9 Healthy Food Recipes For Your Easter Eats

healthy food recipes
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The easter festive is just days away and there might have been a little uprising on what to cook especially if you are having friends over or planning a family meal.

Although it has been said that there are some customs associated with meals to prepare on Easter day and you can still ensure your custom is in all meals you prepare and we have brought you a collection of some of those meals and how you can get the recipes and make them.

You choose the meal you want, get the recipe and spice it up with your Easter tradition.

Spice up the Easter spirit with amazing meals, you want meals that will get your family and friends still talking about Easter for a long while, these meals can also become everyday meals as they are not really unusual meals but will be needed to lighten the festive mood.

1. Perfect Nigerian Fried Rice

easter meal

This is one of Nigerian’s best festive meal but things have been spiced up to blend with the Easter mood, it’s not just delicious but nourishing as well. Get the recipe.

2. Cucumber Apple Salad Served With Rice

apple salad
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Probably if you are religiously deep into easter and want foods that are holy and can be enjoyed without meat, you should consider preparing the cucumber-apple salad. Get the full recipe.

3.  Smokey Jollof Rice

Easter food                                                                                           Image: @kikifoodies // Instagram

If you are familiar with Nigerian tradition then you would be aware that jollof rice is one of the best festive food to make. Get the full recipe.

4. Pounded Yam And Efo Riro


This looks delicious, right? Try the recipe this easter and we bet it can be as delicious as it looks. Get the full recipe.

5. Yam And Stew Eggs


Yam and egg are fantastic but improvise and make this tantalizing egg stew to go with those yams. Get the full recipe.

6. Yam Pottage (Saucy)

yam sauce

Yam pottage can be tasty either dry or watery and might be exciting to have it as the Easter meal. Get the full recipe.

7. Citrus Lamb

easter recipe

This citrus lamb can be served with a lot of side dishes and also a simple and interesting meal to make. Get the full recipe.

8. Spicy Jollof Couscous

jollof couscous

Want a twist to your meal yet still healthy then you should try this spicy jollof couscous. Get the full recipe.

9. Beans Stew With Fried Plantain

easter meal
Image: @whereghanaeats//Instagram

African recipe would not be complete without mentioning beans and with plantain, It is one delicious delicacy. Get the full recipe.

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