27 Triangle Braids Hairstyle Ideas For 2024

triangle braids

The new braids in trend this season are triangle braids and we are sure, you are not hearing about them for the first time.

Triangle braids are the latest and they have taken over from square braids. It’s quite an interesting pattern that gives your hair some edge, unlike the regular flat version of braids. The shaped pattern is exactly what turns the head and it tends to make the base last longer too.

The origin of braids can be traced back 500 years in African history and the fact that there is always something new to keep it going makes it more exciting.

Braids are not just a style, the craft is a form of art, and triangle braids further prove that.

You will be surprised what styles can be achieved with a triangle braid pattern. The star shape it creates is not the only fun thing about it but also the amazing way you can have it styled to show it off.

27 Triangle Braids Hairstyle Ideas For 2024

One thing we are sure about when it comes to braids is that they can never be boring. The triangle braids hairstyle is so neat and stylish, which is enough reason to have it plaited. The funky design offers a whole new take on braids. So, if you are looking to refresh your look, here are some triangle braid hairstyle ideas to try.

1. Updo Braid Tribal Triangle Styling

Updo Braid Tribal Triangle Styling
Image: @pearlthestylist // Instagram

The Triangle pattern is not limited to knotless box braids alone even though that is how they were introduced. The beauty of this braid is unmistakable, it is also simple to replicate. This is a cool choice of hairstyle if you like tribal braids but also want a better protective style, this right here is an excellent choice.

2. Green Jumbo Triangle Box Braids

Green Jumbo Triangle Box Braids

This is no doubt a gorgeous and fitting choice of triangle braid for any occasion. We don’t talk enough about how pretty jumbo box braids are. They happen to be an ideal protective hairstyle for people with natural hair as they help retain length.

3. Creative 3-Layer Braid Hairstyle

Creative 3 Layer Braid Hairstyle

There seem to be quite a lot going on with this braid, which can explain why many have hate and love relationship with it. This is currently circulating in trend, it gives you that effortlessly chic look and although different styling might be impossible, it is a great protective hairstyle.

4. Bohemian Bronze Braids Triangle

Bohemian Bronze Braids Triangle
Image: Coils and Glory

This triangular pattern braid hairstyle looks girly while also bringing some fresh new vibe to your look. This is also a unique hairstyle and if you are into a bronze brown braid hairstyle, this is the ideal choice.

5. Bomb Heart Knotless Braid

Bomb Heart Knotless Braid
Image: @africansbraid // Instagram

This unraveled braid have become quite popular recently and this can be attributed to the simple classy design. This hairstyle is a great way to keep your look chic and fancy.

6. One Side Triangle Box Braid

One Side Triangle Box Braid
Image: StayGlam

This hairstyle does not consume a lot of time. Regarding maintenance, this is a lot easier to maintain compared to the knotless braid. These gorgeous hairstyle gives you a fresh versatile look that gives you edgy confident look.

7. Short Bead Braid With Orange Blend

Short Bead Braid With Orange Blend
Image: @pearlthestylist // Instagram

This is absolutely gorgeous and sure going to turn heads no matter the occasion. The orange tint and beads add even more glamour to it. Now let’s not miss out on the triangle parts that bring out the beauty of the whole hairstyle. Parting sometimes is all you need to make the box braid hairstyle look stunning.

8. Knotless Triangle Braid

Triangle Knotless Braid
Image: @trainglebraids // Instagram

Knotless braids have recently been introduced just like the triangle braids so it does compliment each other on all levels. This is a cool hairstyle that enables you to care for your scalp and also retain the edges. This hairstyle should last up to 6 weeks or more. It happens to make a great protective hairstyle for natural hair.

9. Purple Triangle Braid

Here is another fun way you can rock triangle braids effortlessly. This is a cool color that works for braids, it is a jumbo braid as well so it shouldn’t take too long compared to knotless braids. This is an ideal hairstyle to try if you are going for a bold fancy look.

10. Jumbo Triangle Braid

Jumbo Triangle Braid
Image: elighty.com

Jumbo box braids are always going to be in trend which means you can have them plaited with the triangle pattern. This is another trendy style that will always stay in trend and one of the coolest things about this hairstyle is that you can style it in so many ways.

11. Brown Blonde Middle Triangle Part Hairstyle

Brown Blonde Middle Triangle Part Hairstyle
Image: Coiffure femme

Blonde box braids are gorgeous. These are the ideal hairstyle you really can’t help but love, you can also style them in multiple ways. The color is suitable for any skin ton and you can for mini braids rather than large ones.

12. Lemonade Triangle Braid Hairstyle

Lemonade Triangle Braid Hairstyle
Image: @enhanced_by_dee // Instagram

The Triangle hairstyle is not meant for box braids alone, you can also have them made with your lemonade braid. This hairstyle parting will require a professional hairdresser to get it done but not to worry, the effort is worth it.

13. African Mixed Triangle Braids

African Mixed Triangle Braids
Image: dariene_beauty_attic // Instagram

Retaining edges with cornrow has always been of concern to some people. However, you can worry less about broken edges with simple and very classy hairstyles like this. This hairstyle has a combination of box braids, cornrows and not to forget the triangle pattern that wraps it up.

14. Crisscross Triangle Braid Hairstyle

Crisscross Triangle Braid Hairsty
Image: Gloryhairtique

We already agree that box braids are not the only hairstyle that looks exquisite with triangle parts. This crisis cross triangle two-step braid is a great protective hairstyle for any hair type.

15. Triangle Box Braid

Triangle Box Braid
Image: Latest Hairstyles

Shoulder-length braids help strike a balance between the short and long braid styles. Adding curls to it is also another fun way you can rock the hairstyle. It’s a great hairstyle for any hair type and can help keep your natural hair protected for 4 or 6 weeks.

16. Triangle Part With Deep Wave Curls

Triangle Part With Deep Wave Curls
Image: @slayed_by_masa // Instagram

There are no rules to how your braids are meant to turn out hence it leaves room for creativity. Here is another braided hairstyle with triangle parts that you can add to your list of braids to get before the year ends.

17. Jumbo Crown Triangle Box Braids

Triangle Part With Deep Wave Curls
Image: Venice Braids

Every unique braid has its reason for standing out and the same applies to this beautiful braid hairstyle. This is the ideal summer braid hairstyle. Don’t hesitate to introduce a colorful extension to this braid hairstyle.

18. Pink Triangle Braid Hairstyle

Pink Triangle Braid Hairstyle
Image: @copana_studio // Instagram

Here is another pretty triangle braid hairstyle for those who love colors. It’s not exactly dramatic but it does qualify as fancy. The design also brings out the beauty of the hair properly. The triangles of this hairstyle are well formed in the middle.

19. Shoulder Length Tribal Braids

Shoulder Length Tribal Braids
Image: @braidsbysady // Instagram

The list only keeps getting better. It would be pretty hard not to love some simple braids like this. The triangle part in this is subtle but enough to make a difference in the hairstyle.

20. Medium Triangle Braids

Medium Triangle Braids
Image: @upscalebraids // Instagram

Knotless braids are stunning and become even more so when parts like a triangle are being used. Here is another protective hairstyle of knotless triangle braid you can try this season.

21. Blonde Knotless Braids With Curls

Blonde Knotless Braids With Curls
Image: @hairbywn // Instagram

One of the stylish things you can make with braid hairstyles is curls. So, the triangle part is not the only design you can work with, add some curls and you are good to go. In addition, everyone loves a comfortable hairstyle and the medium length of this hairstyle offers that.

22. Bob Triangle Braid Hairstyle

Bob Triangle Braid Hairstyle
Image: C Style/Uzochi Stella

Bob braids are another cool hairstyle that Africans enjoy exploring, there are many ways bob braids can be styled and the triangle part is one of them. This is another cool protective hairstyle that can help frame your face.

23. Triangle Boho Knotless Braids

Triangle Boho Knotless Braids
Image: @zansibraids // Instagram

The list of triangle braids you should get won’t be complete without adding this gorgeous boho hairstyle to it. This fancy hairstyle compliments any face shape and you can style them just the same as box braids.

24. Large Knotless Triangle Braid Hairstyle

Large Knotless Triangle Braid Hairstyle
Image: @stylezbyt // Instagram

Large braids are gorgeous, no doubt on it whatsoever and they seem to be even more fascinating with triangle patterns. The triangle part as the base of this braid brings the sassy side of it out.

25. Creative Tribal Triangle Feed In Braid

Creative Tribal Triangle Feed In Braid
Image: Hair Adviser

We already agree that the triangle part hairstyle is not meant for box braids alone. Here is another way you can include it in a feed-in braid. This is creative and you can go for bold colors to make it more visible.

Shuku braid
Image: @pearlthestylist // Instagram

Trending shuku styles are not going out of style anytime soon which is why adding it to your list of hairstyles to make this season is something worth doing. The triangle part goes well with this style as well so might be time to try this.

27. 360 Design Triangle Bun

360 Design Triangle Bun
Image: @pearlthestylist // Instagram

The list of triangle hairstyles will not be complete without having to add this 360 design bun to it. The triangle part is so obvious and cool which makes it appropriate to give kudos to the hair stylist who made this. This hairstyle further shows that triangle hairstyles can be lots of fun if you get the right inspiration and hairstylist.

Wrapping Up

Triangle braid hairstyles are funky braid that takes up a whole new approach and although it’s all about the part, there have been many creative ways they can be styled.

If you are looking for really beautiful aesthetic hairstyles, you should consider opting for anyone on the list above. The triangle braid hairstyle takes skill, practice, and patience to make but the result makes it all worth it.


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