When to Shampoo Natural Hair?

When to Shampoo Natural Hair?

How often you wash natural hair is just as important as the product you use in your hair and no matter your hair texture, your hair should be cleansed as regular as possible, if proper cleaning of your scalp is not done, it is important to remove debris, impurities, excess products or any other thing that might have fallen into your hair and this causes it to become dirty and unhealthy.

Most healthy-looking hair has a regular wash routine however shampooing your hair often can also dry your hair out due to excessive washing and often times this shampoo can leave your hair all tangled up.

There are different hair types and this means the same amount of washing can not be done, some hair types are naturally dry, and washing excessively would only lead to it becoming dry and brittle. Healthy looking hair starts with your wash routine but natural hair is naturally dry which means it’s was routine is completely different.

How often should you shampoo natural hair? Natural hair can be pretty fragile and finding the right information when it comes to washing it is vital hence this article contains experts opinion on when you should shampoo your natural hair and how often is healthy.

What happens when you wash your hair too much?

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How frequent you wash your hair depends on your hair type, for some too frequent washing of the hair can cause damaged hair, and a dry itchy scalp and use of shampoo can cause an imbalance in the microbiome and lead to scalp problems. Washing your hair every day can be damaging even just wetting your hair every day can lead to breakage, this can become excess when washed with shampoo, frequent use of shampoo can remove your hair natural oil making your hair look dull and dry.

What happens when you don’t wash enough?

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If you do not wash your hair enough, it is likely to cause build-up on the scalp which damages the scalp and stops it from growing. Natural hair that is not washed with the required regularity can cause dirt to clog your hair follicles which can prevent new hair from growing and that can eventually lead to hair thinning or hair loss.

How often should you shampoo natural hair?

When to Shampoo Natural Hair?

How often natural hair is washed depends on the hair type and the person’s choice but the recommended tie to wash your natural hair is once every two weeks unless your hair is in desperate need of a wash and if this is the case then you should make use of a shampoo that provides a gentle cleanse or cleanse condition. Some natural hair is excessively dry and shampoo can strip the important oil from your scalp when washed too often which is why you should try an alternative shampoo that won’t dry out your scalp or washing with conditioner.


No matter your hair texture, your hair and scalp should be cleaned as regularly as possible as it is important to get rid of impurities, remove debris and get rid of anything that happens to fall on your hair strand causing it to become dirty with time. Every scalp is made of sebum, which is a natural oil and has the ability to travel down your hair strand and help it stay conditioned and well moisturized but an excess of this can lead to greasy hair which means a more regular wash routine different from dry hair.

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