120 African Braids Hairstyle Pictures to Inspire You

african braids hairstyles pictures 2020

Looking for beautiful pictures of African braids hairstyles? You’ll find the most beautiful versions of African braids online in this post.

The most versatile continent when it comes to how hair is styled is Africa with so many braid hairstyles to choose from, every braid comes with its own unique way of designing, the stylist also does come up with different styles every day and you can never get tired of these beautiful hairstyles.

Another interesting thing about African braid hairstyles is how you can add some extensions to it to give it a more interesting appeal, different colors, and different lengths. For example, take a look at what these 18 white girls on braids did to theirs.

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Braided hairstyles also pave way for creativity, you can add your own styles to it and if you do have natural hair with long length and big wave then this is a bonus for you as it would make any braid you make come out more beautiful.

The research did show that Africans can be traced down to centuries ago, with years more styles are created to inspire you and every new style is found fascinating.

Below are 120 braids that are sure to inspire your choice of hairstyle for every season.

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African Braids Hairstyle Pictures

Fashion definitely won’t be complete with these beautiful African braids hairstyle pictures to complete the look, we have gathered only the best braids that are in trend.

1. Honey Blond Braid With Loose Tips

Box braid Hairstyles
Source: Hair Adviser

African braids do not have to be dramatic to be interesting and beautiful, all you need is the right stylist and choose the kind of hairstyle that inspires you. Above is a sleek braid hairstyle that can be styled easily and it’s really.

2. Yarn Box BraidBox braid styles

Source: SlayingbraidsYarn box braids are recognized as one of African’s best braids, they are colorful and really simple to style. This hairstyle is really beautiful and just like every other braid style, it is really fascinating.

3.  Goddess Colored Braid

Box braid hairstyles

Source: PinterestThis is another colorful and exciting braid for all kinds of occasions, this is one of the trendiest braids loved for its versatility.

4. Small Rainbow BraidsBox braid Hairstyles

Image: @Thebaddestbraids // InstagramIf you are into bold and glittering colors then this is just the right braid to try.

5. Center Parting Braid

Box braid Hairstyles

Image: @braidsgang // InstagramHere is another amazing African braid for you, this is casual and tends to last quite a while provided you use a cool color that blends into your hair.

6. Faux Hawk Braid

Box braid Hairstyles

Image: @Ravestyles // InstagramFaux hawk braids are an interesting form of crochet braid for days when you need to protect your ends from breakage and damages.

7. Feathers Braid

Box braid Hairstyles
Source: Thebaddestbraids

Feathers braid are another great addition to African braids, they are fun and comfortable.

8. Long Scanty African Braid

Box braid Hairstyles
Source: braid gang

Keep it simple and exciting.

9. Blue Ponytail Braid

Box braid Hairstyles
Source: braid gang

Blue is known to be a unique color and becomes even more fun with extensions and made into braids you can’t help but love.

10. Rop Braid

Box braid Hairstyles
Image: @curlbella // Instagram

Keep it less dramatic and casual with rope braids.

11. Tight Scanty African Box Braid

Box braid Hairstyles
Source: Braidsgang

Here is another simple braid you can recreate in a few hours.

12. Bob Braid

Box braid Hairstyles
Image: @iamddb // Instagram

Bob braids are great if you want to keep your hair away from your face, they are simple and take less tie to make compared to other long braids.

13. Scanty Wine Braid

Box braid Hairstyles
Image: @zoleeg // Instagram

Pair your shimmering eye makeup with wine extension braids and you will be glad you did.

14. Side Brown Braid

Box braid Hairstyles
Image: lee.estelle // Instagram

A brown extension can be cool and elaborate with braids and above is just the perfect braid hairstyle for that.

15. Honey Brown Braids

Box braid Hairstyles
Source: Pin on braids

Looking for braids that are easy to style? Here is the perfect African braid for the styling of bun or ponytail.

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16. Half Up, Half Down Braid

Box braid Hairstyles

Source: TwakuKeep it formal when you attend a corporate event with this choice of braid, it can be packed into a ponytail or other interesting styles.

17. Triangle Braid

Box braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Triangle braid is gotten from the parting, it can be styled to show off you parting or let loose to give you a chic look.

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18. Big Braid With Rings

Box braid Hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Here is one bold braid you are going to find interesting and it’s part of the trendy African braids.

19. Box Braids With Cornrow

Box braid Hairstyles
Image: @vanessamatsena // Instagram

This is one braid hairstyle that will always be in trend and ladies love its simplicity and glamorous look. This hairstyle gives you all you want in a braid and all you need is the right stylist.

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20. White Round Box Braids

Box braid Hairstyles
Source: Finestbraids

White extensions are cool and less dramatic and just perfect for all kinds of look, you can style this whichever way you want as it has just the prefer fitting for it.

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