21 Braid Hairstyles For Little Girls That Will Make You Say Awwwww!

braid hairstyles for little girls

Looking for braid hairstyles for little girls, you’ll love the ideas we listed in this post.

When it comes to little girl braids you just can’t resist how cute it makes them look, you get turned in many directions and just can’t make up your mind on the one you want.

Braids are even more fascinating when you style them with beads, bands, clips, and bows. Kids braids is a very common trend for African and African American kids.

There are so many beautiful braids that will ensure your kid looks her absolute best either at an event or school.

Another reason to braid your girl’s hair is to keep it from looking untidy, it keeps the hair retained and you do not have to worry about styling every morning. Combing your baby girls hair can be really tough particularly if the hair is natural and thick but braiding her hair can help you avoid that.

These braids we have selected are too cute to be ignored, different styles but all can be archived on all kinds of hair length.

Cute Braid Hairstyles For Little Girls

To make braids your kids braids more interesting and different, you can add hair extensions and accessories.

1. Double Pony Tail Braid

Braids for kids
Image: @ronelluke // Instagram

Totally adorable and all you need is a good hair stylist to do this for you, an extension might be added if your kid’s hair texture is not strong enough or you want it longer but with just her hair, you can make this and it can be really beautiful even without the front base.

2. Lemonade Braid

braids for kids
Image: @ronelluke // Instagram

Kids love something easy and fast and lemonade braid is very easy mainly without extension. It does not take much time to make lemonade braids as they are being twisted, very gentle on the hair scalp too if the hair stylist does not hold the hair too tight.

3. Side Braid

braids for kids
Image: @ronelluke // Instagram

The side braid is really beautiful and changes a kid’s face, you can also call it the princess’ hair, they would love definitely love that. The hairstyle is one of the kids braid that is in trend and it does not take much time to make and you do not have to add an extension if your kid’s hair is long enough.

4. Bob Braid

Braids for kids
Source: APKPure.com

Bob braids are becoming more than fascinating on kids these days, it is a very smart hairstyle they can wear to school, and even attend occasions with. The hairstyle can be carried for days, usually short and cropped at the edge to give the hair round look which is different from the usual sharp hair look.

5. Bun Braid

braids for kids
Source: Click042.com

Bun braids are a lot similar to ponytail braids but in this case, the hands of the braids are tucked inside to form a bun and also bun braid can be twisted as long as it can be made into a bun or a donut roll. A very simple and beautiful hairstyle.

6. Dutch Braid

braids for kids
Image: @kidsbraidhairstyle // Instagram

This is not just a simple dutch braid, something more fancy had been added to it which is the side braid plaited towards the side braid to make it even more pretty. This is a style you can braid yourself and a perfect hairstyle for kids with curly hair.

7. Two Steps Braid

braid hairstyles for little girls
Image: @ronelluke // Instagram

Your kid should definitely try two steps as every child looks absolutely cute with this braid, it totally enhances looks and makes a girl more adorable. The hair will be split into two part, front, and the back, the front will be plaited all-back and the bottom side can be all-back too or box braid. Box braid might take longer that all-back though.

8. Pony Tail Braid

braids for kids
Source: Latest hairstyles

A ponytail is a common hairstyle for kids but it is usually plain but now there are much beautiful hair bands you can make use of to beautify it and if you can also add color hair extensions to the edge to give it a colorful look. The hand of the ponytail could be tucked in to give you a bun braid.

9. Fulani Braids

braids on kids
Source: vickvanlian.com

You can’t help but love this particular braid on kids, it is easy to make and looks really adorable on kids especially if she has curly hair, it is more beautiful when decorated with kids bands and beads, really attractive when made in a neat and stylish way too.

10. Cornrow Braid

braids for girls
Source: Click042

Cornrow braids are unavoidable for every kid, mothers love how chic and simple it is, cornrow braids can even be made with natural hair, it is effortless and lovable. This braid will be the perfect choice if your kid does not like sitting for a long time or prefers something moderate.

11. Twisted Mohawk Braid

Braids for kids
Source: Achristianserver

Mowhawk is a very cute hairstyle for girls, even more, stunning when designed with kids accessories you can have the hair on both sides plaited to if she plans to rock the hair for a long time. The style allows creativity so you can make it look amazing with a style of your own as long as it is Mohawk.

12. Faux lock Braid

Braids for girls
Source: PooDesigns

When your kids are bored of box braids or won’t just sit still for too long, the faux lock could be an option, the twist does not take very long and also lasts for a while before becoming rough, very cool on kids and easy to pack as well.

13. Jumbo Holo Braid

Braids for kids
Source: American Hairstyles

Here is another classic hairstyle for your girl, not overly dramatic and a new dimension to cornrow braids, kind of wrapped from the mid front to the back and the front is styled in a base which is called crisscross. All that is needed for this hairstyle is her natural hair and hair accessories if you want.

14. Braided Curls

braid for girls
Source: Pinterest

This is the hairstyles you might want to go for if your daughter has this massive hair and curls you just can’t comb through and also this hairstyle will help her hair grow and it’s stylish enough to be worn to events and school, will also prevent you from combing through the whole hair.

15. Mini Twist Braid

braid on kids
Source: Black hair trybe

This twisted braid basically is just for kids with average hair length, it is a little light though, some kids do not fancy too much twist so this will help take care of that. The mini twist is a lot easier to style when the twists are not too tiny and your girl probably has full hair.

16. Easy Twisted Ponytails

braid for girls
Source: Youtube

Kids kind of love ponytails that would take less than 10 minutes to make and honestly even mothers do not mind that at all, it saves time and less crying. The ponytail is always a very interesting hairstyle for kids and you do not even have to plait the long process ponytail, this twisted ponytail will do just fine and it’s even cuter.

17. Top Knots With Curly Extension

braids for girls
Source: Braided Hairstyles

This hairstyle looks just like a mohawk and it could be worn like a mohawk too, it is a perfect hairstyle for your kid during summer, simple and classy. You can also braid it into one cornrow at the center of the head to form mohawk style and the mohawk is a little bit higher though if you wonder about the similarity.

18. Cornrow Pigtails

braid for girls
Image: @bikgirls // Instagram

This a style we are sure can’t go out of class and it really makes kids more adorable, spice the look more with beads, bands, and beautiful hair accessories to make it extra classy. The kids love the pigtails falling on the side even more so do not bother to tuck it in.

19. Jaunty African Braid With Curls

Braids for girls
Source: angiebyangelic.blogspot.com

The perfect hairstyle for the festive season and also resume school with it because this hairstyle can last for a long while, not have easy hairstyle to sit for though and you might have to give her lots of sweets to keep her on sit without crying, but the effort is always worth it. It’s a beautiful hairstyle and suiting for mothers who have no time for constant change of hairstyle.

20. Braided Bun Frohawk

Braids for girls
Source: Pinterest

Bun Frohawk sounds like a funny style and it sure is but also very pretty, a very low maintenance hairstyle that only needs need natural hair to make it gorgeous, it also takes time to get rough especially on relaxed hair. It makes kids look formal and cool.

21. Micro-Box Braid

Braids on kids
Source: premierwoodworksllc.com

Box braids are not just trending among the ladies but the little girls now love it too, and we think it’s even more adorable on kids, it makes them look adult like and cute if those words can be combined. Box braids can be in micro or mini depending on how long your kid can sit.

Kids love changing hairstyles just as much as their mothers, and here are beautiful hairstyles to change your daughter look practically every weekend or more. Most kids love it simple hence some of the simple braids above because honestly, kids have very little patience.

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