Cleaning Every Room In Your Home And Keeping It Organized

how to clean your home
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Do you work all week’s straight? There has been no time to get your home tidied up and it’s looking all clucked up, you don’t know where to start from? Keep reading to find out how you can have your home clean and organized in no time.

Every woman wants some magical wand or at least a trick to keep the home tidy and squeaky clean at all times and sometimes there is no motivation to do those tasks.

Keeping the home clean at all times can be really stressful, and for a woman who loves everything being organized, this is just the post you need to read as we have made a list on how you can get those done.

The first step to note before getting into the cleaning task is to note the arear of the house you want to be cleaned up first and accumulate a definite time for each area. This checklist does not need to be done in a day but the ones done can be ticked and completed before the week runs out.

Let’s get you started on having that room sparking again.

How To Keep Your Home Clean And Organized

The first step we advised is to open the windows and doors to air the rooms out, and then let’s start with your sitting room.

1. Cleaning The Sitting Room

clean sitting room

  • Pick up everything on the floor from all appropriate areas and have the unnecessary stuff picked and put in the waste bin.
  • Afterward, dust all dusty area with a damp cloth, start from the top, which includes the windows, fans, top of doors and windows.
  • If there is any spot that can’t be removed with just water, make a paste with baking soda and clean with it.
  • You should wash any blanket or throw pillow if needed
  • Remove blinds and wash them in the bathtub, use white vinegar to get it sparkling
  • Next clean electronics with a rag.
  • Mop floors next with vinegar so you do not spend all day trying to remove a spot.

Now the living area is clear and you can move to the bedroom

2. Cleaning The Bedroom

How To Keep Your Home Clean And Organized

  • Open the windows of your bedroom to keep it ventilated
  • Pick all clothes off the floor and any specks of dirt and clutters should be attended to immediately
  • Dust the windows and wardrobe with a wet rag
  • Clean you bedsheet and spread neatly or if needed, have them washed.
  • Mob floor with a wet mob and little vinegar.

The bedroom should not take a lot of time cleaning unless you have a large bedroom or have clothes scattered everywhere, have them tucked neatly back in its space and we can move to the bathrooms.

3. Keeping The Bathrooms And Toilets Clean

clean bathroom

  • Have the windows and door open
  • Have all items removed from their usual place and kept in a bucket
  • Clean the windows with a wet rag
  • Dust and sweep and apply a cleaning solution to the floor after sweeping
  • Apply a cleaner or vinegar to the shower and bathtub, that will make it easy to get of spots.
  • To clean the toilet pour, a cleaning solution into the bowl and srub and be careful not to have it splashed on you
  • Tackle the floor next, the cleaning solution added earlier with make it easier to clean.
  • Rine all area or clean with clothes and mop the floor
  • Have all items restore to its position.

Now you can do this to the rest of the bathrooms/toilets if there is more than one and move to the Kitchen where no bacteria is needed.

4. Cleaning The Kitchen

cleaning the kitchen

  • Clear the deck first
  • Put all the items that belong in the kitchen but are not in their rightful place to where it belongs.
  • Clean the sink, have all dirty dishes washed and the sink washed as well
  • Clean the countertop and stovetop and have it sprayed
  • Clear out the fridge, throw away any unwanted food item in there and have everything in it removed
  • Wipe down the fridge shelves with a rag an all-purpose cleaner
  • Have it dried, restock and sweep the kitchen floor
  • Mob the floor.

Bet your kitchen smells awesome now? You might want to keep it that way with once or twice in a week cleaning. If there are other parts of the house you want to be cleaned, go ahead and have it sorted out with the process used for the rooms.

To be honest, there are no easy tasks and if there is the added responsibility of the mother to it, it is no menial task, trying to balance household chores with kids can be staining.

Try to tick all on the checklist before the week runs and you can keep another checklist on how to maintain all the arrangements made. Leave us a comment on how it went and if you find it useful. Please share with your friends on social media too 🙂

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