Dodo Pizza Launched In Lagos, We Went to Try It

dodopizza launched in lagos, our review

Prior to now, you’ve probably never heard of Dodo Pizza or If you’ve been in Nigeria since like forever, you should’ve known by now that the only Pizza brands, we have and know are Dominos, Debonairs, or sometimes Pizza hut when you go looking.

There are other brands as well offering this on the DL, but that’s not what we’re talking about today.

If you’ve been up and about in Lagos, then on one or two of these giant ad-based LCD screens you should’ve seen a Pizza brand launching its first store in ICM, ikeja city mall, we’ve sighted them a couple of times, the ad so like we did the smallie pizza from Dominos at the time.

We actually wanted to be among the first people to try out Dodo pizza so we can tell you what we think about it.

Should you buy? Worth going all the way to ICM for? Well we did all the trouble for you and we have a lot to say. Not much per se, but here’s what our experience was like.

Location was quite visible from the mall premises, you can’t miss it.

Once you’re in the compound, alongside eat brands like Chicken republic, KFC, Krispy Kreme, you’d spot Dodo Pizza with its bright orange branding of an actual Dodo bird as its logo icon.

The inside looks like a place you could actually chill and enjoy your pizza.

chill to enjoy Dodo Pizza
@ankaralola (Instagram) at the Dodo Pizza, Ikeja

Being the first day as a newly opened store the decoration from outside all the way in was superb, the arrangement of interior decorations was topnotch it shows that they actually know what they are doing and they are ready to give dominos pizza a run for their money. It is very neat and super conducive, also right in front of the store is a spot for relaxation.

The staff were also pretty nice and friendly

But its just a start, let’s give it time.

Their staffs are well trained and it looks likes they know exactly what they are doing, very nice and well dressed set of people with good spoken English, they said they had free Wi-Fi but it wasn’t working, at least through out the time we were there.

Typical business arrangements norm in Nigeria? No one’s Wi-Fi ever truly works, anyways, we could settle for the fact that they’re working on it for now?

Let’s talk about the pizza now please

Dodo Pizza

Let’s start with the making of the pizza I love their transparency, the fact that you could actually see what they are doing and how they are doing it for me is a nice strategy reason being how they set the chairs and the see-through glass they have that makes you see everything going on at the other side.

We ordered a medium size Meaty Overload and also a Chicken Supreme,these are very tasty and also very rich in each of their elements not to forget the packaging of the pizza very attractive and the prices are quite affordable too.

Overall? Em pizza wasn’t that bad at all and so was the environment and the team, it was nice and certainly worth the try, they do have a website you can place orders for your own pizza online, but not sure how far they’re going to be able to deliver since they have just one outlet, and that’s in Ikeja.

We came back with pictures!

How much does Dodo Pizza cost in Nigeria?

Its quite cheap actually, cheaper than Dominos? For now yes, again, that may be due to the fact that they’re just opened and there were promotions flying left and right. The pricing starts at ₦2,400 for a 24cm Beef suya, depends on what flavor you want.

We got two box of Medium pizzas, and a 1L bottle of coke for ₦3900, Here’s how the pricing looks like on some of the available pizza options.

DODO pizza pricing

So that’s it guys, for now, since they’re still in inception mode, here in Nigeria, the service is nice, so is the pizza, and the pricing. Worth a shot.

Thoughts? Share with us in the comments section. Got any place you want us to hit as well? We’ll be glad to, tell us about it below 🙂

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