What Does Deep Conditioner Do For Natural Hair?

What Does Deep Conditioner Do For Natural Hair?
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Deep conditioning is an essential part of the hair journey. There is no point we get to that we can say we no longer need to deep condition the hair.

Deep conditioning is the application of thick conditioner (with nourishing and natural ingredients) into the hair. With the use of heat, the conditioner is able to penetrate deep into the hair. Deep Conditioner restores the hair moisture, makes it soft, and reduces the damage that has been caused by chemicals and styling products i.e Flat iron, hair color, blow dryer, and some drugs.

There are, however, two types of deep conditioner. There’s the protein-based conditioner and the moisture-based conditioner.

1. Protein-based conditioner

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The protein-based conditioner is also referred to as treatment, it strengthens the hair, improves its appearance, adds nutrients, repairs the hair from damages gotten from color and heat styling, and it helps the hair grow longer and stronger.

Your hair is in need of a protein-based conditioner when ;

  • It feels weak.
  • It is really porous(is of high porosity).
  • It lacks elasticity.
  • It feels sticky.

The protein-based conditioner should be used once every 2-4 months.

2. Moisture based deep conditioner

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The moisture based deep conditioner is used to add and retain moisture in the hair. After using the protein-based deep conditioner, the hair goes hard, moisture based deep conditioner will even and balance it. The moisture-based conditioner is most important in the cold and dry seasons.

It helps the hair stay hydrated and not dry or brittle.

You can never go wrong when you know your hair and it states. Knowing your hair state will help you know which of the deep conditioners it is that you need at the time.

Who needs deep conditioning?

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Many people have questioned the need for deep conditioning:

  • “Is it necessary?”
  • “My hair isn’t dry, so I don’t need to deep condition it”.
  • “I apply conditioner to my hair all the time, isn’t it the same? “
  • “I have natural hair, deep conditioning is for straight hair”

All of these assumptions are absolutely wrong. Deep conditioning is for everybody and anybody, as long as you have hair.

Deep conditioning is different from applying a regular condition to the hair.

The regular conditioner is applied after washing the hair with a shampoo and although their results are similar, the deep conditioner is made and applied to have a lasting effect on the hair. Also, we stated earlier that the deep conditioner is applied with the use of heat.

In fact, because of the tendency of the kinky natural hair to get really dry on time, there is no better hair that needs deep conditioning regularly than the kinky, curly hair.

What Does Deep Conditioning Do For You?

If you’re wondering, here are some of the results or benefits of deep conditioning.

  • Allows elasticity: Nobody likes their hair breaking. Dry and brittle hair will definitely result in breaking. Applying deep conditioners to the hair will strengthen its elasticity.
  • Reduces damage: damage occurs as a result of styling tools, product, color, and chemical, deep conditioning stops these damages that have been caused by these tools.
  • Adds moisture: Deep conditioning makes the hair stay fresh, the hair will not feel dry or look dull.
  • Shiny hair: we all love the compliments we get when our hair is shiny and the feel too. The weather, especially the dry and sunny weather can have a great effect that isn’t pleasant on the hair. Deep conditioning helps the hair stay shiny even in these seasons of the year.
  • Keeps the hair hydrated: the hair needs to stay hydrated to be healthy, just like our skin. Deep conditioning provides the hair the nutrients it needs to stay hydrated for a long time.
  • Reduces split ends: not all of us enjoy trimming the hair regularly(although it’s important to do) deep conditioning helps strengthen the ends of the hair, thereby slowing down the process of split ends.

What Does Deep Conditioner Do For Natural Hair?

There is no end to emphasizing the need for deep conditioning. It goes beyond the regular type of conditioning. Deep conditioning definitely keeps your hair at the top of the hair game.

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