10 Best Products For 4C Hair Type

Best Products For 4C Hair Type

4c hair is usually very dry and considered to be the most fragile hair type and this is where your hair care routine comes it, using anything harsh on 4c natural hair would only lead to breakage and won’t retain moisture rather it locks out moisture. If you are struggling with defining your twist out on your 4c hair type, try switching up your hair products for ones that are best at retaining moisture, some of which would be listed in this post.

It is quite common for a naturalist to have different hair texture, knowing your hair type system is best for learning about your hair and knowing what product works best for it. In order to grow 4c natural hair, you have to be gentle with it.

It takes lots of effort to keep 4c natural hair hydrated, it is extremely dry compared to other hair types and we have compiled 10 best products to help you add moisture to your 4c hair type and you get that perfect wash day you aim for.


Finding the best natural hair care product for your 4c hair type can be a bit tacky and there are so many strategies on the internet today, it is hard figuring out which works. There is simply no wrong or right way to figure out which product works best for you however if you want to speed up selecting the right product for your hair type then you should focus on finding hair products that address the critical need of your 4c hair type which is protein and moisture.

The trick to a healthy 4c hair type is a natural hair care regimen that contains the best essential products, the effectiveness of the right product will be noticed in no time.

There are several product types to consider for a healthy natural hair and depending on the need of your hair change over time, you may need to select more than one from the list of products in this article. Be sure to choose the hair care regimen that works best for you.

10 Best Products For 4c Hair Type

4c hair is believed to be the most fragile hair type, it is usually dry and brittle and is extremely prone to breakage, and choosing the wrong product can make it worst, and choosing the right one will make it stronger. Here are 10 of the best products for the 4c hair type from Amazon.

  1. Best Cleansing Conditioner: Aussie Deep Conditioner
  2. Best Moisturizing Hair Product: Carol’s Daugther Mimosa Hair Honey
  3. Best LightWeight Conditioner: Design Essential Almond Butter
  4. Best Leave-In Conditioner: Auntie Jackie’s Quench Moisture Leave-In Conditioner
  5. Best Dry Shampoo: Kenra Clarifying Shampoo
  6. Best Hydrating Conditioner: Nioxin Scalp Therapy Conditioner
  7. Best Hair Oil: SheaMoisture Manuka Honey And Mafura Oil
  8. Best Colour Protecting Shampoo: Pureology Color-treated Hair Shampoo
  9. Best Hair Mask: Royal Oils Deep Moisture Masque
  10. Best Hair Detangler: Honest Conditioning Detangler

1. Aussie Deep Conditioner- Best Cleansing Conditioner

Aussie Deep Conditioner, with Avocado. Paraben Free, 3 Minute Miracle Moist, For Dry Hair, 16 Fl Oz, Triple Pack

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A healthy 4c natural hair means you are using the right product and one of the first product we are recommending for your 4c hair type is Aussie deep conditioner, this is made with avocado and it’s paraben-free which makes amazing for dry 4c natural hair.  This conditioner cleanses and hydrates your hair and scalp without stripping your hair of its natural oil.


  • Formulated with avocado and jojoba oil that deep condition your hair with 3x the moisture of regular conditioner
  • Transforms struggling strand into silky smooth hair
  • Repairs damaged hair strand
  • Smells great


  • Not for extremely soft hair

Outstanding Review: I Love this conditioner. It does its job really well. I mix it with some avocado, coconut oil, castor oil, peppermint oil, rice water, and amla powder. Apply it all over my hair, cover with a shower cap, and then a scarf leaves overnight and wash the next morning. Salma via Amazon.

2. Carol’s Daugther Mimosa Hair Honey- Best Moisturizing Hair Product

Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade For Dry Hair and Textured Hair, with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, Paraben Free Hair Pomade, 8 fl oz (Packaging May Vary)

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Carol’s daughter mimosa hair honey is an essential product for 4c natural hair types, this hair product is great for sealing in moisture for all-natural hair type, it acts as a pomade for edge control which moisturizes your hair and scalp, smoothes edges and control frizz too. This hair product is created for naturally curly and kinky hair and it has been formulated with ingredients that your 4c natural hair needs to grow.


  • It moisturizes your hair and scalp deeply because it’s packed with nourishing ingredients
  • Versatility
  • Controls Frizz


  • Strong smell
  • Not for all hair types

Outstanding Review: This stuff is amazing. I love how it moisturizes and greases my hair at the same time. My hair is super dry. Like dry as a cracked leaf in October. It’s horrible. I can’t keep it properly greased or moisturized for anything! But this stuff giiiiiiiirl!! I love it! It looks like really really raw honey and the smell isn’t offensive. @Koastedco via Amazon.

3. Design Essentials Almond Butter- Best Lightweight Conditioner

Design Essentials Almond Butter Express Instant Moisturizing Conditioner, Best Value- 32ozBuy on Amazon

Design essential almond hydrates 4c natural hair, it is an instant moisturizing conditioner that delivers intense moisture to any hair texture. This is enriched with almond butter for easy detangling for all fragile hair type, you can have your twist out coming out great with design essential almond conditioner, it leaves your hair smooth, silky and feeling weightless.


  • Lightweight
  • Causes no-build up
  • Great smell


  • No protective seal on it

Outstanding Review: I have been on the hunt for an extremely moisturizing deep conditioner. I have finally found it and I’m so happy. After my first use of this product all the other natural store brand deep conditioners don’t, do it for me anymore. With this product, I have good ingredients with the same slip as Aussie Moist 3min Miracle which I can detangle my hair with ease and I can fill the moisture penetrating every strand. I will be trying out more of design essentials products. If I get the same results as this deep conditioner they will be my new staples. I will be buying the protein shampoo with henna and the other shampoo with aloe and mint. Andrea Mitchell Via Amazon

4. Auntie Jackie’s Quench Moisture Leave-In Conditioner- Best Leave-In Conditioner

Aunt Jackie's Quench, Moisture Intensive Leave-in Conditioner, Ultra-Hydrating, Deep Moisture Therapy for Parched Hair, 12 Ounce Bottle

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This is just perfect for those who are averse to the deep condition washing but want to get tangle-free hair. Aunt Jackie’s is an intense leave-in conditioner for any hair type, it is designed to retain, lock in moisture, and offers a deep therapy for parched hair, hydrating it and keeping it healthy. This leave-in conditioner helps to eliminate dryness without a heavy feel which is why it’s recommended for 4c hair type.


  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting moisture
  • Ultra-hydrating
  • A lovely pleasant smell that can refresh your day


  • The consistency is not that great as it is too watery

5. Kenra Clarifying Shampoo- Best Dry Shampoo

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo, 10.1-Ounce

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Kenra Clarifying shampoo comes in a form of refreshing ingredients to help maintain healthy 4c natural hair and other color-treated hair types. Kenra is a professional beauty brand that is dedicated to understanding and serving their stylists better which is why this clarifying shampoo has been made with the utmost care to provide you with excellent styling in all your hair situation.


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Helps to cleanse the hair and removes the dirt without stripping your hair of its natural oil


  • Can lead to dry natural hair
  • Not for extremely dry hair

Outstanding Review: I love Kenra products. They just work for my hair which is not too thick but not too thinks. I absolutely love the scent of this shampoo and it lingers which is nice after shampooing. Clarifying shampoo is great as it cleans without ruining your hair. I recommend this shampoo if you are looking for a clarifying shampoo or if you love Kenra as I do. Rebecca via Amazon.

6. Bumble And Bumble Prêt-à-Powder- Best Volumizing Hair Powder

Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder Shampoo, 2 Ounce

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This bumble and bumble works as a dry shampoo, style extender, and volumizer, it pumps up the volume of any hair type and also extends the life of tester styles while leaving your hair fresh and cleaned. This is a strong solution designed to give your hair a natural healthy bounce and has been blended with ingredients that nourish and rejuvenate your hair and scalp.


  • It gives hair more volume than any other dry shampoo without leaving a heavy and powdery residue
  • Leaves hair clean and refreshed
  • It blends in with any hair color


  • It can leave a gritty feel on the hair
  • A bit expensive and might not suit your budget

Outstanding Review: I have been searching for a non-aerosol dry shampoo for a long time, and especially one that doesn’t gas me with this strong smell. I have finally found something I really like! When I rub it through my hair enough, it’s completely invisible (I have light brown hair). It makes it a nicely oil-free feeling. I also love Batiste, but the smell really puts me off and I hate breathing it in. This one is quite expensive, but I only have to use a tiny bit of powder each time. The bottle has a tiny hole that the powder streams out of. Penelope Minchin via Amazon.

7. SheaMoisture Manuka Honey And Mafura Oil- Best Hair Oil

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner for Dry, Damaged Hair Conditioner to Nourish and Soften Hair 13 oz

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To get a thick, smooth, and nourishing hair, this product might be worth investing in. This shea moisture hair oil detangles your 4c hair while infusing hair with intense moisture and shine-enhancing nutrients. It hydrates and nourishes your hair and scalp, it has been formulated with a restorative oil for dry and damaged hair.

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey and Mafura oil work as a moisturizing conditioner, it contains a rich blend of certified organic raw shea butter and essential oils to detangle messy hair curls and keep them soft and smooth. This could help hair growth too as it seals in moisture.


  • Protects curls from the element
  • Keeps hair hydrated throughout the day
  • Takes care of damaged and itchy scalp
  • Keeps your coils and kink frizz-free


  • It could leave a residue as the content isn’t light

Outstanding Moisture: I have natural 4b hair. Unlike the deep conditioner version, this version makes my hair feel so soft and moisturized. After rinsing out I have unbelievable curls, definition, and shine. It’s weird that the deep conditioner version doesn’t work as well. I would recommend buying this regular conditioner version. I use it with every wash day. FitConvert via Amazon.

8. Pureology Color-treated Hair Shampoo- Best Colour Protecting Shampoo

Pureology | Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo | For Medium to Thick Dry, Color Treated Hair | Sulfate-Free | Vegan |

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Not all shampoos work for color-treated hair which is why Pureology hydrating shampoo has been designed specifically for color-treated natural hair. Pureology has been formulated sulfate-free to provide your hair with a clean and hydrated hair strand, this solution is vegan. It can be used on normal and thick hair types and contains Aloe Vera extracts to help maintain the humification of your hair properly.

This moisturizing shampoo keeps the moisturizing level of 4c hair type at a peak, it can be used to retain the color shine of the hair for a long time and really great for dry and dehydrated color-treated hair.


  • You can achieve frizz-free hair
  • It comes with a beautiful aroma that can be mesmerizing
  • Hydrates and strengthen your scalp


  • Few users experience extreme dry hair after using

Outstanding Review: The results of this shampoo are incredible. You wouldn’t think with such a tiny amount of shampoo that hair would respond so dramatically but it totally does! My hair is a richer deeper color with a ton of shine and NO FRIZZ! I don’t need any other products to achieve the look, only shampoo and a good conditioner to follow. I don’t have to use a straight iron or even brush my hair. I seriously can’t get over how good this is for my hair. Kikenie via Amazon

9. Royal Oils Deep Moisture Masque- Best Hair Mask

Head and Shoulders Deep Moisture Masque Conditioner Treatment, Anti Dandruff and Scalp Care, Royal Oils Collection with Coconut Oil, for Natural and Curly Hair, 7.6 fl oz

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Royal oils deep moisture masque is a conditioning treatment for all hair types, it is designed to restore moisture to dry and brittle hair, there are many amazing reviews that praise its scalp itch relief. This is a next-level head and shoulder mask which treats both hair and scalp, it softens strands with coconut oil and it also fights flakes with the active ingredient contained in it.


  • Softens and reduces flakiness
  • Complete retention of moisture is possible with this product
  • Hydrates hair and scalp
  • Vegan


  • Might not be for all hair types

Outstanding Review: Loooooooove this product!!! I have had scalp problems for over a year. Lots of redness, itchy (very!), and flaky (embarrassing!). Tried every thing-Head and Shoulders Clinical, tar shampoo, even a prescription shampoo from a dermatologist. Nothing worked. Within TWO WEEKS of using this product, I can honestly say my problems are GONE!!! Yes, it does make your hair soft, but I have short hair so that is not that important to me. Having my scalp problems resolved……PRICELESS! Lauren Crawford via Amazon

10. Honest Conditioning Detangler- Best Hair Detangler

The Honest Company Sweet Orange Vanilla Conditioning Detangler Spray Lightweight Leave-in Conditioner & Fortifying Spray Paraben & Synthetic Fragrance Free Plant-Based VEGAN 4 FL Oz.Buy on Amazon

To get a thick well-nourished, tangle-free hair here is a conditioner worth investing in, this conditioner is a blend of argan oil, shea butter, jojoba protein, and quinoa extract which all come together to naturally soften and nourishes hair. This product is mild and gentle enough to be used on all hair types. It has been formulated free of damaging or drying ingredients to give you a clean and hydrated scalp.


  • Eliminates fly away hair
  • Naturally softens and nourishes hair, making them ready for tear – reel detangling
  • Versatile
  • Has a beautiful aroma


  • This product has a nice aroma but in a few cases, it has resulted in tangling issues

Outstanding Review: I was very surprised by this detangling spray – delighted! I have thinning, fine blond, wavy hair that tangles horribly. Brushing my hair has always been such a chore. Many conditioners and detangling sprays leave my thin hair weighed down and greasy. Not this one! So far I love it! I use Honest brand conditioner in the shower, then use 2-3 sprays of Honest Detangling Spray on the ends of my hair when I get out of the shower. Green Witch via Amazon.

4c Natural Hair Products Buying Guide

When buying a product for your 4c natural hair, the first thing that comes to mind should be moisture, it is important to choose hair products that help to seal and retain moisture. There are a lot’s options to choose from when buying natural hair products and all you need is the best one that meets your requirements here are a couple of factors to consider when choosing a product for your natural hair type.

  • Hair Type: the first step to consider when buying a product for your natural hair is to know your hair type, there are many variations in shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer when it comes to natural hair which means you need to know the type of your hair. If you have dry and frizzy hair, you need to choose a frizzy hair product that has hydrating and nourishing properties.
  • Ingredients: This is a very important factor for natural hair. Your hair is what it feeds on hence you need to be careful when choosing a product, the first five ingredients in the product have the highest concentrations. These first ingredients must contain natural and nourishing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil and also cooling agents like aloe vera however if any of this ingredient is found on the 12 and 13 lists, put that product back, it is not enough to give your natural hair the moisture it needs.
  • Density: Density refers to the thickness of your hair and you can have high, low, or medium density hair. If you can easily see your scalp without parting then you have low-density hair and it’s hard to see your scalp then you have high-density hair. Heavy cream should be chosen for high-density hair and lightweight for low density.
  • Moisturizing: Having a moisturizing ingredient in your natural hair product is mandatory if you want to maintain healthy nourishing mane.
  • Porosity: Figure out your hair porosity before choosing a product. Porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb moisture. Low porosity hair requires minimal amounts of products to prevent buildup, normal porosity hair requires low maintenance and high porosity needs protein treatment to make the hair stronger.

Why is 4c hair the best?

4c hair type is a common hair type for African American women, it is loved for its coiled shape and is great for those who want to create protective styling for a long period of time as it allows your hair grow with this method. 4c hair tends to be the driest due to the coiled shape of the strand, oil from the scalp can’t travel down the length but it is perfect for a protective hairstyle provided you keep it well moisturized.

Which oil is best for 4c hair type?

Natural oil won’t seal in moisture but prevent it from getting out and the best oil for 4c hair are the oils that solve common hair problems like jojoba oil for high porosity hair, coconut oil for all hair types, argan oil for dry and frizzy hair and others like neem oil, avocado oil, moringa oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, olive oil, and castor oil.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining that natural hair is not an easy feat regardless of hair type, the use of the best products will help you maintain and certainly make things easier for you however it is also vital that you take other at-home precautions to ensure it stays strong and healthy, such as not overwashing and getting regular trim to get rid of split ends. Avoid piling your 4c hair with products and rather use something light and keep it hydrated always.

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