8 Things To Do Before The December Craze Rushes You

december period

You know December is always one heck of a ride in our beloved country. So basically you can call this a guide on how to rush December before December rushes you lol.

December is almost the only time in the year we do have time to get our flick on like doing most of the things we’ve been dreaming of since the beginning of the year.

December is also a rush hour period in this part of the world, even you should know that.

In fact, chances are that even you are already getting prepared for the jolly last month of the year that is December but then we just want things to go extra smooth with you and yours.

Not everyone is happy during the festive period, but we want you to be. No hassles, anguish because you were unable to buy anything, Just pure joy 🙂

Here’s a to-do list for you 🙂

1. Plan ahead

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It is important to plan. Festive wahala can disorganize one very fast. Have a mental picture of how you want the festive period to play out, then plan it.

2. Develop a budget for December

As much as you’re planning and all, you do not want to over-spend. Sit down, get yourself some cold or hot tea (maybe alcohol sef), take your pen and paper or laptop and do your budget.

Post-festive period debt is real o.

3. Better go get all the cash you need

nigerian naira december tips

Either over the counter or through the ATM cause you don’t want to get stuck on boring queues at the machine. That’s not even all, we’ve heard cases of some branches running out of cash to give to customers during these times.

We can’t even imagine being denied access to our money cause they don’t have the cash to give especially at this time of the year.

4. Buy fuel keep one side

This is Nigeria! We all know that when it’s December, there’ll be fuel scarcity, so you have to be smart, get a keg or maybe even a drum and buy plenty petrol or diesel, fill it up and enjoy yourself. Be smart.

5. Go to the market before the rushing starts

Lagos market
Image: The Guardian Nigeria

You know that things get really expensive during this time, from Christmas cloth to Christmas chicken to everything else you might need to buy, be a sharp babe or guy.

Go to the market before the rush start and save yourself plenty of cash.

6. Do some environmental, House cleaning perhaps

Will you be receiving visitors? Then do your environmental early enough.

Imagine doing all that cleaning during all the preparation, not good at all. Kindly help yourself, clean your house a month or 3-weeks before December.

7. Get original sweater, its gonna be cold

Cold gif
Image: Giphy

Christmas time is harmattan time, the weather would be cold and dry. Our advice: Get your original German machinated sweater so as not to suffer from the weather.

Make sure you also buy lip-gloss and if you’re a guy, get yourself lip-balm, you do not want your lips all dry and full of cracks.

8. Make sure you personally chill

You need to take time for yourself in all of this. Plan something for yourself too, have a me-time, you could visit the spa or go to a tourist center, whatever gingers your spirit.

Merry Christmas in advance o (You can see that we’ve started our own before everyone starts to rush you with Merry Christmas). Babes see our self-care hacks to take care of yourself this harmattan.

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