120 African Braids Hairstyle Pictures to Inspire You

african braids hairstyles pictures 2020

41. Braided Bangs

African braid hairstyle
Source: Zumi.co

This braided bang is everything gorgeous about braid, any color of an extension would do just fine.

42. Big Size Twist

African braid hairstyle
Source: kutuan.hk.access.ly

Go for a big smooth twisted braid to add some unique trend to your choice of braid, something fascinating and top-notch for any kind of hair.

43. Dutch Braid

African braid hairstyle
Source: Haircuts & Hairstyles 2019

Dutch braids are one of the easiest braid styles to make, either you make it big or small.

44. Fulani Braid With Tuck

Africa Braid
Source: www.ocontexto.com

Another jaw-dropping way to make your Fulani braid, as earlier stated, there are just too many ways to make Fulani braids and every one of them is lovable.

45. Goddess Fulani Braid

African braid hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

Every lady really needs to try this hairstyle, it accentuates any type of face shape and brings it out even more.

46. Mohawk Tiny Braid

African braid hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

This is just tiny braids and packed in a mohawk style but we love the simple look.

47. Ghana Weaving

Africa Braid Hairstyle
Source: idonsabi.com

Add more fun to your usual bun braid, the important thing when it comes to braids is to be creative.

48. Bracket Weaving

Africa Braid Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

This type of bracket braid requires expertise and it can be really beautiful when done by a good stylist.

49. Lemonade Braid

Ghana weaving
Source: Pinterest

This can also be called side braid, a weavon is fixed at the other side of the braid to complete the look.

50. Stylish Braid

ghana weaving
Source: Pinterest

Just like every Fulani braid, here is another one to add to your hair routine.

51. Ghana Cornrow Braid

African Braid
Source: Pinterest

Cornrow braids are made with different patterns and styles to make it more glamorous, you can easily tell your stylist you want this easy peasy style to save time and look good at the same time.

52. Purple Goddess Braid

African Braid Hairstyle
Image: @fiorette_may_ // Instagram

Purple seems to be the new color for your braid, simple and not too elaborate.

53. Lose Faux Lock Braids

Africa braid hairstyles
Image: @n.b.k_empire // Instagram

Loose braids are even more fabulous when its’ faux locks.

54. Tiny Sleek Goddess Braid

Africa braid hairstyle
Image: @withlovebyk_ // Instagram

Time to try a different method of those goddess braids.

55. Edge Braid With Cornrow

Africa braid hairstyle
Image: @nigerianbraidsgang // Instagram

Add some edge to the base of your cornrows to make it stand out in the midst of other cornrows, this style is quite trendy and would be for a long while.

56. Durant Braid Bun

Africa Braid hairstyles
Source: Cute Spring

Tired of your usual braided bun, then you can add some Durant to it to spice up the look and add more sause to it.

57. Crown Bun

African Braid Hairstyle
Source: Mofeera

Crown bun is just like every normal bun but with more center goddess braids.

58. Short Braid With Double Bun Styling

african hairstyle
Source: Kulpeeps.com

Grey seems to be the new color.

59. Faux Lock With Curls

Africa Braid Hairstyle
Image: @nigerianbraidsgang // Instagram

Elegant and simple is the new faux lock you should try.

60. Center Parting Three Step With Beads

African Braid
Image: @rachael_aruoture // Instagram

African braids are numerous but not all are going to fit your kind of face but that does not extend to three-step braids, it looks good on all kinds of face and suitable for all kinds of outfit.


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