18 Winter Nails to Try This Season

Winter Nails to Try This Season

Winter art nail themes are all the rage right now, there are plenty of options out there to inspire your merry bright nails. Winter is a time of cold temperatures and there are also never-ending gloomy days one of the ways you can counter this is to get some amazing winter-themed nails that pop when you hold a mug of hot chocolate or while cooking New Year’s Dinner

There is also something fun about winter nails, you can confidently take pictures. Also, there are so many colors to choose from, when you think about winter nails, think rich plums, shimmery metallics, spicy reds, and nutty browns.

Getting winter nails is going to take more than imagination. It is going to take some trendy and gorgeous winter nail ideas to inspire you. So, let’s check out some of the best winter nails to try this season.

18 Winter Nails to Try This Season

For winter nail art this season, professionals are all in on the neutral earth tone and some deep rich hues as well. Also, winter nail art is about the color but even more of the texture. Any color can be a winter color if you love it, but if you need inspiration on winter nails that are here to stay, we have rounded up the coolest ones to try.

1. Icy Blue Nails

Icy Blue Nails
Image: @vviki.mani // Instagram

What better way to kickstart the cold season than to go with icy blue nails? Icy blue nails are often called classy nails, and this is due to how they effortlessly look great on any skin tone. This nail art is quite fitting for anyone, no matter what choice of shape and texture you prefer.

2. Glossy With Envy Green

Glossy With Envy Green
Image: @lindseysbeautylounge1 // Instagram

Here is the green nail art with all the winter vibe minus the nostalgic feeling that comes with the green color. This is pretty, works for your formal outfit, and is also short enough to let you attend to tasks during the holiday. However, you can go for longer nails if that works fine for you.

3. French Shimmery Pink Nails

French Shimmery Pink Nails
Image: @nailscatchyideas // Instagram

Pink is that stylish winter color we don’t talk about enough. This is another stylish nail you want to rock for this winter season, but you can get a richer shade if you want to get into the whole festive season.

4. Creative Silver Splash

Creative Silver Splash
Image: @ pinky promise. nails // Instagram

Glossy pinks are not the only one that reminds you of Barbie, silver just like this one can do that too. This looks gorgeous and acrylic nails can’t go wrong as well.

5. Wineberry Nail Design

Wineberry Nail Design
Image: @nailscatchyideas // Instagram

Red nail polish shines all through the season, this cherry polish specifically transcends the right amount of festivity without hitting you over the head.

6. Tortie Glass Yellow Nails

Tortie Glass Yellow Nails
Image: @learnahstarbuck_nailartist // Instagram

This is similar to the chrome autumn nails we are in love with. Tortie nails in winter can sure do no wrong, it is just warm enough to wrap up the cold winter months and give you some classy vibes while at it.

7. Vanilla Chrome Nails

Vanilla Chrome Nails
Image: @nailscatchyideas // Instagram

To achieve this eye-catching nail design, the coffin nail shape is paired with vanilla chrome nail polish. This neutral color is really classy and endlessly versatile, it’s just the ideal choice for any occasion.

8. Navy Pro Nails

Navy Pro Nails
Image: @lindseysbeautylounge1 // Instagram

We already agree that blue gives the classic winter vibe, however, if you are not up for icy blue, navy blue is another tone that can’t go wrong. It is calm and reflective of the season.

9. Purple Shapes

Purple Shapes
Image: @pinkipromise.nails // Instagram

This is so cute and while purple might seem like an unexpected weather color, this is too cute to say no to. This is fancy and looks more like taking a trip to space.

10. Icy And Elegant

Icy And Elegant
Image: @boujee_girl_beauty_ // Instagram

This is just as similar to the chrome design, it is icy, sweet, and perfect for all occasions. This can be your go-to for the season or all year long.

11. Candy Cane

Candy Cane Nail Design

We are all going to be enjoying lots of candy cane this winter, so might as well get some nail designs to show it forth. This is not just adorable, but also very easy to design.

12. Winter Pastel Nail Design

Winter Pastel Nail Design
Image: @ barbrafeszyn // Instagram

This is another winter nail design that looks complicated, but it is very simple. Also, it is a realistic nail design that will surely get you excited about the festive season.

13. Black Tips

Black Tips
Image: @ellielouisenails // Instagram

Black is the new neutral color, it is classy and pops on the tips of your French nails. This is another stylish nail art you will surely love.

14. Funky Florals

Funky Florals
Image: @nailsbykirsten // Instagram

If you are looking to bring on autumn, then here is a nail art that works just fine. This is gorgeous and fitting for all occasions.

15. Sunny Winter Nails

Sunny Winter Nails
Image: @nailsideasmagazine // Instagram

Here is another beautiful nail design you probably won’t stop staring at. This is one of the nail arts that is not going anywhere anytime soon and in fact, happens to be one of the easiest winter nail arts to do.

16. Glitter And White Nails

Glitter And White
Image: @winternails // Instagram

A man like this looks yummy paired next to your hot choco. This is another endlessly versatile nail art and is also perfect for beating the winter.

17. Snowflake Nail Design

Snowflake Nail Design

It is not exactly winter until the snow falls, and your nails can help you show that off easily. Snowflake nails are really cute, you can also add in some plaid accents for good measure. This is one look you want to rock before the season ends.

18. Autumn Muted Palette

Autumn Muted Palette
Image: @carooline.e // Instagram

We know this nail design belongs to autumn, but if you can’t let go of the season just yet, then here is a fabulous way to bring it in. This color palette certainly suits the cold temperature and since winter and fall are practically friends, you will have both right on your nails.

The winter variation does not have to be difficult, it just requires colors that complement the season and no doubt look good on your nails while cooking. So, to ensure you are really for the chill holiday, above are nail designs to keep you in trend.

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