12 Types of Braids And What They Look Like

Did you know there are many types of braids?

The most popular easy-to-suggested hairdo in the world since the older generation is braiding, this is one particular common African hairstyle, done in different styles, stylish, and also comes in handy if you do not want to change hairstyles too frequently.

Nigerians particularly love and favor all kinds of braids.

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There are also braids without extensions and look more like a twist. Braids are simple and can be worn and styled in different ways, it has a natural appeal to it as well and you can almost forget extensions are added to it.

(Extensions are added for longer braids) Braidings can be worn at any length depending on how comfortable you want it.

Here are some nice braids that might spark some interest.

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Different Types Of Braids

These are braids that can be done by all types of hair without or without extensions.

1. Havana Twist

Image: @spearlx_plaits// Instagram

This is a very easy type of braid as it was to braided directly in your hair, extensions are added and it can be used and styled as you desire for a long period of time depending on how long you can carry braids.

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