you prefer a winged eyeliner or the cat variation, you’ll need a reliable eyeliner to perfect that stroke. Tony Moly’s Back Gel Eyeliner comes with a long brush for better handling and to create a more precise line. The product comes in a waterproof formula that can last the whole day without smudging or transferring to the bottom part of your eye.

3. Lovely Eyebrow Pencil

The brows frame your face, and it’s one of the sections that you shouldn’t forget about. Some teenagers use eyeliners to define their eyebrows, but you need a dedicated product to make sure that it looks its best. Some of the brow products in the market are too difficult to control and handle.

Draw natural-looking brows with the double-ended Lovely Eyebrow Pencil. It features a brow brush and a fine-tipped pencil on either end. Unlike other brow pencils, its powder formula reduces lumps and smudging that may result from oil or sweat. It comes in six colors so that you can find the nearest shade for your hair color. You can also blend multiple colors to achieve the best hue.

4. Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara

Most teens don’t need mascara since they often go for a more natural look. However, you can make your peepers pop with the Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara. It comes in different variants to suit the look you need, such as long lashes, volume, or curling. You can also choose from two other colors aside from black. Brown gives a more natural finish, while you can go for a bolder look with electric blue.

The product has a long-lasting formulation. However, the brand promises that it can be removed easily with warm water. You can also use an oil-based makeup remover to soften the mascara when you’re preparing for bed.

5. Cheektone Single Blusher Cream

Emphasize your youthfulness with the Cheektone Single Blusher Cream that features a beautiful texture. What’s great about this product is that it’s buildable, so you can wear a little of it for your everyday look and add more for events that require more glam.

Final Thoughts

Tony Moly uses gentle ingredients for its products, which are suitable for young skin. Their BB cream, eye makeup, and blusher are fantastic items you should include in your makeup kit so that you’re Instagram-ready whenever, wherever. Happy shopping!

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