9 Different Ways to Style Your Hair Using Headbands

how to style your hair using headbands

Most girls would simply underestimate the power of a headband. Surely, it can give a stodgy look if you wear it the same way every single day, but that is simply because you do happen to wear it the same way each day.

What you need is to go about making a few tweaks to your everyday looks and you would fail to believe your own eyes when the very same headband will take your look notches higher every single day.

Whether you decide to chop your tresses with scissors for salon owners or keep it long and shiny, these looks devised from a single headband will look every bit classy and sleek. Given below are a few of the many headband hairstyles that you can wear and expect to have heads turning your way.

1. The Boho Chic look

Source: soul flower

The usual rule of thumb is to wear your headband on your head. However, for this look, you wear it around your forehead slightly towards the hairline. It not only adds oodles of style to your look but also helps keep hair out of your face and keeps them in place.

Soft curls go best with the look. Having bangs can add an immense amount of character the look. However, make sure to keep the bangs out of the headband. Besides, a middle parting works best for this look.

2. The pulled-back look

Source: Pinterest

The pulled-back look gives a sleek finish to your overall appearance and makes you like quite a ladylike. To perfect this look, you need to lay an immense amount of emphasis on the volume of the hair. The best way to do this is by tightly pulling your headband towards the back of your head and then adding the desired volume to the crown section. Teasing the hair and spraying some holding hair spray will help add substance to your look.

3. Turban headband


This headband is soon becoming the talk of the town with girls and women opting for this to give a trendier feel to their overall appearance. The broad look of this headband is perfect to conceal your hair if it has not been washed for a few days. The grimy look can be kept at bay and securing the remaining hair into a messy bun will help take it to the next level.

You can transform this turban headband into a boho hippy look by simply wearing it in the same boho-chic way described earlier. It goes perfectly well with a funky look and works well with both dresses and shirts.

4. Simple straight hair

Source: Pretty little thing

Once in a while, it is good to revisit your girl next door look by wearing a headband on sleek straight hair. To avoid your face from looking too huge, you can use scissors for salon owners and cut a few sleek bangs and let them fall softly on your forehead. This will help soften the look and add more glow.

5. The Headband Tuck

Source: Hair Romance.com

This can be considered as one of the most popular hairstyles among girls and women who want a more polished look during the day. All it needs is for you to gather and tuck your hair into the headband at the back. It gives a somber look and is actually an excellent way to get beautiful curls that require absolutely no heat.

Therefore, you can achieve an exceptional night and day look by simply wearing the headband tuck look during the day and letting your hair fall loose in soft curls by night.

6. Scarf Head Band

Source: Goodhousekeeping

A scarf is regarded as one of the best-used headbands, some like it around their neck but we think it’s even more beautiful when used as a headband to keep your hair in place, it can be transformed into a beautiful headpiece especially if you choose a scarf which color matches your outfit.

Fold your scarf till it’s about 4 inches, lift your hair and place the scarf at the center of your neck then bring both the end of the scarf up and tie it in a double knot, even more, beautiful with curls.

7. Braided Hairband

Source: Stainless

This is a quick and easy way to tuck your hair in neatly, widely accepted and believed to be a proper way for a way to keep her hair from getting in her face, it gives an instantly chic look, perfect style for an evening out, braided headbands are pretty popular for giving a classy look and it comes in thick and thin braided headband.

The braided hairband is an interesting choice for a formal occasion where you want to attain a smooth classy look.

8. Bandana Headband Look

Source: Pinterest

When you simply can’t find a nice headband you want, you can easily use a bandana as a headband and it gives a beautiful look that can’t be ignored, it takes very little time to style and looks good with all kinds of hair, if you are wearing bandana headband with an updo, it’s important to style your hair first to help keep it in place firmly, you can braid it into a ponytail or bun before using.

9. Pearl Headbands

Source: dhgate.com

This is a very interesting form of a headband and mostly used to compliment a cocktail outfit, suited for formal events, the color of this headband pearl is important to match your outfit.

Woven around the head to give a classy appearance, it’s an ancient headband used by royalties and now it’s has been more modernized to beautify hair.

Headbands can be a really fascinating headpiece if styled correctly, hopefully, this post did inspire your choice of a headband and the look you want to create with it. Follow us on Pinterest @thrivenaija for more update on styles and headpiece.

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