10 Stunning Brazilian Wool Hairstyles

Brazillian wool hairstyle

Whether you have a special event coming up, or you’re simply heading to work, these Brazilian wool hairstyles will surely spice up your look! Brazilian wool braids are always nice and beautiful when you make them. So want to know what styles you can make with your Brazilian wool? Looking for a hairstyle that will bring out that chic beauty? Brazilian wool hairstyles are the perfect way to add a unique touch to your overall look.

Brazilian wool is used to do protective hairstyles because they are versatile, bold and of low-maintenance, this style is suitable for several different occasions, both young, adult, and old can make use of this wool for any hairstyle that they yearn for.

They can be one in braids, bob, bangs, cornrows, twists, locks, buns, and many other styles. Wool is easier to manipulate into those styles because the texture of the wool is softer. We bring you 10 stunning Nigerian hairstyles with Brazilian wool that are worth trying.

1. Skinny Brazilian Wool Braid

Skinny Brazilian Wool Braid
Image: @stylesbyfinn // Instagram

If you’re looking to try something chic and new, why not go for skinny braids? This style obviously provides a striking look. The color shade appearance looks great, and one thing about this style is once your braids are finished, you can keep them in for up to eight weeks, depending on your hair type, the older it gets, the finer it becomes, only if you can get it done from a good stylist. Just make sure to take them out when your hair begins to frizz!

2. Classy Brazilian Wool Weave

Classy Brazilian Wool Weave
Image: @_delizzle // Instagram

If you are after a bold hairstyle and don’t want to get delayed to get your kind of hairstyle, why not try these classy braids! All kinds of ladies can rock this gorgeous and girly hairstyle, and there are so many shades to choose from, from pink to peach and blue to green, anything that suits you will just do.

3. Colored Brazilian Wool Weave

Colored Brazilian Wool Weave
Image: @dr_sammyy // Instagram

If you are after a bold hairstyle, why not try pastel yarn braids! Great for newbies and hair-dye fanatics alike, all kinds of women can rock this gorgeous and girly style! Plus, there are so many shades to choose from, from pink to peach and blue to green.

4. Classy Weave Brazilian Wool

Classy Weave Brazilian Wool
Image: @braidsgang // Instagram

This Brazilian wool can be used to do twists as well. If you do your twists using black wool or dark brown wool then it would be similar to your hair texture. Adding some hair accessories like beads or clips won’t be a bad idea, as this will add more beauty to the hair.

5. Short Thick Brazilian Wool

Short Loc Brazilian Wool
Image: @cleantouch // Instagram

If you have a thing for thick hair, then this hairstyle is the perfect option for you. This chunky and funky style looks especially stunning on those with big eyes and full lips. Not only is this hairstyle fun, but it’s also incredibly versatile. It can give you full, healthy-looking locks.

6. High Ponytail Brazilian Wool

High Ponytail Brazilian Wool
Image: @thebeautyboxlagos // Instagram

The high ponytail hairstyle is giving us a stylish and stunning look. What’s best about this style of braids is that it’s very effective in protecting your hair, this is obviously stress-free as it comes with low maintenance.

7. Shoulder Length Brazilian Wool Weave

Shoulder Length Brazilian Wool Braid
Image: @tarnde // Instagram

This shoulder-length hairstyle looks so elegant and versatile, this definitely looks great on all hair types. What’s best is you can wear this style for weeks without needing to touch it up.

8. Thick Weave Brazilian Wool

Thick Weave Brazilian Wool
Image: @ohsomoza // Instagram

To those that probably detest staying long at the saloon, this is a quick hairstyle you can always opt for, which will still give you that look you need. You don’t need to sit for hours to look good, it all about creativity and knowing what looks best on your kind of person, don’t stress hours in the saloon if it not your thing.

9. Shoulder Length Brazilian Wool Braid

Shoulder Length Brazilian Wool Braid
Image: @stylesbyfinn // Instagram

We mostly call this Kiko, this shoulder-length will have you look very good and classy, especially if you style it in different ways, even though it’s shoulder-length, there are different styles you can rock it with and you will be amazed. The good thing about this hairstyle is it stretches your hair after losing, it makes the hair grow. Trust me this is another hairstyle you need to give a trial.

10. Medium Weave Brazilian Wool

Medium Weave Brazilian Wool
Image: @baldefulani // Instagram

 You can style your hair into braids using Brazilian wool, it goes well on braids, twists. The good thing is you can do it into one color or multiple colors if you need it looking all flashy, as the color will add spice to all your cute outfits, all while you rock the hair.

In Conclusion

Brazilian wool is normally in a rich color, especially if you buy a bright color if you need it to blend into your natural hair perfectly, from short to long, there are endless styles you can do with Brazilian wool. You can wear them up in a bun, a half bun, braided into an updo, twisted, box braided, or even as an ombre style. 

You can also wear them thick, thin, or jumbo, as well as any color under the sun, you can also add accessories such as clips and beads, which look will look great for special occasions.

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