25 Feed-In Braids You Need To Try Next

Feed In Braids

Looking for that trendy hairstyle, and you seem not to get your hands laid on one? Feed-in braids are one hairstyle you should consider, this hairstyle goes perfectly well on all heads. Feed-in is one that obviously has come to stay as this hairstyle doesn’t segregate when it comes to an individual head shape.

Feed-in is one hairstyle that helps to protect the hair, this kind of hairstyle is not just creative, it is beautiful and lasts for as long as you can maintain it. When extensions are added to feed in braids it adds more liveliness to it, color mixture will also pop out more beauty if you are the type that loves giving your hairstyle some volume.

Why wouldn’t you want to give it a try? These feed-in braids are called “invisible braids” which is pretty cool in itself. The reason it’s called this is that it gives you a natural look then you can call your own in the end. We hope these 25 feed-in braids meet your needs and that you enjoy that exceptional beauty of yours all while you rock it.

1. Two Layer Feed In Braids

Two Layer Feed In Braids
Image: @ infinity_beautylounge // Instagram

Feed-in braids are not limited to side cornrow and box braids, your popular two-layer braid also counts as a feed-in braid. This is a really cool hairstyle for anyone who wants to keep their hair protected from damage. You can with any length of your choice.

2. 6 Stitch/Zigzag Braid

6 stitch braid
Image: @thabraidjunkiee // Instagram

Here is another exciting feed-in braid you can make especially if you are trying to stop your edges from breaking. Stitch braids are considered to be better protective hairstyles than Ghana weaving.

3. Bohemian Feed-In Braid

Bohemian Feed-In Braid
Image: Claraito’s Blog

Feed-in braids are one of those hairstyles that do not have to be complicated to be plaited, you can keep it as simple as you want. The bohemian style is often called big and small braid, and it’s one hairstyle that lots of ladies love during summer.

4. Cross Braid Hairstyle

Cross Braid Hairstyle
Image: @ thabraidjunkiee // Instagram

Another reason this hairstyle is popular is that it can be as dramatic as you want but still small and would be plaited in seconds.

5. Goddess Feed In Braid

Goddess Feed In Braid
Image: Top Trends Guide

Looking to try something even more unique? The goddess feed in braid won’t take much time to style and with a tutorial video, you can do this at home yourself.

6. All Back ZigZag Feed In

All Back ZigZag Feed In
Image: braidssbyroro // Instagram

This is a stunning elegant cut, you can’t go wrong with this well-detailed Zig Zag feed-in.

7. Sleek Feed In Braid

Sleek Feed In
Image: pearlthestylist__ // Instagram

It’s the edge for me though. A stunning style that gives your scalp a special style. It’s elegant and has an air of sophistication to it.

8. All Back With Curls Feed In

All Back With Curls Feed In
Image: myextensionz_ng_ // Instagram

All back half zigzag and half straight cut, looking classy with the extension curls. It is of low maintenance and can be kept for as long as you want it but don’t forget to bring it down when it gets frizzy.

9. Zig Zag Clean Feed In

Zig Zag Clean Feed In
Image: myextensionz_ng_ // Instagram

This looks like a pretty popular hairstyle and there’s a reason for it. It’s stylish and can be rocked anywhere.

10. One-Sided Ponytail Feed In

One Sided Ponytail Feed In
Image: slayedbyjaay // Instagram

This is not the regular ponytail or high bun. Do you want something more classy and not common? You can give this sideways ponytail a trial.

11. Two Sleek Braids With Zig-zag

Two sleek braids with a zig zag part
Image: _slayyedbraids_ // Instagram

This looks more like a Fulani hairstyle, with two sleek feed-ins that come with no stress. You don’t need to waste time in the saloon just to look beautiful, this two sleek will do much justice to your beauty.

12. Polished Coloured Feed In

Polished Colored Feed In
Image: hetorijtouch // Instagram

This is a standard hairstyle that’s eye-catching. Using this colour will make people around notice your presence, it gave more volume because of its unique colour.

13. Stunning Creative Feed In

Stunning Creative Feed In
Image: divinebraids_ // Instagram

Creative sideways all back looks stunning with those silver clips. This sure does not look like the regular feed-in.

14. Little Damsel High Bun Feed In

Little Damsel High Bun Feed In
Image: hairbynazar // Instagram

The little damsel looks classy on feed-in. Who says certain hairstyles are meant for only adults? Well, not feed in, this high bun feed-in will look elegant on kids as well with beads giving it a more pronounced look.

15. Classy Colour Mixture Feed In

Classy Color Mixture Feed In
Image: hairbynazar // Instagram

This feed-in looks polished, the color mixture doing more justice to the style. This indeed isn’t looking boring.

16. Stunning Ponytail Feed In

Stunning Ponytail Feed In
Image: braidz_byniqua // Instagram

This is a great feed-in that is tight and pulled back into a ponytail. If you like casual styles, then this is the one for you.

17. One-Sided Butterfly Ponytail

One Sided Butterfly Ponytail
Image: worldofbraiding_ // Instagram

This baby-angled feed-in reminds us that we can be simple without being bored with our hairstyle, all we need is to be a bit creative.

18. High Bun With Gold Clip Feed In

High Bun With Gold Clip Feed In
Image: justbraidsinfo // Instagram

This is a striking hairstyle, wrapped around the head in a glamorous style with a gold clip, adding life to the feed-in.

19. Zig Zag Feed In

Zigzag Feed In
Image: kailin.j // Instagram

This looks regular and classy. It can be rocked to any occasion.

20. High Bun Feed In

High Bun Feed In
Image: pearlthestylist__ // Instagram

This high bun is not in one dimension. You can wear this look a few different ways, in a bun, a bun mixed with a little hang time, or let it all hang out.

21. Well Detailed All Back Feed In

Well Detailed All Back Feed In
Image: braidz_byniqua // Instagram

This indeed looks well-detailed with a long extension. If you love your scalp looking polished and neatly cut, this feed-in will give that to you.

22. Simple Slay Feed In

Image: handsnheartss // Instagram

Looks like the regular feed-in, you can touch this up with beads and a hair clip to give it more life and some pop-up.

23. Rolled Bun Feed In

Image: handsnheartss // Instagram

You can completely change the way your braided style looks just by adding different hair accessories. This unusual style really looks unique with these hair accessories.

24. High Ponytail With Curls Feed In

Image: tamika_braidbarbie // Instagram

This feed-in style is braided with a bun with a curly extension. These are very popular looks because they can be worn on any occasion.

25. Creative High Ponytail Feed In

Image: tamika_braidbarbie // Instagram

This stunning high ponytail looks unique, elegant, and beautiful.

In Conclusion

You might see some of the feed-ins and feel they are too regular or simple, irrespective of the one you want to go for, but know that it is all about creativity. You can decide to make use of another color for your feed-in to make yours more attractive, elegant, eye-catching, stunning, and beautiful.

Furthermore, you don’t have to go all boring, remember the aim is to look good in whichever feed-in style you are going for. While at it make sure you go for what looks best on you and be sure it is a style you can maintain.

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