21 Easy Hairstyles For Black Kids

Easy Hairstyles For Black Kids

When it comes to basic hairstyles for black kids, it can be pretty confusing, and this is because their natural hair needs care. Oftentimes, parents choose hairstyles that enhance their appearance and make them confident inside and out. There is no doubt that hairstyles for black kids are just as diverse as the culture.

Choosing the right hairstyle for your kid is one of the ways you can make her hair more manageable and healthier. However, one disadvantage of this is that they might not like the hairstyle you pick, which is also why choosing something in trend is vital.

Hairstyles for black kids shouldn’t really be difficult after taking their hair type into consideration, and you will be surprised how many easy hairstyles are for black kids out there. So to promote your kid’s healthy hair growth, we have rounded up some of the easiest hairstyles to try.

21 Easy Hairstyles For Black Kids

Hairstyles for black kids can range from braids to easy updos and even lengthy curls for the boys. Whether the texture of your child is wavy, frizzy, or soft, here are easy hairstyles that work for black kids.

1. Medium Twist Braid

Medium Twist Braid
Image: @mataelebros // Instagram

Twists have always been considered to be the best and easiest hairstyle for black kids and adults generally. There are so many ways you can get creative with a twist, it is also fancy enough to be worn for occasions. Also, it is a great back-to-school hairstyle and works for both boys and girls.

2. Simple Puff and Twisted Bangs

Simple Puff and Twisted Bangs
Image: @heybambino // Instagram

Just like twists, puff hairstyles have been saving kid’s hair for centuries now. Here is one that has been circulating on social media recently, it is cute and would keep your kid’s hair from getting damaged. This is excellent for kids with kinky hair texture.

3. Cute Updo Hairstyle With Bead

Cute Updo Hairstyle With Bead
Image: @iam.kreese // Instagram

It is easy to rock this hairstyle no matter what hair texture you have. It is a simple hairstyle and does not require much to put it together. You can also add more hair accessories depending on your kid’s preference.

4. Decorated Twist Ponytails

Decorated Twist Ponytails
Image: @blackkidshairstyles // Instagram

If your girl has thick voluminous hair then here is a really perfect hairstyle to try. This helps you keep things simple, and it is also ideal for taming frizz during winter.

5. Two Bun With Stitch Braid

Two Bun With Stitch Braid
Image: @IAMTRAEH // Instagram

Here is another fancy yet simple hairstyle your kid is going to like. This is a very suitable hairstyle for black kids’ hair, it helps tame their curls and prevent dryness.

6. Sleek Gel Double Ponytail

Sleek Gel Double Ponytail
Image: @aliyahna_sarae // Instagram

Want to give your kids a chic and classy hairstyle, then here is the perfect one to go for. The entire hair can be achieved using eco-styler gel, however, it is important to moisturize your kids’ hair properly to prevent breakage.

7. Double Bun Hairstyle

Double Bun Hairstyle
Image: @nikkah_kays // Instagram

A double bun looks perfect for your kid, minimal styling is required. There is also no doubt that double bun always looks amazing on kids and the parting gives you a chance to take care of the scalp in the process.

8. Lemonade Braid

Lemonade Braid
Image: @pamperedpalace // Instagram

Lemonade Braids are pretty exciting, and you will be surprised at how much of a protective hairstyle they can be. This really cool hairstyle is done on the entire hair, which makes it a great choice of airtime to prevent hair pulling during playtime.

9. Middle Part Braid

Middle Part Braid
Image: @chellystouch // Instagram

Middle part braid is another hairstyle for black kids that dates way back. It is known to help kids grow their hair and happens to be stylish too.

10. Bantu Knots With Bangs

Bantu Knots With Bang
Image: @theonyxxperience // Instagram

It has been discovered that kids love any hairstyle that gives them bangs, while they would also love to keep the hair away from the back. So, if that is the case with your kid, she will definitely love Bantu knots.

11. Stitched Bun Braid Updo

Stitched Bun Braid Updo
Image: @monacastyles // Instagram

The options for a cute stitch braid are endless. They happen to keep your kid’s hair from damage and help retain lengths as well.

12. Two-Step Afro With Cornrow

Two Step Afro With Cornrow

This is just the typical definition of African hairstyle. This has been around for a very long time, and it is the perfect hairstyle for kids with 4a hair type. Also, it is easy to style.

13. Three Strand Twist

Three Strand Twist

The three-strand twist promotes manageable hair for youngsters. So, here is a good one to consider if your baby girl’s hair seems difficult to comb through.

14. Rainbow Box Braid With Bead

Rainbow Box Braid With Bead
Image: @ kinkycoilygirls // Instagram

Your kids can get box braids as well, you just have to keep it very scanty and also make it colorful so they don’t complain.

15. Medium Knotless Braid

Medium Knotless Braid
Image: @stylesbyjazzyh // Instagram

Many parents avoid knotless braid since it can be time-consuming but for your kids, you simply have to keep it short. Knotless braids are actually easy and serves as an excellent protective hairstyle as well.

16. Rubber Band Updo

Rubber Band Updo
Image: @heybambino // Instagram

Rubber band hairstyle is actually having a moment this season and with how colorful it can be, your baby girl is going to love it.

17. Crown Braid Hairstyle

Crown Braid Hairstyle
Image: @manu_penteadoskidss // Instagram

This protective hairstyle is a really great option for kids with fragile hair. This should add some texture to your kid’s hair and keep it from damage.

18. High Bun With Bangs

High Bun With Bangs
Image: @charlottedances5678 Instagram

Here is another cute hairstyle that not only protect your kid’s tresses but also looks good. This hairstyle is one that shouldn’t stress you to make and won’t manipulate your child’s hair either.

19. Jumbo Box Braid

Jumbo Box Braid
Image: @theblessedbraider31 // Instagram

Consider a jumbo box braid if your kid does not like bun or ponytail hairstyles. Also, this is easy and lasts longer than other protective hairstyles.

20. Bantu and Cornrow Hairstyle

Bantu and Cornrow Hairstyle
image: @kids.hair.space // Instagram

We already agreed that bantu knots are cute hairstyle for kids and here is another variation if the previous one seem too plain. This works as back-to-school and party hairstyle.

21. Cornrow With Double Bun

Cornrow With Double Bun
Image: @kids.hair.space // Instagram

To keep a little girl’s hair sleek and classy, buns are the best and highly recommended hairstyles. So, when you do need to spice things up, you can add cornrows to it and style with beads. This hairstyle is one your kid will love.

Kids hairstyles can be lots of fun, and it can be just as easy as you want it to be. However, it is important that you consider black kid’s hair type before styling it. Luckily, to prevent damages and promote hair growth, these easy hairstyles above should do the trick.


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