43 Swirl Cornrows Hairstyle Ideas For You

Swirl Cornrows Hairstyle

Are you looking for new braids to try this season? Swirl cornrows have only recently been introduced, but if you are a fan of Ghana-weaving braids, then you are surely going to love these braid hairstyles. While it is not that different from the usual cornrows we are all used to, the swirl includes tunes, making it look trendy and fascinating to anyone.

African style of braiding such as cornrow is the most popular technique out there, it gives you a chance to get creative. Explore different styling options and some styles will often determine whether you get a professional hair stylist or get it done yourself.

Swirl cornrows hairstyles require lots of patience, they can also range from natural cornrows to extensions. But before you start worrying about how to get fixed, we have compiled a list of amazing swirl cornrow hairstyle ideas to inspire you.

43 Swirl Cornrows Hairstyle Ideas For You

Swirl cornrow hairstyles are similar to those of spiral braids. However, the swirl braid technique is considered more suitable for all hair types. Cornrows are versatile and to give you some inspiration, here are 43 swirl cornrows hairstyle ideas for you.

1. All Back Swirl Cornrow

All Back Swirl Cornrow
Image: @manuelsbeauttydaily // Instagram

For everyone getting cornrows with swirl patterns for the first time, this is the safest one to start with. There is no doubt that this looks great on anyone, and another perk is that it is very easy to make. Your stylist should get this done in less than 2 hours, especially if you are not tucking it in as done above.

2. Side Braided-In Cornrow

Side Braided-In Cornrow
Image: @artofbraidz // Instagram

In case you are not one to consider tucking in your braids and need a cornrow combo of all back and Ghana weaving. The swirl pattern is done on only one side while the rest are feed-in braids, side, which further makes this an adorable choice of hairstyle.

3. Freestyle Alicia Keys Cornrow

Freestyle Alicia Keys Cornrow
Image: @teelovebraids // Instagram

Many of us are familiar with the Alicia Keys braid, it is another ideal braid for any natural hair type. If you are looking for something simple and exciting, here is the right braid for you.

4. Two Layer Braid With Crochet Curls

Two Layer Braid
Image: @ceetouch // Instagram

This is another one of our favorite hairstyles, it is simple and quite classy. This is a statement-making hairstyle and works for all face shapes. You can choose to style with box braids rather than the curly ends.

5. Lemonade Spiral Braid

Lemonade Spiral Braid
Image: @themaysway // Instagram

Spiral braids are pretty cool, from the design to the patterns of the styling. Lemonade braids are also currently in trend, so all the more reason to get this hairstyle.

6. Double Bun Feed In Braid

Double Bun Feed In Braid
Image: @themaysway // Instagram

Looking for a simple yet classy hairstyle you can make for any occasion? Here is an excellent option. It can be styled in so many different ways.

7. Diva Braid Hairstyle

Diva Braid Hairstyle
Image: @fulanibraidstyles // Instagram

This is also an exciting braid hairstyle for someone who loves two-layer braids, but nothing too overly dramatic. Diva braids are great for any face shape.

8. Swirl Knotless Feed-in Braid

Swirl Knotless Feed-in Braid
Image: @_hairbyskyee // Instagram

Here is another gorgeous feed-in braid that is currently circulating in trend. This is often styled with box braids, but we have to agree the knotless curly braids look more stunning.

9. Knotless Lemonade Cornrow With Red Extension

Knotless Lemonade Cornrow
Image: @teelovebraids // Instagram

There is no doubt that African braids like this look fancy, and they do look good on adults and teenagers. To make this on kids, it is best done without the extension.

10. Red Crisscross Braid

Red Crisscross Braid
Image: @braidsambassador // Instagram

Here is a simple hairstyle for many of us that doesn’t like spending much time at the salon. This is a very cool hairstyle, and it can be done on your natural hair without using an extension.

11. Simple Swirl Ponytail Cornrow

Simple Swirl Ponytail Cornrow
Image: @gladzbraidhouse // Instagram

The swirl on ponytail braids is one of the easiest to plait since the section parting has to be curved anyway. However, if you prefer more swirl patterns, you just have to tell your hairstylist that.

12. Creative Goddess Cornrow Hairstyle

Creative Goddess Cornrow Hairstyle
Image: @_aelle_ // Instagram

This is not a popular type of cornrow, but it just goes to show that you can get creative and fun with your cornrow hairstyle. It is a gorgeous hairstyle and works for glam occasions.

13. Straight And Swirly Stitch Braid

Straight And Swirly Stitch Braid
Image: @naijabraidss // Instagram

This is a traditional cornrow, commonly called ” Snake and Ladder”. It is a cool hairstyle and doesn’t take much time to style.

14. S-Pattern Ponytail Cornrow

S-Pattern Ponytail Cornrow
Image: @9jabraider // Instagram

Ponytails are no doubt the closest thing to goddess braids, they are cute and look great on any face shape. Simply add some s-pattern or zigzag, and you are good to go.

15. Shoulder Length Tribal Cornrow

Shoulder Length Tribal Cornrow
Image: @zumbahairbeauty // Instagram

To transform the usual straight all-back cornrow, go for something more exciting and bold, such as this hairstyle. This also works as a three-layered braid.

16. Fulani Braid With Sew In

Fulani Braid With Sew In
Image: @themaysway // Instagram

This tribal braid hairstyle does not require much and always turns out amazing. While this works as a layered braid with extension, adding sew-ins as the second layer instead is another classy way to rock the hairstyle.

17. Freestyle Cornrow Braid And Beads

Freestyle Cornrow Braid And Beads
Image: @slayedinbraids // Instagram

Adding beads to a braid is not for everyone, but it’s a beautiful hairstyle, mainly for those who do not like dramatic or long hairstyles. This is also a great back-to-school hairstyle for your kid.

18. French Freestyle African Braid

French Freestyle African Braid
Image: @slayedinbraids // Instagram

Want an exquisite hairstyle that makes all the difference? Check out this amazing creative hairstyle that can be rocked on any occasion, and it’s pretty simple to plait.

19. Braid Out Thin Cornrow Hairstyles

Braid Out Thin Cornrow Hairstyles
Image: @zumbahairbeauty // Instagram

If you are looking to make hairstyle statements, here are fascinating hairstyles that can work. You can recreate this with thick cornrows, it will still look elegant and glamorous.

20. Stitch Fulani Braids

Stitch Fulani Braids
Image: @twostitchbraids // Instagram

A bold hairstyle does not have to be tiny braids to be beautiful. Large cornrow braids can also be spiced up by adding curly sew-ins or even crochets.

21. Curvy Straight Backs

Curvy Straight Backs
Image: @luxurycreationzby_v // Instagram

Curvy stitch braids are more in trend than we think. If you are bored with the regular straight cornrows, then here is a hairstyle that lets you try something more fun and beautiful.

22. Small Swirl Cornrows With Box Braids

Small Swirl Cornrows With Box Braids
Image: @braidstyles // Instagram

Next, we have this simple but very creative hairstyle. If you are looking for a trendsetting hairstyle, you should try this hairstyle.

23. Triangle Pattern Cornrow

Triangle Pattern Cornrow
Image: @braidhairstyle // Instagram

This pattern looks amazing and while it is popular with knotless braids, it has become a good design for cornrows as well.

24. Heart Design Fulani Cornrow

Heart Design Fulani Cornrow
Image: @madeby_maniii // Instagram

Heart-designed cornrows are circulating in trend and if you are looking to try but keep it simple and classy, here is the right one.

25. Stitch Feed-in Braids

Stitch Feed-in Braids
Image: @braidsby_veronica // Instagram

To add a pretty twist to your cornrow rather than going for the usual all-back, you can try something exciting and give it some side styling instead.

26. Insta Mini Layered Cornrow

Insta Mini Layered Cornrow
Image: @braidsideas // Instagram

Next is this cute hairstyle that features ombre extensions and middle swirl patterns while also being similar to layered tribal braids.

27. Blonde Swirl Cornrows

Blonde Swirl Cornrows
image: @_braidsbytavia // Instagram

For a stylish cornrow, here is a good choice. From the simplicity to the choice of blonde extension, it is going to be in trend for a very long time.

28. Zigzag All Back Cornrow

Zigzag All Back Cornrow
Image: @feedinbraids // Instagram

The straight pattern all back has been around for a long while, so for a more adorable cornrow, try this zigzag. We love the cute design, and it’s also known as an S-shaped cornrow.

29. Short Tribal Braid With Stylish Pattern

Short Tribal Braid With Stylish Pattern
Image: @nigerianbraids // Instagram

Next on the list is another favorite cornrow that is in trend. This is a creative and cool hairstyle.

30. Cute S-Shaped Cornrow

Cute S-Shaped Cornrow
Image: @karenbourgade // Instagram

Let’s try a cute but less dramatic hairstyle. This pattern is quite a common one, and it can be done with your natural hair or add an extension for something more classy.

31. S Pattern Braid With Curls

S Pattern Braid With Curls
Image: @ghanaianhairstyles // Instagram

We already agreed that S-shaped cornrows are amazing, and adding curls at the end is even more stunning.

32. Butterfly Swirl Cornrow

Butterfly Swirl Cornrow
Image: @domineke_hair // Instagram

The butterfly cornrow is also currently in trend. The design would require a professional, and it often takes time especially if the stitch technique is used, however, the beauty is worth the effort.

33. Two-Layer Fulani Hairstyle

African Braid
Source: Pinterest

Two-layer braids are always in trend during the festive period since they look superb and also serve as a protective hairstyle. You can further style it with any accessories of your choice.

34. Blonde Neat Swirl Ponytail

Blonde Neat Swirl Ponytail
Image: @binottecoiffure // Instagram

Patterns often matter in braids, and this ponytail braid proves that. While the swirl pattern used is simple, it does make it look exquisite.

35. Boho Knotless Cornrows

Boho Knotless Cornrows
Image: @ghanaianhairstyles // Instagram

Next on this list is this boho swirl cornrow. This is also a well-known Fulani braid, but with some curls to give it a Bohemian vibe.

36. Low Double Bun Freestyle Cornrow

Low Double Bun Freestyle Cornrow
Image: @lafricaine_lbv // Instagram

After exploring the world of two-layered braids, another classy hairstyle that will be around for a long while is the freestyle bun, there are various ways this can be styled and this is one of them.

37. Neat Swirl Bantu Knots

Neat Swirl Bantu Knots
Image: @lelliessantiago // Instagram

Need new non-banal braid hairstyles? This really cute braid hairstyle is excellent for all occasions. It is a cool choice no matter what look you are trying to recreate.

38. Half Up, Half Down Natural Hair Stitch

Half Up, Half Down Natural Hair Stitch
Image: @trancascaroline // Instagram

This is one of the classiest hairstyles for anyone trying to grow out their natural hair. Also, the protective hairstyle prevents tugging and overall retains your hair length.

39. Crown Pattern Lemonade Cornrows

Crown Pattern Lemonade Cornrows
Image: @trancascaroline // Instagram

Here is another stylish braid that is suitable for occasions. This serves as a simple protective hairstyle and is also known to help maintain and nurture healthy hair.

40. Purple Protective Swoop Hairstyle

Purple Protective Hairstyle
Image: @caramel_kutiie // Instagram

If you are a fan of the purple color, then here is a swoop cornrow hairstyle to show off the color. Instead of the standard straight or swirl, this is simply curvy also known as swoop, which makes it extra cute.

41. Short Spiral Cornrows

Short Spiral Cornrows
Image: @binottecoiffure // Instagram

Get easily plaited cornrows just like this when you are trying to grow out your natural hair. The ends can be finished with a two or three-strand twist braid based on preference.

42. Feeder Tribal Braid

Feeder Tribal Braid
Image: @naijahairstyles // Instagram

While we all love all back cornrows, you can sometimes desire something more elaborate yet simple. Tribal braids are a cool hairstyle, especially during the festive season, which is why this hairstyle comes highly recommended.

43. Unique Swirl Braided Updo

Unique Swirl Braided Updo
Image: @braidseason // Instagram

Go for an elaborate tribal braid updo next time you need a hairstyle that can glam things up. This is an ideal hairstyle for any occasion, the design might take a great chunk of your day to achieve but the result is worth the effort.

When it comes to swirl cornrows, it might seem to have one styling option but surprisingly, the design options are endless. Surely, with this massive list of swirl cornrow braids, you can find a worthy hairstyle for your next look.

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