10 Bridal Hairstyle Ideas You’ll Like

bridal hairstyle ideas

Let’s face it! Now when it comes to that big day, we all know how we want to look breathtaking and be the focus of the occasion. Most people feel bridal hairstyles are only rocked by the soon-to-be brides, well I wouldn’t agree, as bridal hair can be rocked on all, it now depends on the occasion you are rocking it to.

You wouldn’t be going to the office on a Monday with a bridal hairstyle look, you wouldn’t want to be the discussion of the day.

Bridal hair can be rocked to a dinner night, a reception, or even a wedding party, and most bridal ladies rock this more as this gives a unique look, giving you that pronounced beauty.

I know wedding hairstyles are pretty much endless, from buns, braids, twists, and ponytails, there are so many different wedding hairstyles to consider, but the good thing is, do you know the one which will best make you look stunning?

I know it can be frustrating when it comes to searching and you simply can’t come to a conclusion of which you should go for. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few stunning bridal hairstyles to help narrow your search.  If you have no clue which route to take and can’t decide which are the best bridal hairstyles for you, you can do with the list below.

1. Wrap Up With Bun

Wrap Up With Bun
Image: @styledbyytee// Instagram

This is a simple bridal hairstyle with low maintenance, and is perfect for brides who want an easy and quick look for their big day. Do bear in mind that a simple bridal hairstyle does put more focus on your forehead, which gives you a more pronounced look. Well, I guess that’s all that new brides want, having that pronounced look on their big day.

2. Well Detailed Colored Curls

Well Detailed Colored Curls
Image: @lx_touch-//Instagram

It the color mixture for me, giving these well-detailed colored curls a unique look of their own, it is sleek and chic. That makes it ideal for brides who want a modern, on-trend hairstyle to go with their equally understated gown. Hair accessories Pearls are one of the significant trends in hair accessories this season and it makes a great addition of statement to a curly hairstyle.

3. Long Smooth Curls

Long Smooth Curls
Image: @ayinke_oge // Instagram

For an ultra-glam look, opt for this fun take on the classic long smooth curls hairstyle. You can have your stylist tease the back section of your hair so that it has some serious volume as well.

Your stylist can also start by heat-styling your hair to create waves and curls, then add lots of texture spray for a modern yet polished finish. For the final ultra-glam look touch, you can add a statement headpiece such as a hairband or fascinator.

4. Classic High Bun

Classics Hair Updo
Image: @kottysignature // Instagram

You may think this iconic hair ‘do is only for ballrooms, but trust me it works for any occasion. It’s one of the most versatile wedding hairstyles to date. For this high bun, it’s best to opt for hair clips instead of a comb. The clip will secure them to your hair, ensuring they don’t fall off.

5. Fringe With High Ponytail

Fringe With High Ponytail
Image: @bridesbyaimi // Instagram

Fringe with a well-detailed neat high bun, this looks exceptional. Giving this a trial on your big day will surely make you the party rocker of the day, add little hair accessories will give a more stunning look.

6. Center Parting Curls With High Ponytail

Center Parting Curls With High Ponytail
Image: @ayinke_oge // Instagram

Get a beautiful high ponytail with effortless curls for that refined stunning look. This look is polished, chic, and sexy without being overtly retro. The key elements are the center parting and smooth, structured waves. Add great hair accessories and you’re going to be a bombshell bride.

7. Sleek Center Part With Curls

Sleek Center Part With Curls
Image: @dmgtouch // Instagram

You can’t go wrong with this sleek center part with curls. Use a large curling iron to achieve the perfect beach-blown curls. Style with a center part for an effortlessly chic look, or a side part, all depending on what looks best on you.

8. High Ponytail With Volume

High Ponytail With Volume
Image: @dmgtouch // Instagram

Easily adorned high ponytail, looking playful. A bow can go crisp, let your occasion shine by rocking a high ponytail, like this curl high ponytail with volume.

9. Natural Hair Low Bun

Natural Hair Low Bun
Image: @hairbyserranos // Instagram

Sleek and edgy, this style is simple but stunning. It’s the snatched edges for me with the unique headpiece custom that’s giving the natural hair low bun a romantic style, showing off the face.

10. Side Part Blown Out Curls

Side Part Blown Out Curls
Image: @bridesbyaimi // Instagram

Have some statement with your blown-out curls, for an ultra-glam look, you can have your stylist give you a proper blowout (volume, curls). You can decide to dress it up by pinning one side down with a sparkly barrette or decide to pin both sides.

In Conclusion

To choose the perfect hairstyle for your special day, think about your favorite hairstyles to wear, that will make you comfortable. Being comfortable and feeling like yourself is as important as looking beautiful and photogenic on your wedding day or for that occasion.

Next, consider the cut of your dress, and jewelry, and if if you will be wearing a veil or not. This will help you in your final look when it comes to your makeup.


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