28 Kids Cornrow Hairstyle Ideas

Kids Cornrow Hairstyle Ideas

Choosing a braid hairstyle for kids has not always been considered easy due to how picky they can be. However, when it comes to cornrow hairstyles, you can always find something your baby girl would love. Luckily, there are lots of cornrow hairstyles that are not only appropriate for kids, but they are lots easier to make compared to two-strand braids.

Cornrows, which are also known as feed-in braids are certain types of braid that are plaited to lay flat on the head. This is also known as a protective braid, it is a pretty versatile hairstyle, and you can choose to make it basic or fancy.

Kids are still pretty fragile, hence you want to choose a protective hairstyle that prevents tangling and also gives their hair breaks from everyday manipulation. Cornrows make the perfect choice and it is never boring. So, today, we will be looking at 28 kids’ cornrow hairstyle ideas.

28 Kids Cornrow Hairstyle Ideas

Cornrows can be done with both your kid’s natural hair and extensions. Also, cornrows are easy enough to plait if you have basic braiding skills you can do it at home yourself or get your hairstylist to make it if you want something neater. In this post, we have rounded up the gorgeous latest cornrow hairstyle ideas that work for back-to-school as well.

1. All Back Cornrow With Curly Ends

All Back Cornrow With Curly Ends
Image: @kidsbraidsby_kryssy // Instagram

This is one of the easiest braid cornrows you can style for kids, while it is a simple all-back braid, the bun, and curl added to it make it look fascinating.

This works as a perfect back-to-school hairstyle and also for any occasion. All you have to do is part your hair section by section and plait it all to the back.

2. Bun With Side Bangs

Bun With Side Bangs
Image: @kidsbraids // Instagram

Straight all-backs are not the only ones that look good on kids, this is also another exciting hairstyle that looks amazing on kids of all ages. This is a cool hairstyle, you can choose to go with these two or make use of just one bang. There are many variations of this hairstyle.

3. Simple Braided Ponytail

Simple Braided Ponytail
Image: @lacylaid // Instagram

Ponytail is one of the popular hairstyles for kids, you just have to get creative with it. It is an adorable hairstyle for kids, there are many exciting ways it can be styled, and here is the common one your kids will enjoy.

4. Center Two Layer Braid

Center Two Layer Braid
Image: @detroitbraider // Instagram

Two-layer braid hairstyle is a great option for all hair types. It doesn’t matter your child’s hair length, you can add some extension to it or even braid it with her natural hair.

5. Stitch Cornrow Braid

Stitch Cornrow Braid
Image: @latoshastar // Instagram

Here is another hairstyle idea that every kid will love. This is ideal for all hair types and also suitable as a back-to-school hairstyle.

6. High Bun and Side Bang

High Bun and Side Bang
Image: @browngirlshair // Instagram

Every parent is familiar with the back-to-school high bun however it can even be more amazing by adding side bangs to it. This cornrow hairstyle has been circulating for a while, it is calm and easily highlights your kid’s face. This can be regarded as the cute protective hairstyle of the season.

7. Lemonade Braid With Blue Mix Extension

Lemonade Braid
Image: @beautybycrishanallc // Instagram

This lemonade cornrow is currently causing a buzz on the internet for both kids and adults. It comes in many variations and can also feature beads and hair accessories if you want. This is a cute back-to-school hairstyle your kid will love.

8. S-Shape All Back Cornrow

S-Shape All Back Cornrow
Image: @hairbyshavonna // Instagram

Here is another cornrow braid that is appropriate for kids of any age. This is quite simple and you can choose to plait it with her natural hair or all extension. Also, this is an excellent hairstyle for boys when you are not ready to let go of their hair.

9. Double Bun With Bangs

Double Bun With Bangs
Image: @browngirlshair // Instagram

For a more polished cornrow that can also double as a protective hairstyle, here is a good option for your kid. This always looks adorable on kids and it shouldn’t take time too. This cornrow is perfect for grade school kids.

10. Half Up Half Single Twists

Half Up Half Single Twists
Image: @kidshairbyri // Instagram

This half-up ponytail is known to highlight the features of kids. It’s another cornrow hairstyle that comes in many variations, styling it with accessories is easy, and if her hair is long enough, I recommend skipping the extension.

11. Side Ponytail Cornrow

Side Ponytail Cornrow
Image: @brididit // Instagram

For your little;l girl who likes to make statements with her hair or simply likes the sounds of beads clicking against each other. Here is a cool and exciting hairstyle you can make for her, this often does not require extension but you can add for the beads to drop.

12. Bunny Cornrow Hairstyle

Bunny Cornrow Hairstyle
Image: @ellooksco // Instagram

This double ponytail features a crisis cross in the middle and some fancy hair accessories to highlight the hair and make it colorful. This is also known as the tribal braid, designed to enhance every kid’s look making them look adorable.

13. Middle Part Cornrow

Middle Part Cornrow
Image: @mikasstyles // Instagram

Middle part cornrow has never failed to win the hearts of both kids and adults. This stylish hairstyle features jumbo box braids which are lots faster and easier compared to small braids. Also, this lets you style with beads or any hair accessories of your choice.

14. Two Layer Feed-in Braid

Two Layer Feed-in Braid
Image: @divinetouchbyasia // Instagram

This is a beautiful hairstyle that suits both adults and little kids. This is a classy hairstyle for kids, there isn’t too much drama surrounding this hairstyle which also means that hair extension is not needed. You can also recreate this hairstyle any way you want.

15. Butterfly Ponytail Cornrow

Butterfly Ponytail Cornrow
Image: @slaynattraction // Instagram

This is similar to the crisscross hairstyle for most hairstylists, this is a lot easier to plait. You can style this with your kid’s natural hair and it is elegant enough to pass the back-to-school hair or party vibe.

16. Mohawk Braid With Bangs

Mohawk Braid With Bangs
Image: @@lasdesertbraids // Instagram

Mohawk braid is a traditional hairstyle that has always been popular for special occasions and it remains a classic hairstyle. You don’t have to use an extension to make this, it works with your kid’s natural hair and keeps her hair length retained.

17. Two Layer Braid With Crown Bead

Two Layer Braid With Crown Bead
Image: @africankidshair // Instagram

This is sure looking fancy and simple enough for kids. Here is another fancy hairstyle your kid is going to love. While this is a simple two-layer braid, beads have been used to give it a crown styling which adds more to the beauty of the hairstyle.

18. Simple Heart Cornrow Ponytail

Simple Heart Cornrow Ponytail
Image: @kidsbraidhairstyle // Instagram

These heart braids are so lovely and whether you choose to add these bangs or not, this is a fascinating hairstyle. In addition, it is a simple cornrow that can be adorned with hair rings and beads.

19. Afro Tribal Braid

Afro Tribal Braid
Image: @oa_styles // Instagram

Here is another simple hairstyle that can easily make your baby girl look smart and cute. This is a soft cornrow and takes only a couple of minutes to style with no extension required.

20. Low Ponytail With Beads and Ribbons

Low Ponytail With Beads and Ribbons
Image: @kids_hairstyles_inspo // Instagram

Looking for a special occasion hairstyle but nothing too dramatic? This is the ideal hairstyle you should go for, from the intricate cornrow to the beads and ponytail, this is cool and perfect for kids of any age.

21. Box Braid And Creative Cornrow

Box Braid And Creative Cornrow
Image: @naturalhairjourney // Instagram

If your daughter has healthy hair and amazing edges that you want to show off then here is the perfect hairstyle for you to try. This looks adorable and would look nice on kids of any age.

22. Cornrow Double Dutch Braid

Double Dutch Braid
Image: @kidshairbyri // Instagram

The double dutch braid is one of the simplest go-to hairstyles for kids, it takes care of their edges and it is easy to make as well. However, to spice things up, this is a cool cornrow dutch braid which serves as a protective hairstyle and even lasts longer.

23. 2 Layer Lemonade Hairstyle

2 Layer Lemonade Hairstyle
Image: @semharatbellosalon // Instagram

Your kid’s follicles are just growing and when you braid their hair too right, you risk causing some damage to hair growth. Luckily, here is an amazing hairstyle where extension is not needed and you do not have to braid for it to look great.

24. Mohawk Fulani Cornrow

Mohawk Fulani Cornrow
Image: @naturalhiarstyles // Instagram

These cornrows are perfect for little girls with short hair, you do not have to add extensions and also the mohawk comes to the front so the shorter the hair, the better you can avoid it getting into her eyes.

25. Spooky Spider Freestyle

Spooky Spider Freestyle
Image: @styledby_riahh // Instagram

If you are tired of the plain bantu knots on your baby girl and two-layer braids don’t seem so fun anymore either, here is a combo that would get her excited. As the name implies, it is designed like a spider web, it is fun hence kids love it.

26. Waterfall Twist With Side Cornrow

Waterfall Twist With Side Cornrow
Image: @protectivehairstyle // Instagram

If you are tired of three-strand braids, here is one exciting hairstyle that won’t stress you. This has a simple cornrow on the side while the rest is twisted which makes it a fabulous protective hairstyle for your kid’s natural hair.

27. Heart Bang With Side Ponytail

Heart Bang With Side Ponytail
Image: @amazingnaturalhair // Instagram

These cornrows are amazing, they are classified as the adorable baby girl hairstyle so you can be sure they will look lovely on your toddler. In addition, it is a cool protective hairstyle when you need to lay off the edges.

28. Criss Cross Stitch Cornrow

Criss Cross Stitch Cornrow
Image: @africankidshair // Instagram

This stitch cornrow braid features a crisis cross design at the front which is further stayed with kids clip accessories. These braids are surely going to look lovely on kids including toddlers. ‘While you can opt for beads at the end of the hair tucking it in as done above is a great option for little ones who will only end up playing with the beads.

Surely, with this list of wonderful kids’ cornrows, choosing a hairstyle for your baby girl with be a lot easier. Some of these cornrow hairstyles can last up to a month and can be installed in less than an hour which is perfect for impatient kids.


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