How to Get Smooth Edges For Natural Hair

How to Get Smooth Edges For Natural Hair
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How do I get smooth edges for my natural hair? It can be a bit tricky taming the edges of natural hair and this is due to its texture and it’s hard for the edges to comply.

However, you can get your edges to obey in no time with the right maintenance tip. There is nothing as interesting as having edges that can be laid easily, this can give any kind of hairstyle a more sleek look.

Natural and curly hair beauties make use of certain types of strong edge control products to sweep their edges into place but while this might work for a while, it might not give you those soft natural edges you want.

There are plenty of ways you can lay your edges without making use of any edge product. While using edge products might help, the harshness of the product can end up doing more damages than good.

So if you don’t really feel like reaching for an edge gel, read on to find out how to get smooth edges for natural hair.

How to Get Smooth Edges For Natural Hair

How to Get Smooth Edges For Natural Hair
Source: Naturally Curly

Whether you are wearing a twist or a braided updo, your edges are quite important. Unlaid edges are really not fun and it’s important to use a safe method to lay your edges if you want to keep them safe from breakage.

With a smooth edge, you can easily have it tucked in place and the right product enhances its growth as well.

1. Keep It Hydrated

The first and most important step to getting smooth and shiny edges is to keep it properly hydrated. You can have it hydrated by simply spritzing with water to slightly dampen the hair.

Another way to keep it hydrated is by moisturizing it. It is easy to lay down the edges of well-moisturized hair.

2. Use Shea Butter Or Cocoa Butter

For a smooth and healthy edge, choose shea butter or cocoa butter as an alternative to gel. Shea butter can easily hold your hair in place without drying or flaking your natural hair. Although gel will provide the most hold but ensure to go for the alcohol-free gel as the regular one can easily dry your hair out.

3. Using Hair Butter

Hair butter will hold your natural hair edges without causing buildup which makes it another great alternative to gel.

4. Make Your Own Gel

If you would really like to get your smooth edges with a gel but need a more natural alternative then you can make your own gel. There are lots of homemade hair gel online, you just need to find one that works for your hair. The thicker you make the gel, the stronger it will hold your hair in place.

What tool do I use to lay my edges?

To make sure your edges are laid smoothly, you need a small brush or a toothbrush. A metal tip comb is also effective in laying natural hair edges. Luckily you don’t need to spend money getting a fancy edge brush, you can always find your old toothbrush lying around. It works great for baby hair styling.

How can I hydrate my edges?

Moisturize to keep your edges hydrated. Go for natural oils like castor oil and coconut oil, These are popular oils for hydrating natural hair. Castor oil also works in lubricating the hair shaft thereby reducing flaking, dandruff, and breakage.

Half Up, Half Down With Laid Edges
Source: Blessed naturals

Final Thoughts

Getting smooth edges is not as hard as it sounds and you just need to work with your hair texture. It is important not to pull your hair too tight with any hairstyle as this will only cause your edges to become stiff.

Additionally, you should also have a satin scarf or bonnet at hand, wrap your hair carefully so your edges don’t move out of place after smoothing them down.

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