10 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask On a First Date

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First dates always sound good but they could be unpredictably amazing or daunting. After finally being able to ask someone out on a date and they said yes or you say yes to someone, you can only hope for the best.

Asking questions on a first date is very important and essential, but there’s a fine line between getting to know someone and probing them.

Whether you’ve known the person beforehand or not, the first date might still go wrong with no hope of a second date if you blab out these questions.

1. Why are you still single?

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We don’t know why you’ve chosen to ask this question, but if your date is on your case, wanting to hang out with you and all, then that’s because they appreciate your company.

This question is very wrong in all kinds of ways, would you rather they be married? Uhn? If he/she is hot and looks amazing, we think you should be really happy and all.

Your date might not have found someone they’re connected to, that’s why he or she is still single.

2. Tell me about yourself

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Well, not necessarily a question, but this always comes up on first dates.

Your date may find this a bit overwhelming and might be confused about where to start from. If there’s something you want to know about your date, just ask outrightly but not rudely of course. You do not want to place your date in an inconvenient corner.

Another subtle way to go around this is to open up first about what you’ll like them to talk about. It’ll make your date ore comfortable and free.

3. What is your favorite sex position?

cancel that
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Excuse me! What was that? DO NOT ASK THIS QUESTION!

Not for any reason unless you’re trying to turn your date off and to ruin every chance of a second date.

There’s no way you’ll ask this question and not look like a jerk or some freak. We repeat, DO NOT ASK!

4. What are you looking for in a relationship?

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This question might not sound that bad, but then, it might be sending the wrong flags to your date.  This question can be saved for later, not now.

When you ask this question, it seems like you want to know the kind of character they would like to be in a relationship with so that you can play it out. Calm down and let everything flow, do not push too hard.

5. How much do you make?

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This question is so wrong. What are you trying to achieve?

Your date might start to think that you just want to size them up. It’s just the first date remember? The first date. If you ask this question, you’ll seem shallow and your date might think you’re only concerned about money.

This is a major red flag everyone should run from. Ask this question and you have little or no chances to getting a second date.

6. What are your deal breakers?

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This question is not really a red flag question, it could be a yellow flag question if there’s anything like that as we all have our deal breakers.

This question might save you a lot of time energy and resources if answered up-front but if you’re calm enough you’ll know eventually.

You do not want your date to think you’re asking because you want to act the way they want so as to get them.

7. Why did your last relationship end?

rolls eyes
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At this stage of your relationship with your date, this is totally none of your business. Totally!

No matter how high your level of curiosity is about your date, keep it easy with the questions, don’t ask them emotionally deep questions as such on the first date, enjoy the first date, if there’s a future for the relationship ask later with wisdom.

8. How much did that cost?

Being too nosy is a total turn off. Now that you’re asking this question, are you going to pay them the cash back.

This is a private corner you shouldn’t be treading on for a first date. Even subsequently, if your partner doesn’t usually disclose to you, don’t push it.

Asking this question will make you look too materialistic, money centered and nosy and your chances for a second or subsequent date is diminished.

9. What is your deepest, darkest secret?

Would you want to share your deepest darkest secrets with someone you just met? I’m pretty sure your answer would be no.

So why ask someone else?

This question is too nosy and intruding. This is likely going to make your date feel uncomfortable, this is a very personal spot and it could be sensitive to. Do not ask!

10. How many people have you slept with?

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Body Count Interrogation (BCI) is a no no. Do not ask this question, not on the first date!

This is totally nan of ya bizness! This is totally inappropriate. How would you feel if you were asked such? So don’t. This would pass a lot of negative vibes, you do not want to ruin the first date.

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