15 Top Nigerian Foodies to Follow On Instagram

top nigerian foods to follow on IG

Ever since we started our website, We’ve made it a thing to almost everything about food that we could lay our hands on.

Food and recipes is an important aspect of our site we didn’t want to ignore because we want you to eat better and live better.

We’ve also tried to get some unique recipes out there too and we’re doing everything we can to make more but there’s a couple of things that need to be in order like Equipment, ideas and all so we set out to find Nigerian food bloggers or at least people with the African roots doing incredible things with food.

We went to Instagram, found a lot more than we bargained for and trust us, there’s nothing like what these guys are doing.

They’re an inspiration and since we wanted to keep things short, we decided to pick the top 15 Nigerian foodies you just have to follow on Instagram if you’re looking for ideas on what to cook or just feel like wetting your tongue by looking at food pictures.

Heyo foodies, let’s dive in 🙂

1. @Kikifoodies

From Jollof and peppered chicken to Fried plantain and eggs or maybe a combo of Efo riro and a sprinkle of shrimp, Kiki Foodies has that magic to keep you drolling we can’t just get enough of her food contents. Follow her on Instagram @kikifoodies

Nigerian Food

2. @9jaFoodie

9jafoodie isn’t just on Instagram. It’s a huge blog owned by Ronke Edoho. 9jafoodie features Nigerian food recipes, health and cooking tips. Definitely somewhere to be if you’re looking for amazing things you can do with the foods. Follow her on Instagram @9jafoodie

3. @FoodLandFairy

The food land fairy is an online trainer, food photographer and a YouTuber that makes yummy and amazing food posts. Her page is filled with tons of goodies. There is no list of top Nigerian foodies without mentioning her 🙂 Follow on Instagram @foodlandfairy

4. @TicoKitchen

They provide event catering services, they also offer food delivery services and offer culinary courses. You’ll find this page very useful. Follow on Instagram @ticokitchen

5. @FoodAce

How can you not know and be following food ace? Even as an online spice store in the UK, This page will inspire the heck out of you. Follow on Instagram @foodace

6. @CookBookNigeria

Great for buying food and learning how to cook online. Their page is also filled with tons of ideas on what to cook. Follow on Instagram @cookbooknigeria

7. @Nengi’sKitchen

She considers herself as a food stylist extraordinaire. Just take a look at below for a feel of the kind of incredible things waiting for you on her page. Follow on Instagram @nengiskitchen

8. @MatseCooks

Don’t you want to just consume the picture right? That’s how every one of us felt when we discovered matse cooks and the awesome Instagram profile they’ve built. Follow on Instagram @matsecooks

9. @9jaDelicacies

Delicacies made by a Nigerian for Nigerians and the rest of the world? Yes, please. Follow on Instagram @9jadelicacies

10. @9jaSoulFood

On 9jasouldfood Instagram you’ll discover foods that will make your head spin. You’ll see. Follow on Instagram @9jasoulfood

12. @TheKitchenMuse

Bukie’s profile @thekitchenmuse is one of our favorite profiles to look at on Instagram. She’s an award-winning chef and her profile speaks for itself. Follow her on Instagram @thekitchenmuse

13. @MyActiveKitchen

Ajoke runs My Active Kitchen profile on Instagram and also has a website where she sells sauce and shares recipes. Her account is definitely one to follow if you’re interested in food. Follow on Instagram @myactivekitchen


13. @Arinola’sKitchen

We discovered Arinola’s kitchen profile on Instagram and we’re simply loving what we’re seeing. See a delicious looking example below. Follow on Instagram @arinolaskitchen

14. @Immaculate

Imma is one of our favorite bloggers to follow for food inspiration cause she just develops amazing recipes. Her page on Instagram is a sanctuary of tasty foods, you can almost sense the aroma just by the pictures. Follow on Instagram @immaculatebites

Immaculate bites
Image: Immaculate bites//Instagram.com

15. @Thekitchenmonsters

Owned by Kemi Oyedepo, her page is deliciously exciting. To understand this experience, follow her on Instagram @thekitchenmonsters

instagram foodies
Image: thekitchenmonsters//Instagram.com

If you’re a true Nigerian then you are likely to like food a lot, like a whole lot.

Eating is important, but eating good food is importanter. We hope that the Instagram foodies listed above are to satisfy your food fantasies. For more food-related posts and inspiration, Follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija.

We post good stuff too 🙂


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