35 Butterfly Locs Crochet Styles For 2024

butterfly loc hairstyle ideas

Are butterfly locs protective styles? Butterfly locs are protective hairstyles and they are considered less damaging to natural hair compared to box braids.

Butterfly locs are a variant of faux loc but the method of achieving this is less stressful and there are lots of extensions that can be used for butterfly locs.

If you are on the lookout for a stylish protective hairstyle then you need to consider butterfly locs. This style has been around for decades just like faux locs, passion twists although it has recently gained popularity.

It happens to be one of the easiest locs out there, and you can have it done at home yourself. But for something neater and classy, best to go to the salon. The braiding technique takes time though, but it’s pain-free and stylish.

35 Beautiful Butterfly Locs Styles You Should Try

Butterfly locs have been all over Instagram lately, and we can understand why. The hairstyle is simply made by wrapping a traditional loc loosely thereby giving it a distressed and unravelled look, but it happens to be cute.

If you have been searching for the right loc, then not to worry, we have rounded up 35 beautiful butterfly loc styles you need to try.

1. Goddess Braids Butterfly Locs

Goddess Braids Butterfly Locs
Image: @hairbypellathecelebritystylist // Instagram

Goddess braids are really popular braid types and adding butterfly locs to them is a great way to elevate the style. This is a great protective hairstyle for any hair type and the cute chic way it looks makes it a great option. You can add any hair accessory to it.

2. Cute Distressed Bohemian Loc

Cute Distressed Bohemian Loc
Source: Braidedhair

Cute distressed Bohemian butterfly locs are also great as a protective hairstyle. This is a cool choice for protecting your edges. It’s simple and won’t take much of your time either.

3. Shoulder Length Blonde Butterfly Locs

Shoulder Length Blonde Butterfly Locs
Source: Un-ruly

Go for shoulder-length if you are into both long and short. The blonde colour butterfly loc is really great if you are into bold colours.

4. White Jumbo Butterfly Locs

White Jumbo Butterfly Locs
Image: @braids.by_chella // Instagram

Here is another bold coloured butterfly extension you can go for. This exciting colour comes in crochets too, you can go for the long length or shoulder-length depending on your preference.

5. Short Butterfly Locs

Short Butterfly Locs
Image: @butterflylocs // Instagram

Short butterfly locs are another cool and really stylish choice especially if you like short locs. Takes less time to make too.

6. Smooth 10 Inch Butterfly Locs

Smooth 10 Inch Butterfly Locs
Source: Ubuy Quatar

The smooth bitterly loc is another perfect type of loc if you are not into distressed locs. This takes time before it looks unravelled.

7. Bohemian Crochet Butterfly Locs With Rings

Bohemian Crochet Butterfly Locs With Rings
Source: Toyotress crochet

Simply adorn it with rings for an updated 2024 butterfly loc hairstyle.

8. Blue And Brown Butterfly Locs Mix

 Blue And Brown Butterfly Locs Mix
Source: Black beauty bombshells

Golden brown and blue butterfly locs are an interesting combinations. Just what you need to pair with your neutral outfits.

9. Colourful Tips Butterfly Locs

Stunning Tip Butterfly Locs
Source: HonestlyBecca

Here is another really exquisite and goregeosu hairstyle you should definitely go for.

10. Blue And Black Butterfly Locs

Blue And Black Butterfly Locs
Source: No Frills

We must agree the blue and black butterfly loc is the one currently causing a buzz and here is another exciting one to inspire you.

11. Crochet Distressed Butterfly Locs

12 Inch Distressed Locs
Source: Italy Locs

If you don’t enjoy sitting for long while you make your hair, these crochet distressed butterfly locs can save the day. These locs come in different sizes, and you also get different color options to choose from. The process of installing is not painful as well.

12. Blue Butterfly Braids

 Green Butterfly Braids
Image: @butterflybraids // Instagram

Colors have a way of highlighting any braid hairstyles. This butterfly braid is not just gorgeous, but it’s ideal for any hair type. You can go for the crochet or the extension.

13. Short Ombre Butterfly Loc

 Short Ombre Butterfly Loc
Source: Aokonia braid

This is another butterfly loc style and color that is setting trends. We sure look forward to seeing more of this in 2024.

14. Auburn Red Butterfly Loc

Bohemian Butterfly Locs
Image: @paigearmoni_thestylist // Instagram

Auburn red butterfly locs are the perfect hairstyle for you to make statements. This hairstyle is classy and there are so many ways it can be styled. This style is all occasion hairstyle and you can go with any length you want as well.

15. Butterfly Loc With Faux End

Butterfly Loc With Faux End
Source: Farmhouse Style

Here is a style that combines faux loc with butterfly locs. This makes it appear neater and more like a Senegalese twist.

16. Two Color Butterly Locs

Two Color Butterfly Loc
Source: Pinterest

Just like box braids, you can have all the fun you want with butterfly locs. This just requires choosing two of your favorite colors, however, ensure they are colors that mix well together.

17. Jumbo Butterfly Locs

Bohemian Butterfly Locs
Source: brainstudy.info

This is similar to goddess locs but it’s even more interesting and cute. This loc type is plaited straight into your hair and although there is crochet for it, lots of people enjoy making it direct.

18. Mid Length Chunky Butterfly Loc

Bohemian Butterfly Locs
Image: @boholoc // Instagram

This is the perfect butterfly loc if you want something simple and classy. This type of butterfly loc is great if you don’t like to sit at the salon for too long. Accessorize it to make it look even more fascinating.

19. Butterfly Faux Locs With Color Highlight

Butterfly Faux Locs With Color Highlight
Image: @simpledeborah // Instagram

This is one beautiful loc you can’t say no to. This cute loc is perfect for any face shape and you can use any of your favorite colors for the highlight.

20. Bohemian Butterfly Locs

8 Inch Crochet Butterfly Loc
Source: EBG Locs

Bohemian butterfly locs are made the same way as the regular butterfly locs but they are made to e neater and with fewer locs pointing out. This style is cool and classy. This is also an 8-inch crochet butterfly locs that make getting the hairstyle an easy one for you.

21. Purple Distressed Butterfly Locs

Purple Distressed Butterfly Locs
Source: Beauty Trend

Just like every protective style, you get the option of really long, short, and a choice of color extension as well. Purple is quite an interesting color and it looks great paired with these butterfly locs.

22. Kinky Butterfly Locs

Kinky Butterfly Locs
Image: @shaynaviolet // Instagram

This one is pretty similar to the faux locs but it’s a less painful way to get locs. This style is completed with the crochet butterfly loc. It’s a pre-looped butterfly loc and lovely too.

23. 12 Inch Butterfly Locs

12 Inch Butterfly Locs
Source: Pinterest

The 12 inc help you wrap things up when you want long and average length. To install this loc is very simple and it does last for a very long time.

24. Blonde Butterfly Locs

Blonde Butterfly Loc
Source: Obeki

The texture of this loc is a lot different and it is believed to make it last longer. You are not restricted to a certain color either so you might as well have fun with it.

25. Soft Butterfly Locs

Soft Butterfly Locs
Source: Emily Crottontop

Soft butterfly locs are made to pamper your scalp hence they are not plaited too strong at the base. This is great if you have a soft hair texture and the length is ideal if you want to keep it elegant and simple.

26. Copper Red Butterfly Locs With Curly End

Copper Red Butterfly Locs With Curly End
Source: Ubuy Stock

This is another butterfly loc that is made a similar way with faux loc but this is even more gorgeous and you get to have curls at the end for a more interesting statement.

27. Subtle Shade Butterfly Locs

Subtle Shade Butterfly Locs
Image: @tynisha_renee // Instagram

This is the butterfly loc that gives you the perfect combination of goddess loc and passion twist. It’s gorgeous and ideal for any look.

28. Bob Butterfly Locs

Bob Butterfly Locs
Source: Black Beauty

Bob or lob, you can go with whichever one you want with butterfly locs. The crochet one takes less time and it enables you to choose the length you want.

29. White Highlight Butterfly Locs

Spring Twist Butterfly Locs
Image: @paigearmoni_thestylist // Instagram

Highlighting black butterfly locs is currently in trend and here is another one to inspire you.

30. 24 Inch Butterfly Locs

24 Inch Butterfly Locs
Source: Weddings Pin

24 inches is the longest length of butterfly loc crochet to get and we must admit that it is a classy hairstyle for any occasion.

31. Soft Crochet Butterfly Locs

Soft Crochet Butterfly Locs
Source: Afronews Grammy

Soft crochet butterfly loc makes sure your hair is protected and stays healthy no matter how long you have it installed.

32. Butterfly Locs With Red Ends

Butterfly Locs With Red Ends
Source: Black Beauty Bombshells

Keep it cool with a red highlight. Adding different tones to your hair is a stylish way to make it look pretty and trendy.

33. Bohemian Distressed Locs

Bohemian Distressed Locs
Image: @bohemianlocs // Instagram

Bohemian distressed butterfly loc is another trendy hairstyle you can’t pass up, It is a cool hairstyle and there are so many ways it can be styled.

34. Pre Looped Butterfly Locs

Pre Looped Butterfly Locs
Source: Un_Ruly

Pre looped butterfly locs are putting a complete wrap on the butterfly loc hairstyle. This is another stylish way to maintain your natural hair strand.

35. Simple Butterfly Braid

Simple Butterfly Braid
Source: Cleraito’s Blog

Protective hairstyles are very important and if you are used to boxing braids then not to worry, you can get butterfly box braids. This is another interesting style you do not want to miss out on this 2024.

What Are Butterfly Locs?

Butterfly loc is a messy mix of passion twist and goddess loc. It can be described as a variant of faux loc. The crochet needle is used to achieve this loc. Hair is looped around the crochet needle to create an imitation of dreadlocks but with a more messy unravelled look.

What Hair Is Used For Butterfly Locs?

Any type of hair used for Bohemian raid and faux loc can be used for butterfly locs, but the common one is the free-tress water wave braiding hair. You can make your butterfly locs using Kiki braid extension, this is ideal for achieving the distressed butterfly loc style. You will need 7 or 8 packs if you are going for a long length and the size you are going for also determines the pack you need.

How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

This hairstyle is a low-maintenance one and tends to last longer than box braids. This can look messy like that of Bohemian locs but still look cool and fancy for as long as you want. With maintenance and moisturizing, it can last up to 2 or 3 months. It’s a great protective style especially if you are transitioning to natural hair.

In Conclusion

Your hair needs all the care it can get, and one way you can keep it from damage is protective hairstyles. Butterfly locs are currently in trend and this is not just because it’s a cool hairstyle, but it is a great protective hairstyle.

You just need to ensure your hair is well moisturized before installing the locs and all the styles above are suitable for any hair type.

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