10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him (Under 10k)

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

It’s the month of love and as usual, the 14th, valentine’s day is here again. A day to show extra love not only to loved ones but people around us generally, but most especially to that one person that makes your heart  skip a beat.

We know, we know, choosing a gift to show that one person you care about can be a daunting or difficult task as there as to be some thoughts or even budgeting in this one, you know? As per the economic condition we’re in right now.

Trust us to comb the internet to find the perfect gift you can buy for him and all under 10k.

We have grouped this post into three categories to make things even easier for you. You don’t want to send a gift that sends the wrong message. For example, a husband typo gift to a guy you’re just crushing on.

So as we go on to show you these valentines day gift ideas for him, we’ll label each gift ideas into three categories:

  • Just Crushing
  • He’s My Boyfriend
  • We’re Married

Each gift ideas will carry one of the labels above, Let’s get started.

1. Skmei Multifunction Chronograph Analog & Digital Sports Watch

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him
Image: Jumia

This is a Watch that combine the latest fashion trends with innovative designs to create durable, comfortable modern watch. This is an excellent fashionable time keeping piece that is worth adding to to your guy’s collection. This wrist watch might just be a perfect way to tell husband how much you have cherished your time with him. Definitely ideal for a boyfriend too. (Click here to buy it now)

2. Fashion Smart Unisex Classic SneakerValentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

This lovely unique sneaker might just be the perfect gifts for that guy of yours.  Note: Shoe runs small by one will personally advise you order a size lower than the actual size, For instance, if you order size 39, size 40 will be delivered since shoe runs small by one size. That way you can ensure you got the perfect size for him. Husband or boyfriend will surely appreciate. (Click here to buy it now)

3. KingsKartel Panther Gold SlidesValentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

Is your guy a  footwear guy ? The Panther Gold Slides is just perfect for him It is well-constructed and designed to stand the test of time. High quality leather was used in making it which ensures you can wear it for a long period of time.  A footwear is an interesting choice of gift for a boyfriend and husband and just the right way to let your crush know you care more. (Click here to buy it now)

4. Valentine Gift For Him Bundle

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

Now let’s tune it up a little. When you  can’t seem to make ur mind up on the perfect gift. This is a combination of lovely gifts for that guys love and need. This package contains 3 pairs of mens’ boxers, a wristwatch, a belt, a pen and a wallet. Isn’t it perfect. Husband would so love this. (Click here to buy it now)

5. Giorgio Black EDP For Men

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

It is dark and opulent combines notes of spices, citruses, cedar, and iris. The composition is warmer and more sensual than the debut. It opens with accords of bergamot and pink pepper. Like they always say nice perfume can never go wrong as a gift. Spice it up ladies and  gift  your prince charming  this amazing perfume. Love gets more interesting when the husband smells amazing. (Click here to buy it now)

6. Samsung Level U

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

We all know how much guys loves gadgets so this might be an interesting gifts to get. This is a stereo headset, Original samsung Product, has a wireless stereo, answers calls automatically and produces a quality sound. Let the sound of love be heard by your darling husband and likewise boyfriend. (Click here to buy it now)

7. Fashion Black Baseball Cap

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

A baseball cap might just the right gift for that crush of yours.   its simple, smart and its all he needs to complete his stylish outfit.  It’s a cap wore amongst the fab class and its in trend so nothing can go wrong. A baseball cap is just the right thing to get your crush this valentine season. (Click here to buy it now)

8. 4 In 1 Quality Men’s Plain T-Shirts

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

Guys loves a nice t-shirt so ladies get him a nice t-shirt  of his colour  and styles that appeals to his appearance.  A nice t-shirt on  perfectly arranged date might set the love in motion. Boyfriends, husbands and definitely your crush. (Click here to buy it now)


9. Valentine Bundle Gift For Him

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

Here is another beautiful valentine package that might interest you. This contains a pair of sandal, a belt, pen, wristwatch and a wallet.  Make it more interesting and spice up your love life with valentine gift bundle for that boyfriend of yours. (Click here to buy it now)

10. David Beckham Instinct Sport Perfume Gift Set for Men

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

Do you have more than 10k to spare to buy a gift for him? No worries there is just the perfect gift for that. The david becham perfume contains hair and body wash. Let your husband know how much he means to you this Valentine season.  (Click here to buy it now)


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