10 Movies On Netflix to Get You Through This Easter

Every festive season sure comes with some aura of excitement, you not only have something to celebrate but also comes with a no work day.

The easter is just a few days away and if probably you already planned to spend it out, that is good but if no plans have been made yet and you do not want to spend the whole day at home in boredom then we have prepared a nice list of movies from Netflix that will help erase boredom and learn a lesson or two from as well.

Are you single and spending the easter alone? Family or has friends coming over?

Here are amazing movies that will have you entertained for the day. There are nice movies to consider no matter the group you fall into.

The Movies to Watch This Easter?

Everyone has the kind of movie they love to watch, so we have a couple of selections from all categories, we’re starting with some stand-up comedy.

1. IrresponsibleTourirresponsibly

This is a stand-up comedy you should watch on Netflix this festive holiday as it’s not only a comedy that’s going to have you rolling in laughter but has a message to pass across and worth spicing up the Easter break with.

2. Son Of Patricia

son of patricia

Another comedy that will definitely crack you up is the son of Patricia.

3. The Perfect Date

If you know Noah Centineo and a fan of his movies, then we can tell you, you will certainly love this movie.

4. Nobody’s Fool

This is a movie featuring Tiffany haddish and Tika Sumpter as sisters. It has romance and comedy and a lot to learn from surely. This movie is not on Netflix but could be downloaded from Fz movies.

5. Passion Of Christ

easter movie

Spending the day with the family or want to understand more of the easter tradition? This is the perfect movie to celebrate Easter with.

6. AD The Bible Continues

easter movie

Here is another amazing easter movie to share with family.

7. Hotel Transylvania 2

easter movie

This is the perfect movie for your kids this Easter, if you want some alone time without the kids’ interference then keep them busy with this great movie.

8. Smurfs 2

Smurfs is not just loved by kids but all and sundry, even families can enjoy this movie together this easter.

9. Chief Daddy

This is one of the best Nigerian movies you should watch on Netflix this easter. Very educative and interesting.

10. The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

This is a movie worth watching on Netflix as it is inspirational and a story well told. Sit down with family or friends to enjoy this movie and soak it in.

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