How to Get Out Of The Friend Zone (10 Simple Ways)


If you want to learn how to get out of the friend zone, then this is your guide.

Being in the friend zone with a  guy you have a crush on can be really painful and annoying, you kept waiting for signals to move to the next level but none is coming because he has just simply thrown you in that friendship zone.

Honestly, it’s not easy to change a guys opinion especially if he already decides you are better off as friends but we have discovered some there are things that work on a guy like magic and he will be initiating a relationship in no time.

The fact is ever lady gets friend zoned at some time in her life, and that can be frustrating but you really can get out of this situation with some techniques.

Most people might say just shut your feeling off and move on but we all know it’s easier said than done so here are some simple things you can try and moreover there is no harm in trying.

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1. Show Less Interest

You really need to take a step back and reevaluate, he is probably used to having you there, always showing how interested you are in him. You are not giving him up but you need to gather more confidence and knowing you are always interested in him might make him value you less. He needs to start to miss your interest in everything he does.

2. Become Mysterious

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Men love a little mystery in a woman, do not let him know what you are always up to, give him things to make him wonder what you are thinking or you can start to a confession and leave it unfinished, for him to guess the rest. It does not have to be something serious but enough to make him wonder what’s up with you.

3. Try To Say No Sometimes

You like him so it’s quite understandable if you find it hard to say no to him but he might be so used to that and will keep getting away with anything, you need to say no to get him to notice you more. He needs to see you as an independent woman, men find that really attractive and that might get you out of the friend zone fast as he will start to notice you in an entirely different way.

4. Show Him More Of Your Womanly Side

Show him how amazing and womanly you can be, you can spice you dressing up, must be decent, smart and ladylike, you can seek friends advice on what style you will look good in. Tonning your look up a little might get him reconsidering his friend zoning level. He is used to seeing you in your usual look to the change might rock his boat.

5. Stop Thinking About Him

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Thinking too much about him will lead you to text him and that might not be too healthy for you, you need to occupy your thoughts and time with something else, the less you think of him, the easier it will be for you to make other stuff priority. It’s always difficult to stop thinking about a guy you have a crush on but this might prevent you from seeing the needed signs that say he just wants to be a friend. When you stop thinking so much about him, you might be more relaxed around him and get him to notice some change.

6. Be Good When He Is Good

It’s very tempting to do something for him, but he might take advantage and always expect you being nice because he knows you like him. You can be nice when he extends an act of goodness towards you. Do not hesitate to offer nice words to him though but not too eager to get him gifts either unless he is good to you. He needs to compliment you as much as you do too.

7. Stop Telling Him How Good He Looks

Telling him how good he looks might impress him but you might need to put a stop to that as that will only make him see you more as just a friend. You might think the more you tell him how good looking he is, it might draw him closer but honestly you are digging yourself deeper into the friend zone.

8. Stop Giving Relationship Signals

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You need to stop dropping hints of how much you love him or telling him how much you miss him, no one likes to be given subtle relationship signs if they are not interested. When relationship sign gets too intense, it scares some non-committed people away so instead of dropping signs, you can just put it out there ones and move on.

9. Be Happy Without Him

He needs to know you are self-sufficient in happiness without him, you need to go out more and be happy without his presence, showing him you can be happy without a man might attract him more, you need to give more positive vibe when you are around more. You should also make more friends and he might be more interested if he knows you have that happy vibe at all time.

10. You Need To Switch Off The Calling And Texting

This might be hard to do but this is the best way to leave the friend zone area completely, if he really cares, he will do the calling and texting. Prior to how you feel about him, you are tempted to call and text him at all times, especially social media, reduce it all drastically and watch the changes that will evolve. Changing your constant calling and texting habit will make him wonder what you are up to and he will start to give you more attention.

Being friend-zoned can happen to anyone and these techniques works both ways so if you are a guy and you can’t just get that lady to see you as more than a friend, you just need to reevaluate and if he/she just wants to remain in the friend zone click, this process will also prepare you to be fine without them.


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