Best Travel Tips for the Eco-Conscious Traveller

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Do you think traveling the world while being eco-friendly is difficult? Well, you might want to think again! Check out this list of the best travel tips for eco-conscious travelers like yourself.

You’re welcome.

Travel light

How much of your entire life do you pack with you whenever you travel? Well, did you know that whatever you bring contributes to your carbon footprint?

The weight of your luggage is always extra weight on your chosen mode of transportation, whether you’re traveling by land, air, or sea. And the more that car, ship, or plane weighs, the more fuel consumption is required to keep it going!

So, pack only what you actually need. And when in doubt, you probably don’t need it!

Avoid disposables at all cost

Since traveling usually requires you to be on the go, you will often use items that will make your trip more convenient. One example is packing disposable skincare essentials like cotton pads, wet wipes, and sunscreen in a small plastic tube. Once you’re done, just throw them in the trash and that’s it.

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However, single-use items harm the environment more than they bring us convenience. For instance, did you know that disposable wet wipes have been messing with our water waste systems? These also find their way into the oceans, slowly killing marine life!

So, for eco-conscious travelers such as yourself, pack reusable skincare essentials instead. You can go for multipurpose microfibre washable wipes by Cheeky Wipes, organic cotton makeup rounds by LastObject, and ocean and coral reef-safe sunscreen Bee You Organics. Not only are these good for the environment, but they’re oh-so-good for your skin, too!

Always keep a tumbler handy

Did you know that out of the total number of disposable water bottles thrown away yearly, only 10 percent of them get recycled? And the rest end up sitting in landfills for 1,000 years before they degrade!

Do you know what’s even worse? These emit greenhouse gases in the process. If we don’t do something about it, the world will be uninhabitable and future generations will suffer. Fortunately, there is one simple thing you can do: bring a water tumbler with you like Leiho’s eco-friendly reusable water bottle.

Unlike chemical-laden bottled water, It’s made of reusable materials, plastic-free, and vegan-friendly! Plus, it will definitely help you cut down on expenses while you’re on the road.

Treat your accommodation like your home

It’s easy to forget about being eco-conscious when you’re staying elsewhere as you travel. Whether it’s a hotel, a bed and breakfast, or even a cozy cabin, being on “vacation mode” can make us forget about the little things:

  • Turn the lights off when, not in use
  • Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth
  • Do not ask for fresh sheets unless necessary
  • Turn the air condition unit before you leave the room
  • Unplug your phone or laptop charger right after using.

Sure, they’re simple acts, but making them a habit whenever you’re on the road will help the environment a lot!

Minimize your use of transportation

We all know how much fossil fuel is burned whenever we ride in public transportation. These emit large quantities of carbon dioxide. Heat then becomes trapped in the atmosphere, which leads to climate change.

But just like with our attitude towards disposable products, if we don’t do something about it, Earth may no longer be inhabitable in a few years. So, do your part by minimizing your use of transportation:

  • Walk to your destination when you can
  • When you do need a ride, take public transportation instead
  • Fly less
  • Bring a bicycle with you if possible
  • When bringing your own car, avoid speeding up.

Eat according to your appetite

When you’re halfway across the globe, it’s tempting to get a taste of every foreign food that you see. After all, food can make traveling an unforgettable experience. But did you know that the world also suffers from food waste?

In fact, the travel industry wastes 1.3 billion tons of food each year. Out of all the food produced, 1/3 ends up in the trash! And whenever we waste food, we are also putting to waste the resources used for growing and harvesting them, packaging them, and then transporting them.

Even worse, wasted food that goes to landfills becomes mixed with other non-biodegradable materials. This keeps food from decomposing properly and sits there instead for years. While it sits, it emits a greenhouse gas that is so much worse than carbon dioxide: methane.

So, order only what you can eat! When you do end up with leftovers, save them for later. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you will also spend less during your travel.

And there you go! Who would have thought eco-friendly practices and traveling could go hand in hand? With these easy-to-follow travel tips, you can finally enjoy exploring the world without worry or guilt.

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