32 Fringe Bang Hairstyles For Black Women

Fringe Bang Hairstyles For Black Women

Fringe hairstyles which are also commonly known as bang hairstyles have been around since the 9th Century and contrary to popular opinions, this hairstyle looks amazing on anyone. The term bang cut was derived from the form of styling that requires a straight cut across at the front, although as more styling techniques are introduced, the hairstyle name changes.

To give your hair a rest from the usual African braid, fringe bangs make an excellent choice. There are so many lengths and colors you can work with. One of the benefits of fringe bang hairstyles is that they accentuate your facial features.

Black women are no exception when it comes to getting fringe bang hairstyles. It is such a sophisticated hairstyle and to ensure you find the perfect one, we have rounded up 32 fringe bang hairstyles that are here to stay.

32 Fringe Bang Hairstyles For Black Women

Fringe bangs are popular hairstyles not only for helping to cover foreheads, but the style has simply been making its way around for years. So, if you are a black woman who needs inspiration to help you hop on the fringe bang trend, then we have just curated the right ideas below.

1. Long Wispy Bangs

 Long Wispy Bangs
Image: @thanuska.s // Instagram

Wispy fringes are the straightforward ideal hairstyle for black women with curls. This is also a great choice for those with straight hair however with curly hair, there won’t be any reason to start curling, and it also looks stylish and fancy.

Wispy bangs are also the most popular choice for those growing out their hair. It is a modern look suitable for all occasions.

2. Press & Curl Side Bang

Press & Curl Side Bang
Image: @rachel_redd // Instagram

A silk press is a cool way to keep your natural hair under control. This hairstyle often seems boring, but here is the perfect way to style it without causing any damage to your hair, and not much cutting is required. You can have the fringe bang on both sides or let it fall to one side.

3. Chunky Spiral Bangs

chunky spiral bangs
Image: @Xrs Beauty Hair

Spiral curls are no doubt one of the most notable ways to style your natural hair, it’s perfect for getting bouncy curls as well. So, when you need a fringe bang hairstyle with a flare, here is an adorable choice of hairstyle, and it works for any face features.

4. Bun With Side Spiral Fringe Bang

Bun With Side Spiral Fringe
Image: @ theekouturekai // Instagram

Here is another face framing and the ideal type of fringe bang for a low-maintenance hairstyle option. Aside from having to keep the bangs to the side and daily gel styling, which you can do yourself, it is pretty low maintenance and less complex.

5. Soft Curly Bangs

Soft Curly Bangs
Image: @badgalriri // Instagram

If you are looking for some soft curls to pair with an up-do then here is just the ideal option. Not only is this being styled by Rihanna which gives assurance of how cool the look is, but it is also an excellent choice for many natural hair types.

6. High Bun Puff With Coil Bangs

High Bun Puff With Coil Bangs
Image: @bahamiancurlgurl // Instagram

If you ever have doubts about how to style your curls for a quick day out, here is one effortless and cute hairstyle.

7. Layered Cut Baby Bangs

Layered Cut Baby Bangs
Image: @Sister’s Bombshell

Layered cuts can also be your go-to choice on days you do not want something too polished. This creates a seamless sophisticated look while being deficient maintenance.

8. Side Swept Bang With Updo

Curly Side Fringe
Image: @oliviacalabio // Instagram

This fringe hairstyle has been described as captivating and looking at it, you can agree with that as well. This bang also lets you play around with curls or waves.

9. Bun With Side Swept Braided Bangs

Bun With Side Swept Braided Bangs
Image: @carranitac // Instagram

We already agree that colors paired with bangs look gorgeous and this just proves that further. This includes a braided bang, you can also add more braids for a fuller look.

10. Afro Style With Baby Bangs

Afro Style With Baby Bangs
Image: @_thatssocole // Instagram

Having a full head of afro curls for a black woman is not unexpected and here is another perfect fringe bang hairstyle that enables you to embrace those curls. This is beautiful.

11. Blunt Fringe Bangs

Blunt Fringe Bangs

Need an adorable finger bang hairstyle? Here is one that screams classy and elegant.

12. Afro With Side Twist Bangs

Afro With Side Twist Bangs
Image: @honoratha2_thadei // Instagram

Afro is another common hairstyle for black women and it’s another way you can add bang hairstyles to it. It is simple and classy.

13. Wavy Baby Bangs

Wavy Baby Bangs
Image: @ELLE

Wavy Baby Bangs are the new updated version of the layered bangs. This choice of hairstyle is fancy and practical for anyone.

14. Brazilian Blunt Bangs

Brazilian Blunt Bangs
Image: @fashionbombdaily // Instagram

Whether you have thin, straight, or wavy hair type, this is a bang cut you can get. This bang hairstyle makes a real statement, and you can choose to make it short or longer.

15. Springy Messy Curl Bangs

Springy Messy Curl Bangs
Image: @curly_hair_style_ // Instagram

Here is another fringe bang that lets you retain the curls in your natural hair. You just have to cut out the bangs. This is also an excellent choice that lets you work with your hair length.

16. Blonde Straight Hair Fringe Wig

Blonde Straight Hair Fringe Wig
Image: @choo_ssen // Instagram

Wigs are fast becoming the go-to choice when you want a specific hairstyle and are not looking to cut your hair. This is a cool bang wig, it is cute and gives that chic babe look.

17. Long Side Swept Pixie Fringe

Long Side Swept Fringe
Image: Love Hairstyles

If you prefer a shorter hairstyle, here is the ideal one for you. A pixie cut is a common haircut for many black women so to upgrade the look, this is a great option.

18. Bob With Piecey Bangs

Bob With Piecey Bangs
Image: @kiky_festus // Instagram

If you are looking for a fringe that gives a major vibe, here is one you should consider going for. This is lightweight either as a wig or rocked with your natural hair. It is highly recommended to get the wig as your hair texture might make it a bit difficult to style.

19. Natural With Twist Out Bangs

Natural With Twist Out Bangs
Image: @afroliciouz // Instagram

Just what you need to do with your natural hair is braid out some parts at the front to create a twist, loosen it and you get cute curly bangs. This can give a fashionable touch to the overall hairstyle.

20. Long Curtain Fringe

Long Curtain Fringe
Image: @itznamara // Instagram

Here is another fringe bang with the perfect length that works for any face shape. This can also be styled with a conventional bun.

21. Braided Bangs With Beads

Braided Bangs With Beads
Image: @melissa_nerovique // Instagram

Looking for an amazing hairstyle that protects your hair and also looks sophisticated, here is an excellent choice. This is also a popular African braid hairstyle.

22. Afro Curly Bangs

Afro Curly Bangs
Image: @curly_hair_style // Instagram

Afro is a quick-bang hairstyle that works for any occasion. It is simple and also makes a perfect classical choice.

23. Short Bob With Fringe

Short Bob With Fringe
Image: @teyanataylor // Instagram

Are you looking for a relaxed look? Short bob fringe frames the face and also helps highlight any face shape. It is an ideal option for those with short hair who are not looking to cut their hair.

24. Side Fringe With Barbie Pony

Side Fringe With Barbie Pony
Image: @lrhairuk // Instagram

Ponytails have no doubt taken the world of hairstyle for black women by storm. Adding fringe to it has also been around for a while, it is interesting and also suitable for all occasions.

25. Cute Bob With Blunt Baby Bangs

Cute Bob With Blunt Baby Bangs
Image: @HoodMWR

For a bohemian vibe, here is a simple yet sassy fringe bangs you can go for. Luckily, some wigs give you this exact fringe without having to cut your hair.

26. Pixie Hair Fringe

Pixie Hair Fringe
Image: Tattooed Martha

With this style, you can effortlessly give that young and beautiful vibe. This hairstyle requires a professional as the cut can get messy if not done properly.

27. Sideswept Loc Bangs

Sideswept Loc Bangs
Image: @curly_hair_style // Instagram

Locs happen to be one of the most loved hairstyles for black women, it gives a relaxed look and can be done on any hair type as well.

28. Flower Bun and Swoop Bangs

flower Bun and Swoop Bangs
Image: @the.soft.girllllll // Instagram

Looking for a bridal hairstyle with bangs that stands out? This is beautiful and serves as a protective hairstyle for natural hair.

29. Spring Coily Bangs

Spring Coily Bangs
Image: @curly_hair_style_ // Instagram

If you belong to the curly hair community, here is an awesome curly hairstyle you should give a try. This is quite stylish and gets you that bouncy curls you love.

30. Bun and Bang Locs

Bun and Bang Locs
Image: @hair_by_akhir // Instagram

With this style, you can enjoy baby bangs while also keeping the rest of the hair protected with locs. This is also cool when you need to grow out your front hair.

31. Half Up Half Down With Bun & Bangs

Half up Half Down With Bun & Bangs
Image: @kingme_dinak // Instagram

A bun with bangs helps create a dreamy allure to both sides of your face. This style generally creates a soft highlight that frames your face.

32. High Bun And Bangs

High Bun And Bangs
Image: @_harrisjanae_ // Instagram

The list of amazing fringe bangs for black women won’t be complete without adding a high bun and bangs to it. This type of hairstyle is not only common for black women but pretty much the most sought-after hairstyle worldwide.

While high buns are gorgeous, they can be a bit uncomfortable, hence you can decide to go for a low bun instead. You would still be getting the same beautiful look.


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