Should You Use A Natural Hair Gel?

should you use natural hair gel

Should you use hair gel in your natural hair care regimen? Natural hair requires lot’s of maintenance and if you have a natural hair type that you find hard to tame then hair gel can come in quite handy, gels can come in different flavours and they can be good or bad, depending on the ingredient used in it.

You need a gel if you want to lay down your edges as this can give you a sleek ponytail which is a common hairstyle for any hair length, however, if you are looking for a more natural look, you won’t need gel for your edges. A hair gel might be in order if you need to smooth and slick down your curls and get a light non-tacky hold to define your curls.

The use of natural hair gel is a bit tacky though as many worries about losing their edges to constant use of hair gel, there are lot’s of products for curlies to experiment with and this can be overwhelming and it gets expensive and unhealthy when you have to try out all this product.

Are you curious about gel for natural hair? Your hair type and the kind of hair gel you use can play a lot of roles if taming your edges, this article contains common concerns every naturalist have before purchasing hair gel.

Should you use the gel in your natural hair care regimen?

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Hair gel can be a great product to use on your natural hair on days when you need to get a smooth sleek edge and also for achieving sleek bun or ponytail on natural hair, the gel has a stronghold on natural hair more than curling or twisting cream, this always your hairstyle to look more defined hairstyle for a long time. Hair gel should be part of your hair care regimen provided it is not used constantly and it should not be used on wash and go, this can turn your hair too crisp or stiff and you could lose moisture and softness.

Can gel ruin your hair?

When hair gel is used every day, it can cause damage to your hair as the use of gel every day means you have to wash your hair with shampoo too often and this can strip your hair of its natural oil. Using hair gel directly does not cause any hair loss but the drying of the hair is likely to make it more brittle and this can get worst if you use it every day or sleep with it.

Do you need gel for your natural hair?

A gel is not necessary if you want to maintain a natural look but you need a gel if you want to lay down your edges, natural hair gel gives your edges a smooth sleek look and laying edges can give your hairstyle a sleek finished look. Gels are great for taming your baby hair and whether you have curly, coily or kinky strands, it can help to enhance your natural hair.

A gel can be a great option for your natural hair to help preserve your natural curl pattern and it’s great for hairstyles like wash and go’s, ponytail and bun styling.

How to Choose The Best Gel For Your Natural Hair

When it comes to natural hair, some fascinating gel hairstyle might be limited as it can turn the hair crisp and stiff but to avoid this, you need to choose the best gel for your natural hair. The right gel can make a great hairstyle into a perfect one and there is a different kind of gel in the market, understanding how each of its work will help you choose the most suitable hairstyle.

  • Smoothing Gel For Your Edges: Gel usually has a better holding that curls cream and you can spend hours styling your hair into perfection and getting your edges into place. Your natural hair edges need the right gel or your hair can lose that freshly styled look by midday. The best styling gel for natural hair edges is a soft holding gel, your hair should be soft before using this and it’s great for loose ponytails. You must choose a non-drying and non-flaking gel regardless of the type you are using.
  • Gel For Twist Outs: If you want fluffier curls after taking down your twist, a defining gel or curling gel is ideal, perfect twist outs should be shiny, frizz-free and soft and for you to create this look, you need a gel that leaves your hair with springy and defined curls that rock.
  • Gel For Buns: If you have long natural hair that you want to put in a bun and you want it to look right with your hair staying in place, the right kind of gel for this would be a simple oil-based gel to give you the curl defining smoothness you want and a soft gel will help you keep your bun in place.

should you use natural hair gelUsing the right gel for your natural hair prevents the need to keep touching up your hairstyle and your hair will look great for a longer period. Every head is different and you will have to experiment with a little patch of gel first to see which works for you and ensure to always look for botanical gel or products which contain very few chemicals, they may not offer extreme hold for natural hair but prevent any damages.


Gels can damage the hair if they contain damaging ingredients just like any hair products, you should check out the ingredient used in making your natural hair gel before purchasing, avoid denatured alcohol, isopropyl and ethanol as this ingredients will be too drying for your natural hair and rather choose gels with ingredients like cetyl, stearyl, Cetearyl, lauryl and myristyl alcohol which are good for natural hair as the soften and condition, however, if you have sensitive hair type then be sure to select a protein-free gel.

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