27 Locs With Loose Ends Hairstyles to Try

Locs With Loose Ends

Locs have been around since 3000 BC, however, they seem to have been forgotten for a while until they recently started making classy comebacks. LoCs come in different ways, and it’s a beautiful way for you to protect your hair, it requires commitment even though it is a stylish one that can be rocked for months.

Another basic reason why LoCs are cool hairstyles is that they provide you with more styling options not to mention that they are different which include sister locs, faux locs free-form locs, starter locs, curly locks, and many more.

Aside from box braids, Locs are the second OG hairstyle that works for natural hair. It is an ideal protective hairstyle that is not hard to pull off. If you are looking to upgrade your look and go for something more fascinating, trendy, and chic, we have compiled a list of the best locs with loose ends to try.

27 Locs With Loose Ends Hairstyles to Try

Locs with loose-end hairstyles are fast becoming iconic choices this season. This hairstyle pattern can be pulled off by anyone, although it can take a while for the locs to form however, there are so many beautiful loc styles that make it all easier. So, to keep you on-trend, here are 27 locs that are perfect for this season.

1. Sisterlocs With Curly Ends

Sisterlocs With Curly Ends
Image: @imanitaylorgood // Instagram

Sister Locs may be the go-to starter loc style for many people who are just dipping their toes into the world of locs. While this being tiny might look intimidating, it is a great protective hairstyle and can be a great way for you to transition to natural hair as well.

Keep in mind that sister locs can last up to 2 years, and your hair can be locked properly based on how long it lasts. To maintain this style, you must keep your locs moisturized at all times.

2. Locs Perm Rods

Locs Perm Rods
Image: @azizafari // Instagram

Perm rods are not done on only your natural hair alone, they can work as a classy hairstyle with your locs as well. This hairstyle is created by rolling sections of your loc, it can be a bit time-consuming, but the result often makes up for that.

3. Goddess Locs

Goddess Locs
Image: @loc.lady // Instagram

Goddess locs are another form of locs that can last up to 1 year or more depending on maintenance. Goddess locs are a bit larger than the sister locs, but you still have to decide the shape and pattern you want. The loose curls can also be wavy or coily.

4. Blood Moon Lighten On Short Locs

Blood Moon Lighten On Short Locs
Image: @iamdayauna // Instagram

Instead of waiting till your hair is long enough, you can start on your short hair thereby giving it enough time to form its own unique shape. This is a variation of starter locs that can be worn for any occasion. The blood moon also adds to the glamour.

5. Loose Curls Loc

Loose Curls Loc
Image: @laiilocs_ // Instagram

To establish large locs on your hair and also give it a loose pattern, here is the loc you want to get. This is also known as freeform locs, it can be styled similarly with twist out. This is surely one of the best locs for natural hair.

6. Instant Locs With Combed Out Curls

Instant Locs With Combed Out Curls
Image: @naturallyicy // Instagram

This is one of the classy loc styles you can go for this season. This type works on all kinds of hair length and texture, it is also lightweight and you can choose to color it with your preference. It also gives you time to decide if you want to keep the locs.

7. Ginger Two Strand Twist Locs

Ginger Two Strand Twist Locs
Image: @jorslocs // Instagram

Having locs that you can easily mess with and color the way you like can be cute. A two-strand twist is an easy form of getting locs. Also, the benefit of this is that you can easily comb out the ends to get locs with loose ends, which can be cute.

8. Locs And Beads

Locs And Beads
Image: @amira.locs // Instagram

Beads are not meant for only braids, surprisingly, they look great on locs too. You can work beads into any type of locs, it makes it look classy and add some ancient vibe to it as well.

9. Bohemian Soft Locs

Bohemian Soft Locs
Image: @pookatook // Instagram

Bohemian soft locs are not going anywhere anytime soon, they are pretty cool and looks great on practically anyone. One of the perks of Bohemian soft locs is that you can use any colorful extension of choice, and it would turn out great.

10. Jumbo Ginger Curly Locs

Jumbo Ginger Curly Locs
Image: @love_loren // Instagram

We already agreed that ginger makes the perfect color for locs. It can get even more fascinating when you go for the jumbo size while also making the color bolder.

11. Loose Twist Locs

Loose Twist Locs
Image: @thatssosum // Instagram

Loose twist locs are for many of us who have soft scalps and hairstyles that are too tight might cause breakage. This loose twist are made with soft locs, they are easy to style and perfect for all hair types.

12. Extension Distress Locs

Extension Distress Locs
Image: @reckless.braiding // Instagram

Distress locs were believed to originate from Eqypt and the hairstyle is believed to have as much history as the original locs. One thing about distress locs is that you can have it styled with extension, which makes it a really great protective hairstyle.

13. Mini Twist Locs

Mini Twist Locs
Image: @theminimalistnaturl // Instagram

Mini twist are actually more fascinating than you think. It is often avoided due to how time consuming they can be but you will be surprised how really beautiful it can turn out to be which makes the effort worth it.

14. Cute Medium Locs

Cute Medium Locs
Image: @bhriannachanell // Instagram

Here is another loc hairstyle ideas for women looking to protect their natural hair. For those who are looking to transition to natural hair but also need to keep their hair locked away, this is a really nice hairstyle idea.

15. Stitch Loc Hairstyle

Stitch Loc Hairstyle
Image: @raelocdandloaded // Instagram

Basically, you can go for this loc friendly hairstyle, it is less time-consuming and can be started on any hair length. You just want to make sure you are keeping it moisturized at all times with hair oil.

16. Locs With Curls

Locs With Curls
Image: @chynaslocs // Instagram

Here is another soft locs that proves that twist loc hairstyles can be quite adorable. You can style this just like every other twist hairstyle, it grows fast with proper care.

17. Loose Texture Curl Locs

Loose Texture Curl Locs
Image: @thevicstyles // Instagram

The loose texture locs have recently been introduced and we have to admit that it is really gorgeous. This is similar to soft locs, and they are lighter compared to sisterlocs.

18. Long Indie Locs

Long Indie Locs
Image: @locsbyjea // Instagram

A beautiful head of long locs like this is possible using an extension. This is a great option for many of us who are not looking for anything permanent. With proper care, this can also last up to 6 months.

19. Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Locs
image: @braids.by_chella // Instagram

Butterfly locs are just as gorgeous as the usual locs even more beautiful if colorful extension is used. The hair teased to give it locs that look like that of butterfly and also look similar to that of distressed locs as well.

20. Loose Starter Locs

Loose Starter Locs
Image: @bigwink3000 // Instagram

You don’t need to worry about how your locs are going to look like when you go a loose starter loc like this. To further elevate the look, touch with a color of your choice.

21. Goddess Locs With Wavy Ends

Goddess Locs With Wavy Ends
Image: @mandy_jacobz // Instagram

Since goddess locs are currently in trend, you definitely need something to spice it up, which is why curls at the end are perfect since they are in season as well. It is a great choice if you don’t have patience to grow out your locs.

22. Gypsy Locs With Bangs

Gypsy Locs With Bangs
Image: @gypsylocs // Instagram

Gypsy locs with bangs are exciting and are known to highlight the face features. The hairstyle is also quite iconic and known for making your stand-out effortlessly.

23. Green Locs Extension

Green Locs Extension
Image: @boholochome // Instagram

Here is another classic loc that will take its own unique shape after a while. The variation on this loc has to be started earlier and with a little effort and twisting, the locs will come out long and gorgeous.

24. Organic Protein Fauxlocs

Organic Protein Fauxlocs
Image: @softlocs // Instagram

Next on the list is this cute fauxlocs which works on any hair types. This can be done using an extension of your natural hair however, to get a result that is exactly like this, it is best that you use an extension.

25. Short Blonde Comb Coils

 Short Blonde Comb Coils
Image: @jadan0pinkett // Instagram

Comb coils are amazing types of locs and they are also low maintenance. To maintain this hairstyle, you have to re-loc it constantly. You also want to make sure you are keeping it moisturized.

26. Invisible Loc Twist

Invisible Loc Twist
Image: @atllocstylist // Instagram

This is one of the most common form of locs for natural hair. The draw up ends can be loosened to give it curls and the curls can further be highlighted to give it a coily ends as well.

27. Soft Curly Locs In 350 Color Mix

Soft Curly Locs
Image: @instantlocs // Instagram

This is another loc technique that requires the use of a crochet hook to loc your natural hair with an extension. Curls are added to further elevate the look and make it look more trendy and fascinating. This is an excellent choice if you do not have the patience for starter locs.

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