10 Epic Nigerian Hairstyles That Have Been Beautifully Revamped

nigerian hairstyles revamped.

Hairstyles have continued to make a huge fashion statement all over the world and even more so in Nigeria. Recently, rather than creating new hairstyles, ladies have found a way to revamp the old ones and make them look not just modern but fascinating. Braiding particularly has a strong influence in Africa and it goes way back and they are lots of fun ways you can wear a braid hairstyle.

It is said that hair is the richest ornament of a lady and we must agree with this assertion. Every Nigerian woman wants to make her own statement the loudest with her choice of hairstyle and you shouldn’t worry about the shape of your face or your hair texture as you can definitely create something that works for you.

No matter what you are wearing, your hairstyle will definitely stand out. If you are looking for the next trendy hairstyle to match any outfit, we have rounded up some really epic Nigerian hairstyles that have been beautifully revamped.

1. Bob Braid (Shaba)

Shaba braid
Source: Top bob

Bob is on the list of the best Nigerian hairstyle that was revamped completely. The hairstyle si is famously known as Shaba and it has been with us for ages. The hairstyle is not just made into braids but it can be fixed with wigs as well. Bob should be the best-known haircut in some parts of the country and it continues to make history with braids.

2. Cornrow Braids

Cornrow Braid
Source: Latestbraids

Here is the latest way to rock a cornrow and we must say this looks more fascinating than plain old all-back cornrow. Cornrows dates as far back as 3000 BC and history tell us it was originated in Africa. It is one of those hairstyles that won’t be going out of trend anytime soon and rather continues to get more fun and creative.

3. Thread

African Thread
Source: Pinterest

Thread has gone from being a kid’s hairstyle to an interesting fashionable hairstyle. The hairstyle has been adopted to help your hair grow and recently we find it to be in trend again and this time, it has been completely revamped to look beautiful.

4. Wool

Wool Hairstyle
Source: Trends

Another Nigerian hairstyle we are in love with right now is one made with Brazillian wool. This used to be a simple hairstyle you can make with just black wools but now there are so many colors of wools you would love to try.

5. Shuku

Source: Black Hair Information

Shuku is a staple hairstyle basically from Nigeria and more specifically the Yoruba ethnic. It is one of the Nigerian hairstyles that was revamped completely and we must say it might not be must different from the old shuku but really more beautiful.

6. Elongated Single Braid

Elongated Single Braid
Source: Pinterest

An elongated single braid is also the same one as box braids. There are so many ways box braids can be made now, you can never bored of it.

7. Dreads

Source: Latesthairtrend

Dreadlocks can be quite versatile, you can have them styled whatsoever way you want and they don’t have to hang loosely like they used to be. There are also many ways to get dreadlocks these days.

8. Bongo Locks

Bongo LOcks
Source: Legit. ng

Bongo locks are simply just the bigger version of dreadlocks. This hairstyle goes way back and seems to be having an epic come back.

9. Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids
Source: Pinterest

Fulani braids need no introduction. This braid pattern was inspired by the Fulani’s and was instantly loved due to how versatile and beautiful it is. There are so many ways you can have Fulani braids made now and they are never regarded as out of trend.

10. Tribal Braid With Beads

Tribal Braid With Beads
Source: Lifestyle Braids

Tribal braids are quite similar to Fulani braids but this is actually a combination of different braid styles. Most tribal braids are rooted in African tradition and culture, it is one hairstyle Nigerian women love and like to get creative with. This braid incorporates several different types of braids, as well as decorative accessories like beads, rings, and shells.

Every season, a new hairstyle becomes popular but most times, they are not new hairstyles but old ones making a come back.

The great thing is that these hairstyles don’t just make a comeback but they get better and come with a twist you can’t help but love. It is always interesting to see the amazing abilities of hairstylists to recreate hairstyles from decades ago.

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